• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Chinese Crested

CRUFTS 2019 


Chinese Crested 


To judge a breed that you are passionate about and love with all your heart at CRUFTS is indeed an honour and I would firstly like to thank the CRUFTS committee for the opportunity to do just that. I have not been active in the breed for a few years now, but my passion for them has never diminished. I have to say that on the odd occasion that I get the chance to be ringside I have been slightly concerned not only about the rapid decline in entries but also the quality of the entry being exhibited. I therefore was a little worried about what I was going to be faced with on the day. I needn’t have been! Not only was I faced with a very pleasing numerical entry but also an entry that was chock full of quality. This was one of the strongest entries of Cresteds I have ever had the pleasure to judge and to say that I enjoyed every minute is an absolute understatement. From the very first class until the last, I think the smile on my face said it all. The Open Dog and Open Bitch classes were an absolute delight to judge, indeed there were many exhibits that I have either previously given CC’s to or would happily sign a CC for that went cardless, such was the depth of quality. These two classes will stay in my memory forever.  


The quality was so high that movement and performance on the day played an extremely important part in the decision-making process as I found myself splitting hairs on more than one occasion. Every single one of my winners put on a show, as well as scoring high in the type stakes. The standard is quite specific when it states that, on the move, the tail should be carried either up or out. Dogs that carried their tails down not only look unhappy but also completely spoil their outline and so were penalised accordingly. Type was excellent in many but there are still a few Cresteds that are square and boxy in outline. A Crested should never be square, they should be medium long in back and this also gives them the scope to move. Presentation overall was excellent, and temperaments have improved so much from the days when I started in the breed. To watch a Crested moving around the ring with hair flowing, reach, drive, head and tail held high is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful sights and gives one goose bumps. I was also delighted to see such quality in powderpuffs too, with many class winners and, in fact, my eventual BOB coming from this variety. Long may this continue as they are such an integral part of the breed and sadly get overlooked by so many judges who don’t seem to understand them.  


All my top winners today are, in my opinion, World Class Chinese Cresteds and could win anywhere in the world, as were many that were further down the line. If today was anything to go by, the future of the breed is secure and the Crested folk should be extremely proud. This is sadly something that can not be said for a few other breeds at present, so long may it continue. 


In finishing this preamble, I would like to add my thanks to two super Stewards and also to the Crested fraternity for making this one of the most enjoyable appointments I have ever had to judge. I will remember it forever. Thank You. 




What a wonderful class of oldies to start the day 

1: Carlsson’s NORD CH NEDDIES ADORABLE ALRAM, such a super dog. He is a fabulous size and in excellent condition. His head is masculine but with great expression. Strong topline and perfect tail set. On the move he has style and carriage, really covers the ground and could show some of the youngsters how it should be done. On this form he can still take on all comers and come out on top. Quite delightful. 

2: Moyes’ & Hunter’s NISYROS MEET JOE BLACK VIA BRYELIS, another good one. Masculine yet retains elegance. In super condition. Liked his head and expression. Good topline and skin. Uses himself in profile, just a little loose coming on 

3: Hampson’s ZERACHIEL READY TO RUMBLE SHCM, powderpuff in super condition. Veil coat well presented. Moved out well enjoying his day. Completed a trio of oldies that the breed should be proud of. 


Minor Puppy 

1: Snell’s UDO Z JASNE HVEZDY, powderpuff baby of 7 months old with a delightful temperament. Super head and expression and good mouth. Coat coming in and well presented. Uses himself and really enjoying the experience  



1: Dixon’s DEBRITA DILLIGENT. A kennel that has consistently produced quality after quality over the years and this youngster carries on this tradition. Such a beautiful shape on this puppy being completely balanced. His head and expression are delightful. Strong ears, decent neck into strong topline and tailset. Beautiful skin condition and perfect muscle tone. On the initial go around the dog behind him ran up his backend and un nerved him slightly. However, this very clever handler soon brought him round and he was showing his heart out once again moving with such style and carriage. He eats up the ground in profile and really catches the eye. For those wanting to learn about how to handle a Crested, they could do nothing better than to watch this handler and learn, she is an absolute master of her craft and you can see that all her charges adore her. This young dog is another certain Champion for the kennel and I will watch his future with much interest. Top Class and delighted to award him BP. 

2: Sojka’s ACHILLES EMPATHIE, smaller type and perhaps a little too over furnished. His attitude is delightful and he holds himself so well. Masculine head, good topline, would possibly prefer him a little longer in body. Moves with style. Presented to perfection and well handled 

3: Piper’s BE MY DOG TOPSAIL CODY OF ZANJERO, liked this young man a lot. He has a delightful head and expression. Strong topline and is good to go over. On the move he covers the ground, yet he could do with just a little more animation. Once he gains a little in confidence on the move, will be a strong contender. 



1: Crow’s ARTE FIGURE NEXT LEVEL AT CASACAVALLO. What an outstanding young male, he gave me goosebumps when he came into the ring and moved around it as if he owned it. On the table he did not disappoint. His head and expression are near perfect with a glint in his eye suggesting that mischief is on his mind. Superb flaring ears. Strong neck into perfect topline and slightly rounded rump. His tail set is spot on and he uses it all the time, being the absolute charmer he is. Super front assembly and totally balanced behind. Yes, he is top size, but he is totally elegant and completely balanced in outline. On the move I defy anybody to turn away. He eats up the ground in profile with his head and tail held high. He holds his topline and has such style and carriage. Out and back he is totally precise. Presented to perfection, his skin was in first class order and his muscle tone spot on. You can tell he also adores life. This is a dog that I would have been very proud to not only have owned but to have bred, he has that indefinable something that keeps drawing you to him. Yes, it’s safe to say I loved him, and he will be a not only a certain Champion, but he could easily take on all comers in group competition too. Cherish him, he is special. RCC 

2: Sojka’s AARON EMPATHIE, liked this young man very much and he too has a lot of style and attitude. Not quite the head of the winner, but he has good ears, strong topline and well-set tail. Eye catching on the move. Perfectly presented and handled so well.  




1: Machalekova’s DREAM GERARDESKY SK JCH, powderpuff boy beautifully presented and handled. Coat of the correct veil texture. He needs to be gone over to be appreciated as everything is in the right place and he is in super body and muscle condition. Like his head and expression. Good topline and well-set tail. On the move he is precise and really uses himself in profile, covering the ground and has correct tail carriage. 

2: Higgs’ TOUCH BEAUTY FIRE POWER JW this is a decent boy for type and size. He pleases on the table and moves on the right track. He just needs to really enjoy himself a bit more and then he will be a contender. 

3: Boden’s LUNACREST AMONG THE SHOOTING STARS, bigger boy but I liked him for type. A tad unsure on the table but he moved well to gain this placing. In good condition. A tad more confidence and he’ll be away, don’t give up.  


Post Grad 

1: Lukacsne- Kaszanics’ FUNDOKLIA-VOLGYI KASZANICS INDIGO ROMJCH HJCCH HJCH, good for size and type. He pleases for head and expression. In superb condition. Super ears. Strong topline. On the move he could reach a tad more in front, but he has style and carriage. 

2: Hinton’s AJATIAZA’S LOVER BOY AT CHEESWOOD JW, very much the type I like. Decent in head and expression. Super to go over. On the move he covers the ground, I just feel that he could use himself a little more to advantage. Another in superb condition and presented beautifully. 

3: Piper & Tyle’s ETERNAL LIFE HEYBETT ZANJERO, another lovely dog on the stack and he has everything in the right place. He is another that seemed like he wanted to be elsewhere when he moved. Shame, but his day will come. 



1: Crow’s ESTILLINIS THE HUNTSMAN AT CASACAVALLO, eye catching male who is good for size and type. He pleases in head, strong ears and in superb condition. Elegant and stylish on the move, he carries himself well, although would prefer him not to be so proud of his tail. Good front, strong topline and totally balanced behind. Absolute showing fool that will never let his handler down. Will title I have no doubt. 

2: Piper’s ANNA SKY KENNEL FUSION HOT MAN OF ZANJERO JW SHCM, close up here and he too pleases for size and shape. Pleased for head and lovely expression. Strong neck into firm topline. Not quite the front of the winner but he is good behind. Moved out well and carried himself with style. He too could easily title, and I hope he does.  

3: Higgs’ TOUCH BEAUTY PRIDE OF THE MOTHERLAND completed a decent trio and he too has a super head and fabulous ears. On the table he pleases with everything tin the right place. On the move he looks good in profile, just not the drive behind of the two above him today. In super condition and well handled. 



What A Class!!!! There were many spectacular dogs that left the ring. Performance had a play a part in the final placings and it really was a case of judging on the day.  

1: Bello’s MULTI CH BROOKLYN BOOGIE, This Powderpuff boy is as near perfection as you are going to get. On the table he is almost faultless. His head and expression are absolute textbook, strong ears that he used all the time. Strong neck into firm topline and well-set tail of good length. His front assembly is perfect, and he is balanced in hind angulation. Veil coat texture totally correct, not at all overdone and presented to absolute perfection. His size is correct, and he has a balanced outline with correct length. Then on the floor he quite simply blows you away. He moves with such reach, drive and carriage. Out and back he is precise and in profile is another that gives you goosebumps. Never once did he let up and continued to show himself off. This is a dog that could win anywhere in the world and one that the breed should be proud of. He was handled to perfection. Delighted to award him the CC and in the challenge for BOB it was as if he knew that he had to do something extra special to beat the gorgeous bitch and he stepped up a gear and today could not be denied BOB. Superb Crested who I was very proud to send forward to represent the breed and he gained many more admirers in the group, going by the multitude of comments that I received from others.  

2: Gunnarsson’s MULTI CH SIROCCO LUNATIC TOC TAMARINE. Another spectacular dog. Loved him for size and I was absolutely splitting hairs here. Another you would change very little on the table. He too has the most exquisite head and expression. Gorgeous flaring ears, strong neck and firm topline. Great front assembly and balanced hind angulation. On the move he eats up the ground with his head and tail held high. He was presented to perfection and handled masterfully with no fuss. Another I would have been proud to have owned. Breath-taking. 

3: Fletcher & Merryweather’s MULTI CH MYTANS TOPNOTCH, have liked this dog from the ringside and he too is very much the type I have always admired. He is spot on for size, gorgeous head and expression. Good to go over and in superb condition. He too will always catch the eye on the move as he has an easy stride and carries himself with such style. Should not be disappointed with his placing here and he is one that I would happily sign a CC for. We’ve not heard the last of this boy I can assure you. 


Good Citizen Dog Scheme 

1: Master’s ESQUIMAUX SKIN DEEP, pleases for type and he has a good head and expression. In super condition. Excellent ears. Moved ok. Skin in super condition. And well handled. 


3: High & Roberts’ SHANSHAL ESSEX BOY JW. 




1; Carlsson’s MULTI CH NEDDIES AMAZING AMIE, and amazing she absolutely is. Such an eye-catching bitch in the most superb condition, could show some of the youngsters how to move, super skin, topline and fabulous ears. Moves out with style, holding herself so well. A real credit to both the breed and her owners. Another who could quite easily keep taking top honours. Handled to perfection to get the very best out of her. She totally defies her years. 

2:  McGuigan & Blackwell’s ANNAMAC FAIRY TALE, another who is in the most amazing condition and is a credit to her owner. Pretty face, Super to go over on the table and beautiful skin condition. On the move she puts her feet in the right place and carries herself with style. How she has not got a title in front of her name is a mystery as she so deserves one. 

3: Hellmuth’s OMEGAVILLE PRESS RELEASE, completed another trio of delightful oldies, this bitch is in superb condition, pleases very much for size and type, pretty face, super ears. Moved on the right track but could have just used her tail a bit more and this is what cost her. Another who should have a title in front of her name.  


Minor Puppy 

1: Laws’ STAGEDOOR SUGAR PUFF, what a delightful powderpuff baby this is. A little raw at present, which is to be expected, but her coat is of the correct texture, is coming along well and was beautifully presented. Very pretty head and expression with good ears. Balanced in outline, she is good to go over. On the move she holds herself so well and is particularly impressive in profile. Carries herself with style and importance holding her head and tail high. I’m sure that her future is assured, and we will hear a lot more of her.  



1: Sojka’S ALETHEIA EMPATHIE, eye-catching young lady of super size and type. Pretty in head and expression. Good strong ears. Decent neck, topline and tail set. Won the class on her outline in profile on the move. Skin in beautiful condition and presented superbly. Certain champion quality and moved out well. Very stylish indeed. 

2: McKenzie & Booth’s SHANSHAL QUEEN OF SHBA AT CHINOIS, ultra-pretty and presented to perfection. I loved her size and type. In glorious condition. On the table she has everything in the right place. On the move she put her feet in the right place but could just have had a bit more animation today, good one though and another who will carry a title I have no doubt. Handled, as ever, superbly.  

3: McGarry’s KONISHIKI EASTER SPIRIT, true hairless of good type. Very pretty head and very good ears. Super skin condition. Moved well but another who could have had a little more animation. Handled sympathetically, once she gains a little more in confidence will do very well. 



1: Payne & Dunlop’s CH HABIBA TRUE BLUE, from a kennel that I have admired for many years, even though in secret when I was active within the breed. This is another kennel that have time and time again produced such quality and they have won well under me on more than one occasion. Today it was extremely close between the first 2 and they can change places on another day. However, this is an absolutely beautiful bitch of superb size and type. Her skin was flawless, and she was presented to absolute perfection. She has a delightful head and expression, good neck, firm topline and well-set tail. Her front assembly is super, and she is balanced in hindquarter. On the move she has attitude and style and covers the ground with ease. She won the class today on her positive hind action. I seriously considered her in the challenge for further honours but just felt that she lost a bit of concentration and rushed herself a little which resulted in her losing her outline slightly, which was a shame. However, this is a bitch that I would happily sign a CC for, is most deserving of her title and will win well in future. Not the last we have heard of her and I will not disagree when we do.  

2: Lemmerke’s JEAN DARK ONLY IF, really liked this bitch too, not quite the expression of the winner but she is a delight to go over. Still only a puppy, she has everything in the right place. Another who was in superb condition and well handled. Looks very eye-catching in profile, just a little erratic going away today. Certain champion and another I would be happy to have owned. 

3: Haukova’s DANETTE CRYSTAL ICE JUN CH powderpuff. In super coat and condition. Decent head and expression, good topline and carries herself well in profile. Liked her expression and strong ears. Presented a very balanced outline.  



1: Dmitrieva’s MY VANITY FAIR ROWENA, petite but very pretty powderpuff who thinks she is a giant! Her attitude is fabulous, and she absolutely shows herself off to advantage. Pretty head and expression. Good to go over, she is firm in topline and has a well-set tail. Her coat is the correct veil and she is presented to perfection. Beautifully handled to get the best out of her. On the move she is precise on the out and back and flies around the ring in profile with reach, drive and carriage. 

2: Dominczak’s BLANCHE INTELLIGENT INSOLITE FAMILIER, slightly bigger type but still so much to like. I liked her head and expression, good to go over and moved well in profile, with carriage. Just a tad erratic on the out and back and this is where it cost her. beautifully conditioned skin and well handled. 



Post Grad 

1: Yu Vasilieva’s ILORY OVERCOMING NICE, powderpuff in superb condition. The ultimate showgirl, she eats up the ground, especially in profile. In super coat of the correct veil texture. Pleasing head and expression. Super ears. Good neck, front and topline. A little proud of her tail. Moves with so much style. Well-presented and handled. In the challenge she just sloped in topline slightly on the move. However, a really super bitch. 

2: McGuigan & Blackwell’s DOUCAI’S TOO CUTE TO SCARE AT ANNAMAC, really good hairless girl with lots to like. Pretty head and ears, good for size and she has some style in profile. Balanced in outline and of champion quality. Liked her very much too 

3: Godfrey & Peacock’s SCHERZANDO PIED ROOK, another pleasing powderpuff who needs to be gone over to be appreciated. Everything in the right place, correct coat. Just a shame she didn’t want to use her tail. Prettiest of heads. If she gains a little in confidence, could be a serious contender. 



1: Yu Vasilieva’s ILORY OVERJOY, another who showed herself to advantage. Pretty head and expression. Super for size and type. Moved out with style and panache. Good to go over and presented extremely well. Another who although on the smaller end of the scale, thinks she is a giant an defies you to look elsewhere. Handled to perfection. 

2: Agronius’ PREFIX VENUS DE MILO, from another kennel that I have so admired over the years and this bitch is so typical of their type. She is a slightly bigger bitch but yet retains elegance and she is a delight to go over. However, she was determined to throw it away and not use her tail when it mattered. Such a shame, just not her day. I am sure she will have better days and she will title I have absolutely no doubt. 

3: Uljanova’s ENERGY DI AMAZING VICTORIOUS DAMSEL DOM RISORTO JUN CH JCW CW, liked this bitch too. Would prefer a little less furnishing but she is sound and good to go over. 



Another fantastic class with many bitches’ worthy going cardless. 

1: Alestalo’s MULTI CH ARTE FIGURE HAPPY ENDING, it will come as no surprise that I absolutely love this glorious bitch as I have given her BOB in 4 different countries. So, it was not only a surprise but an absolute pleasure and honour to once again have the opportunity to judge her. In my opinion she is without doubt one of the greatest Crested bitches there have ever been. Her head is absolute perfection with the sweetest of expressions. Her ears are strong, and she uses them all the time. Strong neck, strong topline, slightly rounded rump and perfectly tail set. Glorious front and beautifully balanced behind. Nearing her veteran years, she is still in the most perfect condition with flawless skin. Not the biggest but she is so beautifully balanced and has such elegance. On the move her clever handler moves her at just the right pace to show everybody how she can cover the ground with such an ease of stride. No rushing, just precision and style. She holds her head proudly and her tail never falters. I could watch this bitch forever and she is another that brings goosebumps to my skin. What is even more special is that not only is she the most beautiful bitch to look at, but it appears that she is a producer too as the RCC winning dog today is her son. This is something to be very proud of and is testament to her very clever and lucky breeder. This is a bitch I would have been proud to have bred and owned. It was my absolute delight to award her the CC in such competition. For BOB I felt that she just tired a little and the dog stepped up a gear. Her place in the history books is assured and well deserved. A bitch to be so so proud of and she will stay in my memory forever.  

2: Gustafsson’s RS CH BLENDVERK’S HAVANA ROSE, absolutely loved this bitch too and she was handled by a master. Her attitude is to die for and she is another I would be proud to own. Her head and expression are delightful. Strong neck, firm topline and tail used all the time. Such a happy girl who clearly loves to please. She too has a superb front and balanced in hindquarter. Her skin was flawless and she was presented in superb condition. It is on the move that she cannot be overlooked as she covers the ground with such style and carriage. Another bitch to be proud of and one we will hear lots more of. Quite delightful. 

3; Dmitrieva’s MULTI CH NILUFER MOLOSOS GRATZI, completed a trio of first-class bitches. This bitch really took my eye particularly in profile as she eats up the ground on the move. She has such style and carriage. She is another who loves to show and she never faltered. Like her head and expression very much. Firm topline and good angulation behind. Just felt the 2 above her were slightly bettered angulated in front. However, a glorious bitch.  


Good citizens 

1: Hampson’s ZERACHIEL TALK OF THE TOWN, good for size and type, she carries herself well and kept her outline, well presented and in super condition. Very worthy of this win 

2: James-Parker’s SHUMLLEA A SAINT SHE AINT, powderpuff, well presented and good for size. Moved out well 

3: Hampson & Sheldon’s LADY BROMWYN, balanced in outline and super temperament. 


Lee A S Cox