• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

Manchester Dog Show Society 



Sussex Spaniels 


It is always a pleasure to judge this, one of my very favourite breeds. They are the most charming of characters and the owners are a really decent bunch, who accept decisions in such a sportsmanlike way. Apologies that we were in the ring so late but thank you for keeping your humour. 

The quality of dogs exhibited today lifted my spirits and there is real depth. The future seems bright for the brown jobs. 



Min Pup 

1: GRAHAM Mrs A J Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram, 8-month-old with a delightful head and expression. He has a good neck into shoulder and decent angulation in front. Correct length and holds his topline. Move well in profile and good behind. Excellent colour. Certain champion of the future. 

2: ALDERSON Mrs S Meggamooch Ulysses, another good one. His head and expression are superb. Good to go over and he has everything in the right place. A tad wide coming towards me today 

3: MERCER, Miss C & THOMAS Miss L A Amur Iz Valley Wins At Stormacre (Imp Bel) NAF TAF 



1: HASTINGS Mr & Mrs C Bardings Bypolar Bear, superb puppy and extremely mature for his age. Delightful head with soft expression. Good colour and coat. Completely balanced with superb bone. His movement is precise on the out and back and he is typical in profile. I am confident that this is not the last we have heard from this young man and he will be another good winner for this kennel. RCC and BP 

2: GRAHAM Mrs A J Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram 

3: MERCER, Miss C & THOMAS Miss L A Amur Iz Valley Wins At Stormacre (Imp Bel) NAF TAF 


Post grad 

1: SMITH Mrs K & Mr I D Pindani Twist Of Gold, won the class on his head, expression and tail carriage. Decent colour and moved ok on the out and back.  

2: WAY Mrs S J Eald Village Poacher For Shuvick JW, not quite the head of the winner. Preferred the balance of his front legs, a tad proud of his tail. A little erratic in front today. 



1: GOODWIN Mr J R Serendel Sussex Endeavour, delightful dog. Divine head and expression. Completely balanced and uses himself with effect on the move. Completely typical and super colour. Presented in first class order, this is a Sussex to be proud of. Delighted to award him the CC, his 2nd. His title is not far off and he will certainly not stop there. 

2: GRAVES Mr S & Mrs S Norriss Northern Wizard, liked this boy too and he has a lot to like. Moved ok but not the front extension of the winner 

3: LUCKIN Mrs S Sovaroma Strangely Brown In Knuckerhole 



1: HUGHES Mr A & Mrs S Sh Ch Ivcar Anything Goes, fully mature dog with the most delightful head and expression. I liked his size and balance of leg. Strong neck and topline. Let himself down in front today as he appeared a tad lazy when stood which gave the impression of being slightly down in pastern. Shame 

2: HIPGRAVE Mrs L Bethryn Night On The Town, decent type and pleases for head. Decent to go over, he did not have the profile of the winner today 



Minor Puppy  

1: LUCKIN Mrs S Knuckerhole Make A Memory, very promising puppy of good type. Super head and expression. Balanced for her age and an excellent front on her. Moved with Panache yet still being typical. Nice baby 

2: DAVEY Ms V A Eald Dancing Queen, raw yet but she is a delightful colour. Her expression is super, but she just needs to develop in head and settle into herself on the move. Time is very much on her side. 



1: LUCKIN Mrs S Knuckerhole Make A Memory 

2: DAVEY Ms V A Eald Dancing Queen 



1: HUGHES Mr A & Mrs S Ivcar Matilda, quite simply delightful. This is a beautiful bitch and has Champion stamped all over her. Her head and expression are superb, excellent colour and in fabulous condition. She is so typical in outline, holds her topline and has perfect tail action. On the move she covers the ground in an unhurried gait so typical of the breed. Delighted to award her the CC & BOB.  



1: ASHCROFT, Mrs D & BOSWELL Mr M Marquell You Know You Know Torshca, interesting class and another day could have a different result. Liked the head and expression on this young lady. Won the class today on front. Super colour and moved well in profile 

2: ALDERSON Mrs S Meggamooch Tango, close up and another with lots to like. Super head, good topline and uses herself in profile. Just a tad wide coming towards me today and that’s what cost her. 

3: DAVEY Ms V A Eald Village Gossip 



1: GOODWIN Mr J R Sh Ch Sovaroma Scrumptious Serendel, 2 super bitches both with great type. This bitch won today on front movement, as she was precise on the out and back. Holds herself well in profile. Superb head and expression. Fabulous topline. Champion quality for sure. 

2: SMITH Mrs K & Mr I D Ch Pindani Myrtle JW, close up and I really liked this bitch too. Superb head and expression totally balanced. Pleasing in outline, just a tad erratic in front today. 


Lee A S Cox (Judge)