• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

Windsor Dog Show Society 

27th June 2019 

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 

I was excited to award CC’s in the breed for the first time at this prestigious show and thank the exhibitors for a good entry for a Thursday. I didn’t find there to be a depth of quality within this entry although several were super examples of the breed, there were also quite a few that just needed a bit more training and to be presented in better condition to give them a chance at higher awards.   

Chinese Crested 

Veteran Dog/Bitch (3,1) 

1.Dowsett’s Ch. Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood Jw Shcm Cw12. Lovely start to the day meeting this young man again! One I’ve judged on numerous occasions in breed competition, groups and stakes classes and he never fails to impress. His superbly presented veil coat catches your eye immediately, covering a graceful outline with super reach of neck, firm topline, good rear angulation and correctly set and carried tail. His masculine head is refined with good chiselling, nicely tapered muzzle with tight lips and beautiful dark eyes. Expertly handled and moved at a good pace to show off his sound, elegant movement. At 10yrs he was just starting to show his age against the younger exhibits in the challenge but was certainly in my consideration for the RCC. BVIB. 

2.Edwards’s Speckled Lad of Foaldown. 9yr h/l of a nice size with lovely skin. Nice dark eyes, ears could be larger, strong jaw and alert expression. Soundly constructed but a touch more length of body would give better balance. Holds a good topline on the move and circled the ring happily but lacking in reach and drive. In lovely condition for his age. 

Minor Puppy Dog (2) 

1.Payne & Dunlop’s Habiba Boy Trouble. Beautiful h/l baby who has everything going for him at this age to finish as a super adult. Lovely balanced outline with plenty of neck, good length of leg and body, good depth of chest and lovely rear assembly. Super head qualities as I would expect from this kennel with good chiselling, correct length of muzzle with neat lips, dark eyes and lovely ears. Moved out well with plenty of reach and drive, accurate coming and going, holding a decent outline in profile but just needed to settle a little more to really make the most of himself and would then have been a contender for the top awards but at 6 months it was a lot to ask! No doubt he has all the qualities to gain his title. BPD. 

2.Tatnell’s Sun Dan Painted Pony of Spiritcrest (imp). Raw baby who didn’t have the balance in outline of 1 being a little shorter in body than I’d like. But has good substance, lovely skin and a good reach of neck. Nicely chiselled head with good mouth, correct length of muzzle and large ears. Moved happily, topline needs to settle and would like to see more reach in front. 

Puppy Dog (2,1) 

1.Snell’s Udo Z Jasne Huezdy (imp). Nice 11month b/w p/p with good head properties, nice dark eyes, large correctly set ears and good mouth. Soundly constructed with enough neck, good topline, decent front and rear angulation, tail just carried too tight on the move. Happy on the move displaying reasonable reach and drive, coat a little heavier than I’d prefer but presented in lovely condition. 

Junior Dog (3) 

1.Bridgwater’s Scherzando Tiaki. This 14 month old had the best temperament here, making the most of himself on the table and floor. Masculine head with dark eyes and correctly set large ears. Adequate neck, good chest and ribbing, nice rear and good width behind. Lovely skin and correct furnishings. Moved well, wouldn’t want him any bigger. 

2.Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince Of Arabia.12 month old white p/p presented in sparkling condition, with good front and rear angulation, good topline and tail carriage and nicely balanced length of body. Attractive head with lovely dark almond shaped eyes, nicely chiselled cheeks and good mouth. Unfortunately was a little unsettled on the move but I’m sure will have better days.  

3.Coulter’s Scherzando Betelgeuse. 

Yearling Dog (6,1) 

1.Crow’s Arte Figure Next Level at Casacavallo JW (imp) 19 month mahogany h/l in full bloom and unbeatable in this entry of dogs. As big as I’d want but beautifully balanced with fabulous reach of neck, firm level topline, good chest and ribbing with moderate tuck up and nicely rounded rear. Masculine, nicely chiselled head with super ears, the darkest eyes, nicely tapered muzzle with tight lips and good mouth. Beautiful smooth skin, good furnishings and fabulous muscletone complete a very impressive package and then he moves! Circling the ring holding his head proudly, covering the ground with effortless reach and drive whilst maintaining a beautiful outline with tail carried correctly behind him. Here is the perfect lesson in presentation and how to get the very best from your dog. A top quality example of the breed who I understand had recently gained his crown and I happily added a 4th CC to his tally. DCC.  

2.Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (imp) 14 month h/l who still has some maturing to do but is a nice type with graceful outline, fine skin and nice furnishings. Balanced head properties with correctly shaped eyes, slight stop into the correct length of muzzle which is nicely finished, cheeks could be leaner. Moved well but would like a little more reach and drive.  

3.Bridgwater’s Scherzando Tiaki. 

Post Grad Dog (3) 

1.Mckenzie & Muldoon’s Scherzando Roxy’s Dancer Von Queshian. Easy win here for this 2yr h/l. Lovely size and substance with decent reach of neck, firm topline and well rounded rear, standing on slender legs of the correct length with good length of body giving an attractive outline. Masculine head with nice ears set correctly, correctly shaped eyes and good mouth. Moved well holding a nice outline in profile. Handled and presented well.  

2.Piper & Peppett’s Baron Winning Smile For Zanjero (imp) 2yr old h/l of a nice type just didn’t have the temperament of 1 to show off his virtues. Nice head and expression with dark eyes and correct length of muzzle finished neatly. Soundly constructed with good topline and tail carriage, ample neck, nice shoulders and medium body. Moved Ok but didn’t give his all which was a shame. 

3.Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucai’s Show Boy 

Limit Dog (4,1) 

1.Crow’s Estillinis Silver Surfer at Casacavallo JW (imp) Another h/l from this exhibitor presented in superb condition, beautiful skin, well presented furnishings and in peak body and muscular condition which makes such a difference in a hairless dog. Presents a lovely balanced outline in profile with elegant neck into perfect topline, standing on slender legs with good length of body, broad chest and moderate tuck up. Lovely head qualities of good proportions with nicely tapered muzzle, tight lips and correctly set large ears enhancing his alert expression, would just like his eyes a touch darker. Moved so well in all directions with plenty of reach and drive whilst always maintaining his graceful outline. One that deserves to gain his title. RCC. 

2.Dowsett’s Winterkloud Gingerbread by Tteswood. Another nice quality h/l of a lovely type. Liked his size and shape with nicely arched neck, good chest, tight elbows, firm topline and nicely carried tail. Good head and expression with correct length of muzzle, good ears and correctly shaped eyes. Sound on the move holding a really lovely outline circling the ring, accurate coming and going and displaying plenty of reach and drive.  

3.Barker’s Goldamulet Amber Tone (imp) 

Open Dog (2) 

1.Crow’s Estillinis The Huntsman at Casacavallo JW Shcm (imp) H/L older brother to my RCC winner and is certainly similar and was close up in the challenge. Another from this exhibitor who is well balanced, beautifully conditioned and superbly schooled to really get the best out of him. Nice head with strong ears, correctly shaped eyes that I’d like a little darker and alert expression. Very nice front and rear assembly with good chest, level topline and correct length of leg all allowing for super movement in all directions with a beautiful outline maintained in profile. Tail was a little proud which gave his kennelmates the edge in the challenge, nevertheless a dog that would be a worthy champion.  

2.Barker’s Cheeswood Shimmering Moon. Immaculately presented p/p in lovely veil coat. Liked his size and type with good length of body, firm topline, nice bone and substance for size would like just a little more neck. Attractive head with lovely dark eyes, large correctly set ears, good chiselling and nicely finished muzzle. Moved well but couldn’t match the ground covering action of 1. 

Good Citizen Dog/Bitch (2,1) 

1.Masters’ Esquimaux Skin Deep. 6 yr h/l dog with masculine head, correctly shaped eyes that could be a bit darker, good ears and pleasing expression. Nice type just a bit square in shape but with good chest, level topline and moderately angulated rear. Beautifully conditioned skin and handled to an advantage. Happy on the move but would like more reach and drive. 

Minor Puppy Bitch (2) 

1.Skelton & Santoriello’s Jean Dark Puffibly Maybe at Lubadusi (imp) Beautifully presented 7 month white p/p who showed her heart out never putting a foot wrong. Beautifully refined feminine head with gorgeous dark eyes, super ears, tight lips, good mouth and the most delightful expression. Elegant outline with long arched neck, perfect topline and tail carriage, body developing well for age with good angles fore and aft, fine bone and good feet. Moved accurately with plenty of reach and drive, head held proudly and topline firm. Such and accomplished performance for one so young and the most delightful temperament and attitude in the ring. Certainly has a bright future ahead of her. BP. 

2.Bridgwater’s Scherzando Quote. Another sweet baby just not as together as 1. Nice size and shape with good balance to body and leg length, nice neck and level topline. Good head proportions with lean cheeks, large ears and nice eyes. Moved well when she settled and had a really happy outlook which seemed to be a feature of this kennel and was a pleasure to see. 

Puppy Bitch (5) Nice class of puppies.

1.Hinton’s Cheeswood Moonlight Dream. Another beautifully presented p/p with a gorgeous feminine head with good chiselling, dark eyes, large erect ears and nicely finished muzzle. Adequate neck into good shoulders, firm topline and soundly constructed rear. Moved with a smooth flowing action with good reach and drive just a touch close going away. Quality veil coat and another with a lovely temperament. Just preferred the tail carriage and body length of the younger bitch in the challenge for bp but I’m sure this girl will appeal to many and do very well as she matures. 

2.Lane’s Transylvania Sasima at Konishiki (imp) Nice type of h/l with lovely skin who sadly wasn’t making the most of herself but did enough to earn her place here. Nicely shaped head with dark eyes and good chiselling. Well balanced and elegant in outline with ample neck, good chest, tuck up and rounded rear. Moved well just not holding her outline as firm in profile or using her tail but still a baby with plenty of maturing to do.  

3.Routledge’s Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws. 

Junior Bitch (1) 

1.Bridgwater’s Scherzando Hoppas. What a happy exhibit, quite the handful for her owner! 13 month h/l. Fabulous neck and shoulders, decent topline and correctly carried tail, broad chest and good length of body. Alert expression with large erect ears, correctly shaped eyes and well balanced length of muzzle. Moved with such a happy, purposeful action. 

Post Grad Bitch (3,1) 

1.Lane’s Transylvania Sasima at Konishiki (imp) (see 2nd pb) 

1.Routledge’s Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws (imp) 3rd in the lovely puppy class and another of a nice type with good skin and furnishings. Head a little stronger than 1 but well set out with large ears and well tapered muzzle. Sound construction throughout with fine bone. Moved well once she settled. 

Limit Bitch (7) Very mixed class for size, type and movement. 

1.Tatnell’s Simma Planet of Dream of Spiritcrest (imp) This 17 month old h/l made a good account of herself with her elegant outline maintained perfectly on the move just giving her the edge in this class. Small and feminine with fine bone, good substance and in well muscled condition with lovely skin and furnishings. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and good chiselling. Ample neck, level topline, slender legs, good length of body and well rounded rear. Moved particularly well in profile with a good length of stride covering the ground with an easy, flowing gait whilst maintaining a lovely topline and tail carriage.  

2.Routledge’s Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws (imp) Another 17 month old h/l similar in size to 1 but not quite as settled on the move. Attractive head qualities with dark eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Well angulated fore and aft with good length of body between, level topline and broad chest. Once settled moved well. 

3.Lane’s Annie Garden Roses at Konishiki (imp) 

Open Bitch (5) Nice class 

1.Payne & Dunlop’s CH. Habiba True Blue. This 18 month old h/l headed a nice class of girls but was always going to be the one to beat. Immediately caught my eye for size, type and movement and didn’t disappoint on closer examination. Beautiful head and expression with the darkest of eyes, large erect ears, good chiselling and well tapered muzzle. Small and elegant in outline with super balance throughout, correctly angulated front and rear, ample neck and proud head carriage, broad chest, perfect topline and well rounded rear standing with good width behind. Moved with an effortless gait, her correct construction allowing for super reach and drive all the time maintaining her typical, elegant outline and carrying her tail perfectly. Presented in pristine condition as I would expect from this kennel with beautiful skin and well muscled throughout. She won the CC here with some to spare with her more refined head and smaller size just giving her the edge over the glamourous male in the final challenge. BCC, BOB. 

2.Frost’s Harriet Take Me Away to Kojiki JW (imp) A favourite of mine who was so unlucky to meet 1. Beautifully conditioned mahogany h/l now almost 3 ½ years old with a fabulous temperament and the ultimate showgirl. Beautifully chiselled head of the correct shape with lovely expression and good ears, eyes could just be a touch darker. Lovely to go over with nicely arched neck, good chest and ribbing, tight elbows, slender legs into good feet, well laid shoulders, firm level back and strong, correctly angulated rear. Moves out with enthusiasm and style displaying super reach and drive maintaining her elegant outline at all times with tail carried perfectly behind her. Moved close going away which gave 1 the edge here but her super qualities made her an easy choice for the RCC. With the usual luck she should certainly gain her title. 

3.Mearns’ Lunacrest Hector’s Joy.