• Show Date: 13/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Pomeranian

Darlington Championship Show

15th September 2019




1: OGILVIE Miss A K Ch. Pakov's I'm A Celebrity JW VW, 8 year old in the most fabulous condition. Pleasing in head and expression. Well bodied with good front, strong topline and tailset high. Carried himself with importance and keeps his outline. BV

2: HILLS Misses M & M Ch. Casarow's Monty Python JW Sh.CM, pleases very much in head and expression. Good for size and moved out well. Not the body condition of the winner and he just lost his outline slightly in profile.

Minor Puppy

1: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's The Power And Glory, very smart puppy with a delightful head and expression. Super for size. Coat texture coming along. Moves soundly for his age. Liked his balance, fine bone, and strong topline. Best tail of the class.

2: GILLULEY Mrs M Altina's Ivory, 6 month old and very raw at present. Pleases for head and expression. All fluff at the movement and he just needs to concentrate slightly. However, when he did, he put his feet in exactly the right place.

3: ADAMSON Miss H E Archibald At Donnels


1: PIKE, Mrs J & CARTER Mrs A Breezelyn Latin Gigolo, smart puppy full of himself. Super expression, eyes full of fire. Totally balanced outline and moves like a train. Full of promise. Presented and handled well.

2: HILLS Mr C & Misses M Lireva's Hugh's Still Standin at Sharhazlah, super for size and type, beautifully presented. Moved very soundly, just needs confidence and he’ll be away.


1: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophonic, nice class. This dog comes to life on the move as he has the most super profile action. Delightful head with true foxy expression. Excellent front, strong topline and high set tail. Coat presented beautifully and of the correct texture. Completely balanced. Champion of the making I have no doubt. RCC

2: SIMMONS Mrs C Petitpom Legend Of Love, liked this boy very much too but slightly different in type. Enchanting expression, fine and dainty, he is good to go over. Today he was just not as fluid in front on the move as the winner, but I can see them changing places on more than one occasion.

3: EYRE Mr R & Mrs L J Pomeyre Dash of Spice

Post Graduate

1: SIMMONS Miss L G Sueacres Legend Of Petitpom JW. Good for size and type. He has a very pleasing head, expression and super ears. Balanced in outline and presented very well. Moves on the right track.


1: SOULSBY Mrs C M Aizens Dream of Being A Star at Trenarwyn JW (Imp), black boy with an imposing attitude. Beautifully presented in full coat of the correct texture. Pleases very much in head and has a delightful expression. Won the class on front and depth of chest. Ribbed back and high set tail carried well over the back. Moved on the right track and kept his outline. Champion quality.

2: PIKE, Mrs J & CARTER Mrs A Pom De Cachemir Flurescent Adolescent At Breezelyn, close up and he too presents the most pleasing outline in profile. Just needs to drop into his front. Presented very well and an attitude to die for. Loved his head and expression and is in excellent condition.

3: HILLS Mr C & Misses M Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah Sh.CM


1: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Ch. Reta Hugo's There Lireva, absolutely super….. This is a real class act. Beautiful head and expression. To go over him there is very little you would change. He is presented to perfection and his coat is a masterclass. Moves so soundly for such a little dog. CC and lost out by a whisker to his charming daughter.

2: DIXON HARDWICK Mrs M & Miss C Aacharmoe's Dazzle's Reign, liked this young man very much too and he has the most fabulous carriage. I liked his head but not quite the expression of the winner. On the move he should never be ignored as he is totally sound. Very well presented.

3: SOULSBY, Mrs C & ODD Mrs M Trenarwyn Chariot of Fire


Minor Puppy

1: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Glorious and glorious she most certainly is! Gorgeous 7 month old baby with potential in spades. Superb head and true foxy expression. Coat texture excellent for one so young. Presents a super outline in profile. Fine boned and superb ribbing. We have most definitely not heard the last of this young lady. BP

2: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Reta Flying Black To Lireva, 6 month old black with the most delightful attitude. Still has it still to do but she has a lot of potential.


1: PIKE, Mrs J & CARTER Mrs A Breezelyn Rock Chick NAF, good for type and won the class today on front action. Liked her expression and she is a real character. Good to go over and in super condition, as were all from this kennel.

2: NIXON Mrs & Miss A & C Kazpom So Sassie, beautifully presented and good to go over. A little longer cast than the winner. Super expression. Just lost out in front action today

3: SIMMONS Miss L G Sueacres Destiny For Petitpom


1: LITTLE, Miss A & RICHARDS Mrs S Vitorio Rossi Anoushka (Imp), moved on the right track and very good for size. She has the sweetest expression and gorgeous pigmentation.

Post Graduate

1: KNOTT Mrs J Snowvilla Moonlight Magic JW, really super young bitch. Loved her type and size. Fine boned yet big ribbed and strong topline, moved out really well.

2: HILLS Mr C & Misses M Vivica Fox at Toybox, sweet bitch in good condition. Moved out well. A tad out of coat today.


1: McDOWALL Miss C M Pinch of Snuff for Carberry, won this class on the move where she really strides out keeping her outline. Super head and expression, in good coat, of good texture. Super to go over on the table being well ribbed and short coupled.

2: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Dancing On Attitude, beautifully presented as always. Gorgeous head and expression, just lost out on the move today as she was slightly erratic on the out and back.

3: PASTUSZKA Mrs M Sueacres Just A Dream JW


1: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Ch. Lireva's Dancing With Stars, absolutely gorgeous, her head and expression are absolutely textbook. On the move she is a delight putting her feet in exactly the right place. Yes, she was perhaps a little out of coat but this had to be overlooked due to her sheer quality. Put on a show and could not be denied, really fell for her. CC and BOB

2: ROBB Mrs I & Mr G Ch. Klassna Just Imagine Gleniren, slightly different in type to the winner but I loved this bitch very much too and she is so worthy of all she has done. Presented and handled masterfully, she has little you would change on the table. Today, just not coming towards me as cleanly as the winner and this was the deciding factor. RCC

3: OGILVIE Miss A Ch. Pakovs Proud To Be Black. Completed a trio of superb Pom bitches and all very worthy.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)