• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karin Hickson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Eurasier


Judge Karin S Hickson


Junior Dog 1-1

Open Dog 3

1st Watkins Miss S – ALBIONSPITZ BLUE MOON JWW18 JBW18 W18 JDCH BW19 Strong masculine head on this 2-year-old red male, with well-placed ears, dark eye with good pigment. Strong jaw with correct scissor bite. Medium neck set on well-placed shoulders leading to straight front and level topline. Hindquarters well made with good muscled. Profuse tail with a good high set. Coat of deep colour and texture Nice oval feet. Moved freely and precisely. BD BOB

2nd Parkinson Mr C, Mrs J & Miss K- IR CH KAYDANMY A TOUCH OF CLASS IR J CH CW 19 CW18 CJW18 ANCH18 2-year-old Red male with good coat, who is soundly made with a good head and eye nicely placed ears with a good dark eye. Level topline leading to a good tail and hind quarters Moved well, just not quite as positive as no 1 RBD


Junior Bitch 3/1

1st Parkinson Mr C, Mrs J & Miss K -KAYDANMY CALL THE SHOTS CPW19 My notes say WOW so pretty, silver grey girl who shone in this class well coated and harsh texture. 10 months old and showing like a veteran both in the class and the challenge with a change of handler, so soundly made from her dark eye, well set ears neat furrow on her well defined head to her well plumed high set tail on a well made body with strong forefront with nice oval feet which lead to her moving so well BB BP

2nd Watkins Miss S -ALBIONSPITZ LITTLE FLOWER such a sweet baby girl at 6 months old this red girl I am sure will have a bright future good head and eye with good length of neck on well laid shoulders strong topline and coat coming in, moved well just slightly uncoordinated at times on rear. Not quite the confidence of winner at this stage.

Post Graduate Bitch 1

1st Hopkinson Mrs T- FRIONARIZ EVERT MORNIN STAR Liked this bitch stood and moving she is so sound in all directions beautiful coat of deep colour and texture, unfortunately she has previously had a nasty experience being gone over and is very weary however, she did just enough for me to give her the class. I do hope her owners continue to work with her.

Open Bitch 2/1

1st Mr C, Mrs J & Miss K Parkinson KAYDANMY A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE BJW BE-18 15 month old red bitch, well placed triangular ears on a well developed head with dark eyes, needs to develop more in body has a well-constructed front and rear assembly but needs to tighten up on movement coat just coming back in RBB