• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pekingese

Scottish Kennel Club

19th May 2019




1: BELLABLAKE ROYAL INFERNO AT CLANESE (MRS C FUREY), nice one to start the entry with. Very pleasing shallow head with delightful expression.in good coat, very well presented. Correctly placed ears, short neck and good topline. Has depth and width of chest. Moves soundly.


1: MEZRAB RED TO TALK TO LIZLANMOR (MISS E L & MR R MORLEY & HITCHCOCK), top quality with a glorious wide, shallow head and good expression. Full coat, mastery presented. Great front and has width. Picks up heavy with correct pear shape to body. Moved well when he put his mind to it. RCC


1: BRATILDA STARBOY (MRS L & MRS C MURRAY & PATTERSON), very pleasing for type. In superb coat and condition. Correct texture. Won the class on his head and expression. Correct placed ears. Good front and has depth to his chest. Strong topline and well set tail. A tad erratic today on the move.

2: PALACEGARDEN CALIPH AT WINANN (MR S & MRS M CASSIE), well presented and huge coat. Just not happy today for some reason. He has a very good front and possibly more width in chest than the winner. Didn’t want to put on a show today.


1: CH YAKEE THE ARISTOCRAT (MR A & MR P EASDON & MARTIN), absolutely beautiful dog of pure class. His head and expression are superb being wide and shallow with super large eyes and correctly set ears, he is also masterfully presented. Width and depth to his chest, so heavy to pick up and the perfect shape with strong topline. Superb front. Movement is just the icing on the cake. CC & BOB. Delighted to see him win the Group and ultimately BIS, congratulations.

Special Begginers

1: BRATILDA STARMAN (MISS S H HARBRON), good for size and heavy to pick up. His open nostrils deserve a mention. Moves in typical fashion.

Good Citizen




1: YAKEE CONTRARY MARY (MR A & MR P EASDON & MARTIN), both beautiful puppies. The winner just had more finish in front today. Liked her head and expression and she is as sound as a pound on the move. RCC and BP

2: KLERKSHOF JOLENE (MR & MRS KLERKS-DELUCCHI), superb head and expression. She will title I have no doubt. Just over 6 months she just needs to drop. Her presentation is to be commended.

Post Grad

1; BRATILDA MADDISON (MRS L & MRS C MURRAY & PATTERSON), won the class on shape. Decent head and expression. Short neck, decent front and topline. Moved out well.

2: PALACEGARDEN EMMA AT WINANN (MR S & MRS M CASSIE), her head is wide and shallow and she has lustrous eyes given her a super expression, she was possibly slightly longer in neck than the winner though. Moved ok but could have used her tail a little more.


1: KLERKSHOF LULU AT YAKEE (MR A & MR P EASDON & MARTIN), glorious for type with a delightful head and expression with well set ears. Super sound on the move. Short neck, firm topline and picks up very heavy. Low slung she has the correct shape. CC which I was later told gave her her title.

2: FLOATING INTO ETERNITY (MRS R KANE), sound on the move and picks up well. Pleases for expression.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)