• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Dachshund (MIn Wire Haired) 

Junior Dog (2) 

1.Feetham’s Hanishan Checkers at KImbleholme. 9 month baby in super jacket and beautiful condition. Lovely head with dark eyes and strong jaw. Lovely reach of neck, good front assembly, chest and rib nicely developed for age, super topline and strong short loin. Moved freely with good drive from behind maintaining a super outline at all times. Just had the edge in the puppy challenge over the very young bitch puppy. RBD, BP. 

2.Fulton’s Bothlyn Storm Trouper. A very nice 9 month old who sadly left all his clothes at home! Head correctly shaped with keen expression. Neat shape with nicely arched neck, level back and well angulated rear. Needs time to mature in body but he’s only a baby. 


Open Dog (3,1) 

1.Kirkwood-Emery's Ch. Helydon Laird Loki JW. Easy winner of BOB from this entry and was not surprised to see ch before his name. Super quality all through. His lovely conical shaped head has dark eyes, well used ears and a strong jaw. Lovely size and super construction throughout with compact, well muscled body, long neck, firm topline, good forechest and ribbing, short loin and well angulated rear. Moved with a free flowing action with good reach of stride and plenty of drive from behind just a little close coming towards. In excellent coat and condition with great attitude. BD, BOB. 

2.Fulton’s Bothlyn Super Trouper. 2 yrs old with good head and expression. Nicely balanced outline with good neck and shoulders, firm topline, good ribbing and nice rear assembly. Moved well holding a good outline and covering the ground with ease. In nice coat. 

Junior Bitch (5,1) 

1. Kirkwood-Emery's Helydon NIfty Nairn. Delightful baby just 6 months on the day and full of fun! Lovely feminine head with keen expression and nice eye. Super size and shape with good topline and underline, good chest and ribbing for age, short loin and good front and rear angulation. Moved with a happy, flowing action with good length of stride. A very promising puppy who deservedly took BB and BOS but had to give way to the more mature male puppy for bp.  

2. Fulton’s Bothlyn Penny From Heaven. Close up to 1 this 9 month old was another nice youngster. Lovely size, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, good topline and rear construction. Long head with nice eye and expression. In good jacket, moving well just not quite as accurate out and back as 1. 

3. Stephenson & Sexton’s Molloney Winnie Tergames at Wistex. 

Post Grad Bitch (5,1) 

1.Fulton’s Jolanda Uptown Girl at Bothlyn. Another puppy here, this one 10 months old with an impressive profile standing, long neck, good forechest and ribbing, firm topline and good underline with good clearance. Nice head and expression and moving well just a shame her tail was carried too high which spoilt her outline. RBB. 

2.Stephenson & Sexton’s Molloney Winnie Tergames at Wistex. 15 month old who was a little heavier than ideal but soundly made with good neck and topline, little short in upperarm, well ribbed back to strong loin and well muscled rear. Good head shape, dark eyes and keen expression. Free moving with head carried high and topline firm. 

3. Kirkwood’s Helydon Magical Mika. 

Open BItch (4,3) 

1. Mallinson Drakesleat Have a Yen For You. 4 yr old nice size with nicely balanced shape and good head qualities. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed up with good clearance beneath. Moved OK when settled just a little untidy in front. In decent coat of a good texture.