• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Best Puppy In Show & Puppy Groups

Paignton Championship Show 2019

Puppy Groups


It was indeed an absolute pleasure to be asked to judge all Puppy Groups and BPIS at this friendly, prestigious Championship Show and I thank the officers and committee for 4 most enjoyable days. I was delighted to find Puppy Groups chock full of quality which bodes well for the future and many will have glittering careers I am sure. Many super pups were a little overawed by the occasion, which is to be expected with youngsters but one has to judge on the day and not what the future may bring. Performance therefore played a big part in my decision making process. However, I would like to wish these youngsters all the very best for their future and look forward to maybe seeing them again in time.

I was delighted with my 7 winners and so it had to be something special to come out on top and I really was splitting hairs as I would have been happy to have pointed at any of them. My BPIS was the Italian Greyhound Chrisford Fish Finger. Quite simply he took my breath away, what a confident, quality young male this is. Truly a Greyhound in miniature, his elegant outline is delightful. On the table he has a super head with correct ears. Your hands flow over him and he is in the most superb condition, his skin being supple and fantastic muscle tone. No denying his sex, yet still extremely graceful. It is on the move that he cannot be ignored. Precise on the out and back, something of a rarity sometimes in this breed, but in profile you simply can’t ignore him. He moves with such grace and really covers the ground with a typical action. His future is most definitely assured and I wish him well.

Close up and into RBPIS was the Beagle Eardley Anna Sasin, another really top quality baby who screams look at me. She has that indefinable something that defies you to ignore her. Her head and expression are quite delightful, strong neck, firm topline and well set and carried stern. Another in the most superb condition, presented to absolute perfection. In profile she carries herself with importance and covers the ground with a free easy stride. One that will title early on and will be a very big winner I have no doubt. I found her quite delightful, she just lost concentration coming towards me when it mattered and this was the deciding factor. Fantastic puppy though.


Interesting collection and there were a couple of good ones that I would happily have either shortlisted or placed but the occasion was a little too much for their tender age and they spoilt their chances. Shame, but they will not doubt have better days

GP 1 was the Italian Spinone Affilato All About Me. Beautiful puppy all of a piece and on this form should have a glittering career. Not exaggerated in any way and so well made. Loved her head and expression, super front, correct topline and balanced in rear quarters. Another who impresses so much on the move and she is effortless in profile. In superb condition, you could see that she could do a days job with no trouble what so ever. Liked her enormously.

GP2 the English Setter Gemsett Ice Cold In Alex at Mariglen, orange belton bitch who scores highly in breed type. Presented and handled masterfully. Loved her outline, soft sweet expression and, as always with this breed, never ending wag of the tail. On the move she impressed me greatly, which is not always the case with Setter youngsters, as she was precise out and back and covered the ground in profile. One with a title in front of her.

GP3 the Orange and White Pointer Joneva Born To Thrill, mature and pleasing in outline he has a delightful head and expression. On the stack he is balanced and is in optimum condition. Looked good moving in profile with that typical carriage, just a little untidy coming towards me today.

GP4 the Spanish Water Dog Ferrylands Hunting High And Low For Chanderhill, who impressed me when going over her, completely balanced and moved so well particularly in profile.


GP1 the Norfolk Terrier Watercroft Calling Card, an outstanding young male who is almost the finished article already. His head and expression are superb. Strong topline and wonderful ribbing. Correctly set tail which he carried so well. His coat texture is superb and on the move he is as sound as a pound, even with that little bit of terrier devilment. Another top class exhibit for this very clever breeder.

GP2 the WHWT Thozow I'd Do Anything, liked this young lady very much. Delightful head and expression. Strong neck, firm topline and well set tail. In beautiful condition and coat of super texture.

GP3 the SCWT Daisymaes Tumbling Dice, this young lady please very much on the stack as she has an extremely eye-catching outline. Good for size, strong yet feminine. Move out well on the right track. Presented extremely well.

GP4 the Norwich Terrier Belleville Totally Smitten, the baby of the group but as cute as a button and everything in the right place. There will be many that will totally smitten with this one in future I’m sure!


GP1 the Beagle Eardley Anna Sasin

GP2 the Min Wire Dachshund Pennywave Nosey Parker At Brocklewood, I really like this enchanting young male. He produced a superb outline stacked with a delightful head and expression. Good neck, rock hard topline and carried his tail correctly. Totally balanced and coat of excellent texture. On the move he continued to impress being sound and workmanlike. Could not ignore him and he is a well-deserved title holder with luck.

GP3 the Whippet Cobyco Cover Girl, another good one from this consistent kennel. She pleases in head and expression. In superb condition and well-muscled. Moved out with style and grace keeping her outline. Covers a lot of ground, her future is assured.

GP 4 the Rhodesian Ridgeback Carlincox Solid Gold, masculine and powerful he pleases very much on inspection. Super head, strong neck and topline. On the move he covers the ground, just a little immature coming and going today. Beautifully handled


GP1 the Shetland Sheepdog Rannerdale Showmaster, superb young male who oozes type. His head is superb, going over him there is very little to change and he is in the most amazing condition. Bright colours and already in full coat. He moves so soundly with typical outline and action, yet has a look at me quality too. Good for size. He has got a certain future ahead of him and it won’t be long before we hear more of him I’m sure. Liked him enormously.

GP2 the Groenendael Revloch Perfect Storm Of Cherrybeau, absolutely beautiful young male with the most enchanting head and expression. Already mature in body and coat, he is on his tip toes at all times. Moved out with typical action. Certain champion.

GP3 the Beauceron Odyssey De Sainte Petronille, was very impressed with this young lady and felt her very worthy of a placing in this group. To go over she is very well made being totally unexaggerated, feminine yet powerful. Correct coat and close set rear double dew claws. She pleased me very much on the move with a powerful economical stride.

GP4 the Border Collie Fayken I Am Here, feminine and typical, she has a super head and expression with well set ears. Good topline and typical in action. In superb condition.


GP1 the Siberian Husky Over The Rainbow Des Sarmentins, Another one who impressed me a lot. This young male has quality in spades. Superb head and expression. Strong neck, firm topline and totally balanced in angulation not being overdone in any way. A middle of the road dog who could easily keep going all day with his free and economical gait. Super tail, carried well. First class condition and superbly handled.

GP2 the Boxer Maranseen Seduction At Sulez, totally feminine but with super substance and ribbing. Delightful head and expression. Correct outline and on her toes all the time. Moved out really well holding her outline.

GP3 The Alaskan Malamute Chayo Causin Chaos, only a baby but already putting on a polished performance. Good to go over, she is already looking the part. Delightful head and super ears used all the time. In good coat. She moved on the right track. Has a bright future ahead of her I’m sure.

GP4 the Newfoundland Bridgestone Loch Lomond, very decent Landseer boy who produces a very pleasing outline. Full of substance and as sound as a pound. In super condition.


GP1 the Miniature Schnauzer Wellingley Won Night Stand, another who impressed me greatly. This young male is full of type and presented to perfection, His head is delightful, powerful neck and perfect topline. Compact and sturdy, he is well ribbed, strong bone and good feet. Coat of superb texture. On the move he powers himself round the ring, keeping his outline and using himself so well. He most definitely has the rosiest future ahead of him and we will certainly be hearing a lot more of him. Loved him

GP2 the Schnauzer Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers, was very impressed by this young male who was superbly handled by his young handler. He too is full of type and beautifully presented. Good to go over, he could possibly just finish a little in middle piece. However on the move he cannot be ignored. He is super sound and has the most beautiful side gait. I liked him very much indeed and wish him well for the future.

GP3 the Akita Royal By Blood Del Casa Di Coniglio, beautifully handled and conditioned, this is a real powerhouse of a young lady. Produces a super outline both stacked and moving.

GP4 the Lhasa Apso Remrah High Flyer At Culversapso. Pleases for type and in super condition and coat. Liked his head and expression. Correct outline with well set tail. On the move he has a jaunty action and keeps his outline at all times.


GP1 the Italian Greyhound Chrisford Fish Finger

GP2 the Miniature Pinscher Krieger's Elf Fantastico. Full of type and oh so cheeky. I liked him for size, he has a very decent head and expression and his ears are strengthening. Good to go over with super topline and tail set. Well ribbed and balanced in angulation. On the move, when settled, he has a typical action and a look of importance that can’t be overlooked. Liked him and he is a certain champion.

GP3 the Chinese Crested Habiba Boy Trouble, beautiful for type with a super head and expression. On the table there is very little you would change and his skin is flawless. Possibly one of the best from this kennel and I think he will be hard to get past. On the move he is sound and covers the ground. A bit more concentration to what he is doing will only be to his benefit and this is where he paid the price today. Really rate him though.

GP4 the Bichon Frise Deizi Miss Velma Dinkly, very cute young lady with lots of style. Pleasing head and expression. Good to go over and moved out well. Presented very well.

Lee A S Cox