• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Simkin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Beagle

East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show 

Saturday 6th July 2019

Beagles - Judge Karen Simkin

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge my breed and for the kindness and

hospitality shown. I had two first class stewards who kept everything running smoothly.

Thank you to the exhibitors for the privilege of judging your hounds. I was spoilt for choice in

some classes.

MPD: 3, 1 Abs

1. Murden’s Rowsprings Jackson

6 month old tri quality pup. Masculine head, lovely long leathers. Good reach of neck, level

topline and correct tail set. Firm hocks. Good muscle development, moved very well for one

so young.

2. Powell’s Hayapark Gershwin

6 month old T/W pup. A little unsettled. Lovely size. Soft expression. Low ear set. Good

shoulder placement. Firm ribbing. Deep chest. Not quite the movement of first.

PD: 3, 2 Abs

1. Wenman’s Seiont Ifan Sir Romeo

Compact pup of 9 months with dark eye, low earset. Good neck into correct shoulder

placement. Firm ribbing and short coupled, well muscled, good bend of stifle. Moved with

purpose, shown in beautiful condition.

JD: 2, 1 Abs

1. Coates’ Irinstyle Eagle in Flight To Gladstyle (IMP RUS)

14 month quality tri dog with masculine head. Correct front assembly. Deep chest. Good

shoulder into firm ribbing. Level topline. Moved with purpose.

YD: 5, 0 Abs

1. Hardisty’s Eardley Alec Tricity at Blunderhall JW

22 month old dark Tri. One I have admired from ringside. Good head and expression. Well

constructed dog and shown in great condition. Good muscle tone throughout. Good front

and neck. Firm ribbing. Correct tail set, firm hocks and neat feet. Moved well.

 2. Goldberg’s Newlin Perth at Molesend JW

Open marked tri male. Lovely head and expression. Defined stop. Well laid back

shoulder, level topline. Good muscle tone. Looked good in profile and moved true.

3.Coates Irinstyle Eagle in flight to Gladstone (impRUS GD:

1, 1 Abs

PGD: 4, 2 Abs

1. Hills’ Luluwells Major At Donay

2 year old tri male. Masculine head, dark eye. Good pigment, defined stop. Good neck into

correct shoulder placement. Level topline. Good round bone with tight feet.Well let down

hocks. Sympathetically handled and moved with reach and drive.

2. Leader’s Rosroden’s Debonair

3 year old tri dog of larger mould. Carrying a little more weight than I would like. Masculine

head, dark eye. Good round bone. Correct tailset and firm hocks.

LD: 7, 2 Abs

1. Jones & Jepson’s Bayard Adam Guessing for Eardley

18 month old quality tri who caught my eye as he entered the ring. Well constructed dog with

great muscle tone. Good shoulder, well ribbed and short coupled. Level topline. Good round

bone. Correct tailset, moved true with purpose. A delight to see. Certainly one to watch.


2. Havard’s Annavah Phoenix

18 month old striking dark tri dog. Lovely long neck, good front, deep chest, round bone.

Level topline held on the move. Well muscled rear and hocks well let down. Powerful

movement around the ring.

3.Wenmans Wenannou Scirocco

OD: 8, 0 Abs

1. Raymond’s CH/VDH CH Dialynne Peter Piper WW17

Handsome tri male who has quality stamped all over him. Lovely head, dark eye, low set

leathers. Good neck into correct shoulder placement. Good ribbing and body, well muscled

throughout. Correct tailset, good rear angulation. Effortless movement around the ring.

Handled and shown to perfection. Delighted to award him CC and BOB. He was later

shortlisted in the hound group.

2. Craig’s CH Davricard Harlequin

Slightly larger mould than my winner. Masculine head, good pigment. Deep chest and good

front angulation. Well muscled body. Powerful movement around the ring, shown in excellent


3.Hardistys Blunderhall Moondog

VD: 1, 1 Abs

SPD: 2, 1 Abs

See PGD second place.

MPB: 6, 0 Abs

1. Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Anna Sasin

Ultra feminine 9 month old quality bitch. Lovely size. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely

long neck into good shoulder placement. Good bone and neat feet. Good ribbing and level

topline. Correct rear angulation, good tailset. Moved so well and shown in superb condition.

Standout winner. BP and Hound Puppy group 1, delighted she was BPIS. What a star!

2. Havard’s Annavah Candy Crush

Another quality puppy. Open marked tri with good front angulation. Lovely long leathers.

Good neck and body. Correct tailset. Moved true for one so young. Shown in beautiful


3.Jones Clairdale Evelyn

PB: 7, 0 Abs

Not the best class for movement

1. Hardisty’s Seiont Liwsi of Blunderhall

Compact puppy, lovely dark eye. Nice bone, tight feet. Level topline, short coupled, shown in

lovely condition.

2. Kimber’s Coachbarn Crier

Larger mould than my winner. Feminine expression. Good front assembly. Well let down

hocks and good rear angulation. Shown in hard condition.

3.Hunts Shercroft Liberty

JB: 9, 0 Abs

1. Havard’s Annavah Lady Gaga

Lovely feminine tri, still a pup at 10 months old. Dark eye, good pigment. Lovely neck and

shoulder, short coupled. Good tailset and rear assembly. Moved well for one so young.

2. Craig’s Davricard Jazzmine

Beautiful feminine bitch of 13 months. Correct front, deep chest. Round bone, good ribbing

and level topline. Moved with purpose. Splitting hairs between first and second place.

3.Rodericks Barterhound Princess

YB: 6, 1 Abs

1. Shickle’s Bondlea Mist

Quality T/W bitch of 20 months. Long leathers, good neck, well ribbed. Deep chest. Lovely

muscle tone. A little unsettled at first, but then moved with purpose to win the class.

2. Jacklin’s Triecap Countess Crystal ki

Ultra feminine bitch of 23 months. Compact body, good shoulder placement. Good rear

assembly and well muscled. Moved well and shown in lovely condition.

3.Taylors Deaconfield Keepsake

GB: 6, 2 Abs

1. Goldberg’s Molesend Tranquil

Well balanced tan and white bitch who caught my eye entering the ring. Very feminine

expression. Lovely long neck into correct shoulder placement. Deep chest, well boned, level

topline. Best mover in the class.

2. Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Ariadne

T/W bitch, slightly smaller than my class winner. Well put together with good muscle tone.

Feminine expression. Good rear angulation and hocks well let down. Was a little fidgety but

regained her composure to move out well.

3.Rodericks Barterhound Princess

PGB: 6, 0 Abs

1. Golberg’s Molesend Tranquil GB winner.

2. Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy JW

Open marked tri bitch. Lovely feminine expression, long leathers. Good neck and shoulder.

Firm elbows, good muscle tone throughout. Nice bend of stifle. Moved true.

3Powells Hayapark Feather

LB: 14, 3 Abs

Quality class, spoilt for choice.

1. Foster & Jones’ Stormpasture Nightcap

2 year old beautiful tri bitch. Feminine expression. Lovely neck, correct front assembly, deep

chest. Level topline. Good tail set and well muscled rear. Hocks well let down. Moved with

purpose, a joy to watch and to award her BCC. Delighted to hear that this was her third and

crowning glory.

2. Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cummings

Another gorgeous bitch, nearly 3 years old. Nice size with similar qualities to my winner. Well

put together with good muscle tone. Deep chest, good body and lovely bend of stifle. Moved

and handled well.

3.Havards Annavah Petal

OB: 11, 2 Abs

Another quality class.

1. Raymond’s Dialynne Anna Complice

2 and a half year old ultra feminine bitch. Lovely expression, dark pigment. Good neck into

well laid back shoulder. Deep chest, level topline. Good rear muscle tone. Moved with reach

and drive. Looked a picture in profile. Shown and handled to perfection. RBCC.

2. Wenman’s Dialynne Miss Brody of Wenannou

Slightly larger mould than my winner. Nearly 4 year old quality bitch who I judged as a

puppy. She has matured beautifully. Gorgeous head and beagle expression. Correct front

assembly, good neck and ribbing. Well muscled throughout. Shown in excellent condition

and handled well.

3 Craigs Ch Davicard Honeybee

VB: 3, 0 Abs

1. Peak’s CH Bayard Make Amends

10 year old veteran who is a credit to her owner. Showed and moved like a bitch of less

years. She has retained her beautiful beagle expression. Good muscle tone and holding her

topline on the move. A joy to judge her and delighted she later won the Hound Veteran

group and then RBVIS. Well deserved.

2. Jones’ Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

8 year old veteran. Carrying a little more weight than I like. Feminine expression, good deep

chest and firm muscle tone. Retaining her dark tri colour still. Moved well.

3.Quinney Spencer’s Dialynne Gracie Fields

SBB: 3, 1 Abs

1. Leader’s Rosrodens Aphrodite

6 year old tri bitch. Good neck and ribbing. Well muscled, good bone. Moved well. Best

Special Beginners.

2. Mead’s Rosroden Its All About Me

10 month old T/W male. Moving a little close behind, but still a puppy with time on his side.

Deep chest and firm body, correct tailset.