• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Plumtree Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)



Firstly thank you to the Richmond Committee for the opportunity to judge at their show and secondly a sincere thank you to my very able stewards Graham and Ann Lambert. They kept the ringing flowing to enable me to concentrate on the dogs; and thirdly to the exhibitors who were kind enough to allow me the privilege of going over some lovely dogs.    Temperaments in the ring without exception were excellent although I did think that dentition is something that needs to be watched for the future.    Delighted to watch my Best Puppy and Best Veteran both excel in the Group Ring and both were awarded Group 2.

Veteran Dog  4

1st     Holland’s Sh Ch Brightmoor Caught in the Act at Flatcharm.  7 yr old. Loved his overall balance and showmanship.   Broad nose, one piece head, kind expression, well defined chest, level topline, good bone, moderate stifle. Moved with drive. Overall an excellent workmanlike dog. Still showing himself to full advantage in the Group Ring – delighted to see him go Group 2.

2nd    Broadbent’s October Toccata ShCM.  Another well balanced dog, not quite the substance of 1 but nevertheless a dog with lovely gentle  expression, neat well set ears, good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail, moderate turn of stifle and moved well.

3rd    Horner’s Panjanbeck Magic Moments.

Special Beginners 3 (1)

1st Sutton’s Danluda Adventurous Adam – Gentle expression with just a hint of mischief, good straight forelegs, tight feet, well boned and ribbed. Held level topline on move.

2nd Broderick’s Bryshot River Moss – One piece head,  good shoulder angulation and depth of chest, neat feet,  moved well. Just preferred the shorter loin and tail set of 1.

Minor Puppy Dog 2 (1)

1st Ashcroft’s Gunoak Emerald’s Highlander  7 months broad nose, one piece head with lovely dark eye, good reach of neck and well balanced for such a young dog, moved positively.   Look forward to watching this one as he matures.

Puppy Dog 6(2)

1st Morris and Finlayson’s Finhamspride Kovu Lots to like about this 11 month young dog. One piece head, lovely dark eye, neat well set ears, good reach of neck and shoulder placement,  straight front legs with oval bone, tight feet, excellent shoulder placement. Moved well.   Another youngster to follow with interest.  BP delighted to see him still performing at the end of a long day and awarded Group 2.

2nd     Connor and Jacobs’ Gemswin Bohemian Rhapsody.  9 months, Another balanced young dog with good reach of neck, neat tight feet, moderate turn of stifle and moved with ever wagging tail.

3rd Hessing’s Ronevorg I Believe in Santa

Junior Dog 2

1st Connor and Jacobs’ Gemswin Bohemian Rhapsody

2nd Trotter’s Lussac Winter Wizard.  This young man was Reserve in Puppy. Lovely dark eye and good broad nose,  deep chest and level topline, moderate turn of stifle. Moved with more purpose and drive in this class.

Yearling Dog 4(1)

1st    Durrant’s Glenturret Happy Go Lucky Well balanced young man, good dark eye, correct reach of neck into well angulated shoulders, level topline, correct turn of stifle, well set tail, straight hock to heel, moved with drive.

2nd    Taite’s Gamerights Troyte One piece head, dark eye with that naughty glint, good bone, tight feet, balanced young dog, splitting hairs between 1 and 2 but just preferred the rear angulation of 1.

3rd    Broderick’s Bryshot River Moss

Post Graduate Dog 5(1)

1st    Tappin’s Blacktoft Born of Ice (AI)  At 2.5yrs maturing well. Not exaggerated in any way, straight forelegs with good oval bone, correct pasterns and tight feet.  Level topline and moderate turn of stifle. Would prefer a darker eye.

2nd    Osborne-Brown’s Perrymel Days of Thunder.  Well constructed young dog with good bone and level topline which he held on the move.  Well set tail which he used with enthusiasm. Straight hock to heel.   Would prefer tighter eye.

3rd    Sutton’s Danlude Adventurous Adam

Mid Limit Dog 4

1st    Faunch’s Clandrift Scout for Stars at Morrieland.  One I have judged before and liked.   Didn’t disappoint again today, now a fully mature 4 year old. Not flashy just a good workmanlike dog. Broad nose, dark eye, neat well set on ears, good front angulation, deep brisket, level topline, correct moderate stifle. Moved with drive, at one with his owner.  Delighted to award him DCC.

2nd    Evans’s Gemswin Relight My Fire.  Masculine head, neat ears, good reach of neck, level topline, in good coat, well let down hocks, good feet. Not quite the drive of 1 on the move.

3rd    Broadbent’s Trapestone Out of the Blue

Limit Dog 7 (1)

1st Izzard’s Bryshot Olympic Pride. One I have admired from the ringside and he didn’t disappoint when going over him. Fully mature upstanding 5 yr old.  Lovely masculine head with dark eye with just that hint of mischief,  well placed ears.  Good angulation and depth of chest. Tight feet, well muscled dog who covered the ground effortlessly.

2nd Cooves’  Draketor Sea Shanty Sh CM   Another well constructed dog with lovely one piece masculine head and dark eye. Correct angulation fore and aft, good depth chest, tight feet, well let down hocks.

3rd    Tappin’s Blacktoft Born of Ice(AI)

Open Dog 3

1st    Jones’s Sh Ch Blacktoft American Smooth at Braemist JW.   Another I have admired from outside the ring.  Again like the CC winner nothing flashy but a good honest balanced workmanlike dog of correct size, classic head, dark eye and well set on neat ears.  Another with a glint of mischief about him. Good front angulation and level topline, correct moderate stifle, well set on tail. One I would love to own.  Not quite as animated in the challenge as Mid Limit Dog. RDCC

2nd    Bright’s A New Day at Midnight.  Almost a veteran this dog presented in excellent condition, lovely moulded head, with broad nose and dark eye. Ample bone, good shoulder angulation. Another who could do a good day’s work.  

Veteran Bitch 7 (1)

1st    Simons’ Coedylan Visi D’arte Sh CM   this bitch belies her 9 years. Feminine head, lovely dark eye, neat ears, good reach of neck, level topline, moderate turn of stifle. Correct size.

2nd Colson’s Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows.  Another bitch I have liked in the past and she is still as I remember her.   Half sister to the winner.  Another medium sized bitch, with one piece head, well set ears, deep chest, good angulation, level topline and well set tail.  

3rd Holmes Sh Ch Ballyriver Flashdance

Special Beginners Bitch 4(1)

1st Delamere’s Gamerights Deep River Blues.   Well moulded head, deep chest, tight feet, moderate turn of stifle, well set tail, moved with drive.

2nd    Sale’s Free Spirit Black Brianta at Cloudfall (Imp Cze) 10 month puppy. Still very much a baby but nevertheless a promising young lady with tight feet good reach of neck and moderate turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  

Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (2)

1st     Ashcroft’s Gunoak Emerald’s Capercaley  7 months. Lovely feminine one piece head, dark eye, good front angulation, tight feet, level topline, well set tail, moderate turn of stifle. Moved positively for one so young.

2nd    Edge’s Bumblyn Fieldfare pure naughtiness in her eyes. Well placed ears, good reach of neck, deep chest for such a youngster, well set on short tail. Moved well.

3rd     Stevenson’s Caci’s Born to be Miss Universe

Puppy Bitch 7

1st    Campbell’s Ronevorg I Believe I Can Fly  Feminine moulded head, neat ears, good reach of neck, level topline, short, well set on tail.  Straight forelegs with oval bone, well let down hocks. Moved positively.

2nd    May’s Lussac Winter Witch. Feminine bitch with lovely kind expression,small well set on ears, moderate turn of stifle, level topline and ever wagging well set tail.

3rd    Thurgood’s Thurwhitt Dancing Queen

Junior Bitch 3(1)

1st    Campbell’s Starworkers Bye Bye Baby. Well balanced young lady, broad nose, one piece head, dark eye, good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. Level topline and well set tail. Moved positively.

2nd    Kulczycka’s Everblack Breakdown Cover.   Nicely moulded head, good eye colour, neat tight feet, level topline, just preferred the tail set of 1.

Yearling Bitch 4(1)

1st    Kearton’s Hopevalley Morning Dew at Ravenhall. Feminine head, lovely dark eyes filled with mischief.  No exaggerations straight and correct fore and aft, a beautifully balanced young lady,  good tail set and moved positively with drive.

2nd    Delamare’s Gamerights Enigma.  A longer cast bitch than 1. Well moulded head with broad nose and dark eye. Deep chest, level topline which she held on the move. Preferred the more flowing movement of 1.

Post Graduate 13 (2)

1st    Griffiths and Newton’s Caehaidd Call Me Crazy with Layasway. Correct size, balanced bitch with moulded feminine head, good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail. Moderate turn of stifle, moved with style and drive.

2nd    Bishop’s Lyneholme Painted Lady.   A good honest workmanlike liver bitch slightly larger than 1 but balanced with lovely head and correct eye colour. Well off for bone, deep chest, moderate turn of stifle, level topline held well on the move. Just preferred the slightly longer length of stride of the winner.

3rd    Hendry’s Blacktoft Ice Ice Baby (AI)

Mid Limit (3)

1st    Ashcroft’s Gunoak Solar Wind JW.  Another honest workmanlike bitch, nothing exaggerated and well balanced. Well off for bone, neat tight feet, Level topline and correct tail set. Moved well.

2nd    Colson and Fox’s Blacktoft Dancing On Ice with Windyhollows (AI). Very close decision between 1 and 2.   This lovely balanced bitch, smaller than 1,  just oozes naughtiness from her dark eyes set in a moulded head, well off for bone, good feet, moderate turn of stifle, well let down hocks. Moved with drive.

3rd    Simons’ Rainsgift Royal Mint I Coedylan JW.

Limit Bitch 9 (3)

1st    Thurgood’s  Ballyriver Snowflake At Thurwhitt. Beautifully proportioned bitch up to size.  Elegant profile, head nicely moulded with kind intelligent expression, good reach of neck, into well angulated shoulder, well off for bone, neat tight feet.  Well let down hocks, well muscled,  moved with drive and purpose. RBCC

2nd    Burr’s Woodfinch Rubha Innis of Scheindubh smaller bitch than 1.  Feminine head with a glint of naughtiness in her dark eyes, good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail, straight hock to heel, in excellent condition.

3rd    Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen in Time by Windyhollows (AI)

Open Bitch 9 (3)

1st    Young’s Sh Ch Ballyriver Bimbo.    Filled my eye when she entered the ring and I wasn’t disappointed going over her. Balanced nicely moulded head with skull and muzzle of equal length. Eyes dark and with that typical flatcoat glint of naughtiness. Ears neat and well set on. Neck clean and with good reach well set into shoulders and deep forechest.  Forelegs straight with oval bone, well muscled. Moved with drive.  BCC and BOB.

2nd`    Kulczycka’s    Seaheart Bronte of Everblack  Another feminine balanced bitch with pretty moulded head, good reach of neck free of throatiness, level topline, moderate turn of stifle, well let down hocks, straight hock to heel. Moved well.

3rd    Griffiths and Newton’s Castlerock Cosmic Hattie.

Karen Plumtree (Judge)