• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lawrence Llamas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation, I was deeply honoured to be able to judge at this particular championship show given its admiration and respect amongst the toy breed exhibitors. Secondly, to my very efficient steward John Purnell and last but by no means least the exhibitors who took the time and effort to enter and allowed me to go over their dogs. I do apologise for the delay in publishing my critique and thank you all for your patience

As a general observation I found the overall quality of the breed rather disjointed, some nice winners coming through the classes, however, the quality of dogs further down the classes was at times a bit disappointing. As a general observation of the breed I would encourage a closer eye on toplines and tail sets.

Special Beginners D/B

1st: BERWICK Ms S L Highlandchi's Star Gazer – 12 month old tri colour bitch of nice size and temperament. Made good use of her ears and remained showing throughout the class. Would have liked a tidier front, but moved well on side profile.

2nd: PRINCE Mrs E & Mr A Digby the Biggest – Chocolate tri colour male, nice front movement and construction with a pleasing enough head. Nice expression and eye but in general need of body condition and ring training, had he been more co-operative he would have placed first.

3rd:HOLLISTER Mrs K Migel Magik Creature At Hollichi (Imp Rus)

Veteran Dog

TRANTER Mrs P Ch Taradona Mozart – 7 year old fawn male. Such a classic type with an outstanding temperament. Lovely head and outline with beautiful eyes and expression. Straight topline and good tail set. Showed friskily and happily throughout the day .Moved sound both ways. Was pleased to award him Best Veteran

Minor Puppy Dog

1st: DAVIS Mr A & Mrs J Sweetpanache Tomb Raider At Chibull – Smart 6 month old blue and tan male. Wonderful temperament and came to his own on the move showing off his lovely outline and tailset and tail carriage. Would like to see him grow in the head as he matures to be in proportion with his body. Nice head could do with larger ears. Was pleased to award him

2nd: BANNISTER Mrs S Stanghurst Robingoodfella – Red fawn lovely typical expression and behaved well for his handler. Nice outline and lovely reach of neck came to his own on the move. I appreciated his front movement but could move with a bit more drive in his rear.

3rd: LANE Mrs D Denique Abracadabra

Puppy Dog

1st:FOTHERGILL Mrs D Bondor Mr Sunshine At Diamonchi – 10 month old red fawn, nice outline and showing well, nice head with good length of muzzle. Nice temperament and moved well around the ring, I would like to see his front improve with maturity.

2nd:HALLS Mrs A Jorazan Rocky Balboa – Very showy little dog with a lovely outline, level topline and good tail carriage. Lovely head and expression. Appreciated his correct coat.

3rd: DALY Mrs L S & Mr M White Phantom At Lozmarchi

Junior Dog

1st: EYDMANN Mrs J Bramerita A Guinness Man – Lovely sized tri colour dog, full of temperament and oozing in type. Lovely level topline and tailset with a good reach of neck to complete his balanced outline. Lovely head and expression pushing his way in the challenge to be noticed and was a running contender throughout.

2nd:SUTTON Mrs B Jicara Poised To Strike Nikitos – Parti coloured male with a classic type and head. Nice eye which complimented his overall expression. Excellent mouth. Good temperament. Would appreciate a stronger front assembly. Could be slightly shorter in the loin.

3rd:BLACK Miss L Chinzaes He's Bonzer

Post Graduate Dog

1st:SUTTON Mrs B Jicara Heartbreaker Nikitos – Lovely sized fawn dog with classic breed type. His expression is saucy and balanced not over done in anyway, in terms of head and expression he was the best of the day in my opinion. I appreciated his correct coat. Nice large ears. Level topline and good tail set. Moves with drive. Would have liked better rear movement and tail carriage. Was a strong contender in the challenge too.

2nd:DAVIS Mr A & Mrs J Noichi Red Roija At Chibull – Another lovely sized dog, this time red fawn. Wonderful head and expression, with lovely legs. Nice front moved with drive and showed off his lovely outline.

3rd:POYNER Ms M D Diamonchi Man On The Moon

Limit Dog

1st:FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Mister Moon JW Sh.CM – Quality cream male with correct size and proportions. Excellent type with well set ears. Good mouth. Level topline and excellent tail set. Excellent coat. Moves with drive, another strong contender in the challenge.

2nd:WADDINGTON Mr R A & Mrs E Spindlepoint Yule Brynner – Nice honest dog. Classical type. Excellent topline. Nice coat. Nice head type and expression with nice large ears. Lovely front movement and good rear angulations.

3rd:HUNTLEY Mrs E Jahneemahs Mastermind


Open Dog

1st:ANDERSON Miss L Lumanatii Rolling Thunder - Lovely sized red fawn dog. When standing he has a classical outline with great proportions and balance which made him stand out, especially from afar. A good head. Level topline and good tail set. He held his outline on the move. Moved well in front. Was pleased to award him his crowning CC – BOB and delighted to see him go Group 2 later in the afternoon.

2nd: FACEY Ms S Ch Copymear Calendar Boy JW – Lovely tri colour sable male. Moved with drive with a strong front. In excellent coat and condition. Nice head and ears. Great temperament and consistently showed for his handler. Preferred the softer expression of the winner. RCC

3rd: WELLS Ms C Pepeetolynn Obsidian at Dollybeau JW

Veteran Bitch

1st:SUTTON Mrs B Ch Lozek Rhapsody In Blue Nikitos JW – Quality bitch with lovely outline and proportions. Wonderful temperament. Lovely head and expression with well set large ears which she made good use of at times. Nice front angulation. Moved with drive. Showed well in the challenge too.

2nd:FOTHERGILL Mrs D Ch Beths Sunshine Lady At Diamonchi – Nice sized red fawn bitch oozing in temperament. Nice topline with lovely head and ears. Moved with drive. Nice front construction.

3rd:TAYLOR Mrs & Miss J & I Berrymina Amy Rose By Pepeetolynn

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st:SUPRINAITYTE Miss J Borjomi Fortune – Very promising cream female. Lovely balance, proportions and outline. Level topline and good tailset. Well balanced head with correct expression. Nice sweet temperament. Moved well with nice front and rear angulations.

2nd:VAITEKUNAITE Ms J Milendo Marcail – Lovely classic type with nice proportions. Lovely front and rear angulations. Great temperament. Nice head and expression with complimenting well placed ears. Correct coat, Good temperament.

3rd: HUNTLEY Mrs E Jahneemahs Calendar Girl

Puppy Bitch

1st:LANGFORD Mr D Boetandales She's Got Rhythm – Blue fawn female with lovely type. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely ears. Needs to strengthen her shoulders but typical at this age. Moved well when she was willing to cooperate. Despite not showing as well as others in her class, her type and quality got her through.

2nd:Mrs M Lilliputchi Mini Me – lovely head and expression. Lovely temperament and moved with drive. Level topline. Nice size and proportions.

3rd:WELLS Ms C Bullywood Summer Fire

Junior Bitch

1st:HUNTLEY Mrs E Jahneemahs All Eyes On Me – Blue fawn bitch with lovely size and proportions. Good reach of neck. Lovely outline and moved well. Large ears which complimented her nice head and expression. Her temperament at times fluctuated but I preferred her overall type to the others in her class.

2nd: ROONEY Mr S J Borjomi Beyonce at Yorone – Nice blue fawn bitch. Very different in type to the winner. Lovely temperament and was always pleasing her handler. Nice outline. Nice front movement and assembly. Preferred the refined type of the winner.

3rd:LOVRIC Mrs R Lovchi Dripping In Finesse

Post Graduate Bitch

1st:STANGOE Mrs S Stanghurst Strike A Pose – Lovely dainty and refined typey bitch. Level topline, lovely head and expression. Lovely front movement. Nice proportions and typical outline. Nice angulations.

2nd:RADFORD Mrs A L Tidos On A Mission – Lovely strong headed female yet feminine enough. Showed well, good angulations. Nice coat. Excellent proportions. Tail set could be better.

3rd:FARMER Mr G W Dachidas Copycat

Limit Bitch

1st:ROONEY Mr S J Jicara High Voltage – Quality cream and white female who stood out in her class. Lovely outline and topline. Moves with drive. Excellent head and expression, free from any exaggeration. Correct coat. Excellent angulations. Was delighted to give her her first CC.

2nd:FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Golden Symphony JW – Lovely sized bitch. Excellent head and expression. Excellent coat. Would have liked to see better rear angulations. Losing her spark towards the end of the class.

3rd: 587 TAYLOR Ms L Arkoschi Miss Prim N Proper

Open Bitch

1st:SOPER Miss L Ch Leander Just Jane At Ballybroke – Lovely quality red fawn bitch. Very honest female oozing in type. Lovely clean head and ears. Immaculate topline and well presented. Lovely size and excellent proportions. Very worthy RCC.

2nd: SUPRINAITYTE Miss J Borjomi Beauty – Pretty particoloured bitch with saucy expression. Lovely use of ears. Excellent topline. Good front movement, could improve in the rear.

3rd: VAITEKUNAITE Ms J Bramerita Magic Potion For Milendo