• Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

LKA Championship Show

15th December 2019

Tibetan Terriers


Minor Puppy

1: MCKINLEY, Ms S & BARNES Mr D Araki The Gamechanger, what a cracking start to the day with a really good class of young males headed by this super puppy. He is mature for his age. Liked his head and expression, super to go over and in beautiful condition. On the move he is collected and true. Good one and a certain champion in the making. BPD

2: KNIGHT Mrs Y Waterley Ricky Evangelista, raw baby but all in the right place. Has huge potential when he gets his act together.

3: SINCLAIR Mr K Tilashu Midnight Special At Araki


1: PERKINS Mrs B & Mr L Beavermeadow Parhelion, from the last class which was a very good class. He has type and he moves well in profile. Just needs to settle on the out and back and he’ll be away. Presented well


1: BRIDGES, Mr A M & ROSE-DAWSON, Miss C A & ROSE M Sanchara Ignite The Light At Araki, was very impressed by this gorgeous dog who was beautifully presented. Completely balanced in outline being square and moderate with no exaggeration. His head is masculine and pleases for shape and expression. Moderately angulated and standing on super big feet. He moves with such style and precision. Will always take the eye. Champion in the making I have no doubt and I was delighted to award him the CC and BOB today in super company.

2: OHM Ms C Palshar Jumping Jack Flash At Tianmho, another excellent dog who scores when you go over him. Delightful head and expression. Moves out well just a little tense in topline today.

3: COOPER, Miss C L & COOPER Mrs L Araki Glowing Ember


1: COOPER, Miss C L & COOPER Mrs L Araki Whodares Wins, super for type with a decent head and expression. Balanced in outline, holds his topline well. Looks good and really uses himself in profile.

2: RUDDERHAM Mrs D Taxiki Flame N' Fortune, super for presentation, he has a good head and expression. Not quite the front of the winner and so could just use his neck a tad more and reach more. Firm topline.

3: ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Jumping Jack Flash

Post Graduate

1: SINCLAIR, Mrs A & BARRON Mr A Datdammdawg At Araki (Swed Imp), absolutely delightful. Superb shape and first-class presentation. All male, he has an air about him. Moves with style and precision. Superb to go over with nothing exaggerated about him. At first, I thought he would be my CC winner, but he just lost his topline when it mattered and whilst the junior dog continued to impress. Liked him enormously and he will title with ease. RCC

2: PLUMMER, Mrs K & Mr G V R & BINGHAM Mrs K & Miss H Silgarhi Holy Smoke To Tetsikarma JW, slightly smaller male yet balanced. He is typical in outline and has a coat of good texture. Moved well in profile, just a little erratic coming towards me

3: ARMSTRONG Miss S Baltoro Hellcat At Tizzycharm


1: PRICE, Mrs J & LEESE, Mrs T & BARRON Mr A Araki Brass Barabass, super dog, beautiful to go over. A little stubborn but he did exactly what he needed to do, beautifully presented and coat of super texture. His outline is all TT being so very typical. His head and expression are quite delightful, and he is the perfect size. Once he decides to show himself to his best advantage, he will be hard to pass.

2: DRAPER-ANDREWS Mrs A J Lasang Vanilla Black, another top-quality dog, presentation par excellence. Move on the right track and held his topline. Not quite the precision behind today of the winner.

3: BATEMAN Mr & Mrs T & L Baltoro Black To The Future


1: SINCLAIR, Mrs A & BARRON Mr A Araki Blueprint Boy, two decent dogs of slightly differing types. Preferred the head on the winner and he was slightly firmer going away from me today. He is very good to go over and is totally balanced being the correct shape without exaggeration. Seriously considered him further.

2: ROBERTS, WHITEHEAD, SELBY, & GISSLEN Re- Smon Ta Champagne Shadeacre, presentation par excellence and he presents a very imposing outline stacked. Another who pleases when you go over him and he looks good in profile. Would just have preferred him slightly stronger away from me today.

3: RUDDERHAM Mrs D Araki Renegade In Red With Taxiki


1: PLUMMER Mr G V & Mrs K Tetsikarma Stargazer Sh.CM ShCEx VW, well presented and pleasing for type. Moved out really well and in superb condition.

2: ELVIDGE, Miss S J & WEBB Miss A Abelenus Black Ice Ciel, another very well-presented boy, slightly taller than the winner and not quite using his tail to advantage today.

3: JONES Mr A & Mrs M Waterley Broadway Lights JW

Good Citizen

1: MACKENZIE Miss E E Routenburn Agamemnon At Orzam, good for type and placed in the strong limit class. Pleasing head, decent size and collected on the move. Well handled.


Minor Puppy

1: SINCLAIR, Mrs A & BARRON Mr A Araki Sister Flashy Flash. What can I say about this precocious young lady? She walked in and I just could not take my eyes off her, she is quite sensational. Yes, still a baby but her type and quality just can not be ignored. Her outline is so very typical, and she is a delight to go over. Her head and expression are delightful. She is in optimum condition and presented beautifully. With maturity and coat, she will be an absolute picture. However, it is on the move that she cannot be ignored. I could not believe that one so young could put on such a performance. Her attitude and style are breath-taking and her precision perfect. Yes, safe to say I loved her, and she is going to be a big big winner I have no doubt. RCC and BP

2: GREEN Mrs D Waterley Angel Evangelista With Malocomi, another beautiful puppy, so much to like and full of type. She too was presented beautifully and moved out well, not the reach in front of the winner today.

3: ELVIDGE, Miss S J & WEBB Miss A Araki Hug My Panda


1: LAMBERT Miss A C Shamisha Dark Magic, a very nice puppy full of type. Super outline and balanced in angulation. Extremely well presented. On the move she has style and holds her outline. Good one and has a future ahead of her.

2: LAFFLING Mrs E A Taxiki Coat Of Many Colours, another decent puppy with lots to like. Liked her head and expression. She is good to go over on the table and has super coat texture. Just a little unsure of the floor today.

3: LUSTY, Miss A & MCDOWELL Mr D Blamorder Youve Been Had


1: TEMPEST Mrs P A Alilah Intrigued, superb class with many worthy going careless today. Super bitch of absolute quality. Totally typical in outline. Her head and expression are so feminine, and she looks at you right. In beautiful condition. Good to go over. Moves on the right track and is stylish in profile. Good one and will title I’m sure. In the challenge she just lost concentration slightly but she was seriously considered.

2: WILSON Mr P C & Mrs E Waterley Rhyme And Reason At Djankay, close up and so much to like. She is superb to go over and is so balanced in outline. Comes together on the move and has lots of style.

3: LAMBERT Mr D M Let's Try It This Way Around Shamisha


1; BRIDGES, Mr A M & ROSE-DAWSON, Miss C A & ROSE M Sanchara Passionfruit JW, classy bitch, delightful head and expression. Presented to perfection. Good on the out and back and she has reach and drive in profile holding her outline

2: HEARNE Mrs A J Snoanda Wizadora, very typical girl who presents a delightful outline. She is good to go over, just felt she wasn’t using herself to advantage in profile today.

3: RHODES Miss L Khatibi Fluffanella At Calonlan

Post Graduate

1: HADLOW, Ms E J & HEARNE Mrs A Snoanda Hello Dolly, pleasing outline and moved out very well holding her topline. She is good to go over and presented very well.

2: SUMMERS Mrs D Waterley Fancypants, slightly different in type to the winner. She too is good to go over, she just lost her outline slightly in profile today.


1: ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Izzy Wizzy, very typical girl who presents a very pleasing outline stacked. Super head and expression. Good to go over, she moves with style and dignity. Presented beautifully

2: COOPER, Miss C L & COOPER Mrs L Whell Meet Again, slightly smaller bitch but lots to like. She too is excellent to go over and her movement is good. Not the most eye-catching colour but she comes alive in profile.

3: HADLOW Ms E J Quidditch A Touch Of Sass


1: DAVIES Mr G Waterley Partypiece, superb bitch of immense quality. She was the complete package in the line up today. Her presentation was faultless, and she is such a show girl. She will always take the eye being so glamorously marked and stylish in profile movement. To go over there is little you would change, totally feminine and square in outline. Perfect body condition. Precise on the out and back and covers the ground in profile. CC today and was beaten for BOB by a whisker. Delightful and not the last we’ve heard of her I’m sure.

2: PRICE, Mrs J & LEESE Mrs T Ch Araki Already Whispering, really liked this bitch too, she is so typical in outline and she has a glorious head and expression. Really good to go over, she just could have done with a little more enthusiasm on the move. But a very good one.

3: HONEY Mr & Mrs J & A Alilah Carmel Ciro At Khyibrang


1: DRAPER-ANDREWS Mrs A J Ch Lasang Zippy Liz, two lovely girls, both a credit to their owners. This bitch scored in outline and neck, which she used on the move. Good for type and moved on the right track. A real delight BV

2: SUMMERS Mrs D Anjimalsea Hello Dolly, delightful young lady who was in such super condition. Just lost her outline in profile today

Good Citizen

1: SUMMERS Mrs D Anjimalsea Hello Dolly

Lee A S Cox