• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu

City of Birmingham

 September 1st 2019

I was a very last minute replacement judge and hope that Mr Cavill is ok. Thanks to the exhibitors on the day for the sporting way I was accepted. It has been a couple of years since judging this breed and so all dogs were new to me.

Japanese Shiba Inu



1: WATSON Mrs J & Mr C Calicelesti Reaperman, cream dog in very good condition. Up to size. Liked his expression. Balanced on outline and moved on the right track. BV


1: ROSKELL Miss C Ken Go Shun'you Kensha (Sp Imp),13 month old red who is good for size for his age. Delightful head and expression. Correct front, strong topline. Presents a balanced outline in profile and has a future ahead of him. Not in the best bib and tucker today but he has great potential and put on a great show on the move. RCC and BJ

Post Graduate

1: MAY Miss D M Burwen I Am Bee'lzebub At Ayupduck, mature dog with a masculine head. In super condition and his coat is of excellent texture. Would prefer a tad more leg length for balance. Moved ok


1: FROOME Mrs M & Mr C Jiltrain Jack Tar Is Lykafoxx, decent type and balance in outline. Moved with the correct action. Decent head and expression. In good coat

2: RITCHIE, Mrs & RITCHIE Miss S Dundalks Ludo Bagman, liked his head and his condition is superb. Just did not put all in on the move and lost his outline in profile.

3: BUTLER Mrs P A Sondagi Beniichi


1: DUNHILL HALL Miss M S Ch Kaga No Shouji Go Sapporo Kagasou Vormund (Imp), superb dog of immense type, for me the stand out winner in the entry today. His head and expression are quite delightful which was sadly missing in a lot today. Correct size, completely balanced and a fantastic front. Coat texture good and presented to perfection. On the move he simply cannot be ignored with his tremendous side gait, yet retaining the typical action of the breed. On the out and back he is totally precise and impresses greatly. Bang on form, he is hard to get past. CC & BOB and Gp4.

2: SHUTT Mr & Mrs M Eita Go Aba Noted Work Jp JW (Imp), liked this dog for type. His expression is delightful. Not overdone and moderate all over. He moved with a typical action but just not the freedom in front of the winner.

3: WATSON Mrs J & Mr C Calicelesti Casanova Sh.CM



1: HASELL, Mrs I & SHUTT Mrs Tapena Takara, 9 year old in fine form and a real credit to her obviously very proud owner. Super size. Liked her moderation. She moved in a steady dignified manner. Just showing her age a little, which she can be forgiven.


1: KOPEC Mrs D Natsumi Go Mukashibanashi, 10 month old with a very decent head and expression. Correct size and moderate in angulation. Need to fill out in chest a little but this should come. Moved on the right track. BP


1: DUNHILL HALL Miss M S Vormund Black Widow, just over a year and all of a piece. She has a delightful expression. Moderate in angulation. Moves with style in profile, perhaps a tad erratic at the moment coming towards you. Presented and handled very well.

2: NEEDS, Mr M A & WOOLMER Mr J Nizu Saijitsu, decent for size and totally feminine. Sweet expression. Good front and topline. Lost her outline slightly in profile.


1: PACKER Mrs M D Burwen I'm A Press Secretary, presented the most typical outline. Pleasing head and expression. Totally balanced in outline. Moved with the correct action in profile. In good condition.

2: ELLERSHAW Mr & Mrs G & S Shiomaru Benisa Among Galshan (Imp) JW, slightly heavier than the winner. Pleasing head properties and her expression is good. Not quite the balance of front leg. Moved on the right track.

3: BUTLER Mrs P A Sondagi Akikazehime


1: DUNHILL HALL Miss M S Ch Vormund Margot Robbie, glorious bitch. So beautifully put together. Her head and expression is delightful. So sound on the move with an effortless gait. Her balance in outline is to be commended. Presentation and handling superb, as were all from this kennel. CC

2: JACKSON, Ms M & WRIGHT Miss E Ir Ch Lacsar Hershey Goes Again Jun Ch (IKC), close up here and of similar type. Like her head, expression and balance of outline. Moved out really well. Just not quite the reach of the winner. RCC

3: RITCHIE, Mrs & RITCHIE Miss S Dundalk Hermione

Lee A S Cox