• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Marsh Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer



I would like to thank South Wales Kennel Association Committee for offering me the opportunity to award my first set of Challenge Certificates in the breed. Having owned and shown German Shorthaired Pointers for over 22 years, I was looking for an honest, well muscled dog of medium size. Many that I judged today lacked in muscle tone which I find surprising in such an active breed. I had two dogs with questionable dentition and a few that far exceeded the breed standard for height, whilst some of these were of merit in all departments the standards asks for moderation and hence their placement.

I was extremely pleased to find my main winners none of which I have judged before and was happy to see my BOB move and show so well in the Group.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st Smith & Reardon’s Winterwell Maida Stone

 A well developed 7 month old solid liver puppy with sufficient bone and substance, his head needs to develop and his eyes darken. He has a correct forehand assembly with good forechest. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, short strong back, well ribbed and nice depth of brisket. Strong coupling and gentle slope to the croup. Straight hocks. Moved well but would prefer to see him moved a little slower to show his reach and drive, at the speed he was shown was over reaching slightly, but as he took off and returned his footfall was good. BPD

Puppy Dog (1, 0)

1st Repeat of Minor Puppy Dog

Junior Dog (2,0)

Two very well schooled youngsters in this class

1st Coe’s Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash (AI)

I loved the head and expression on this young dog, he had balanced angulation and sufficient bone. Excellent feet and strong hocks. At the moment he stands a little high on his leg and I feel he would benefit from a little more weight and covering to his ribs, but his excellent muscletone and condition cannot be denied. Covers the ground with a free flowing stride.

2nd Rose & Hunts Pingarypoint Top Secret at Kavacanne

Another good youngster who had lovely bone and substance. I preferred the overall expression of one. Great length of back and strong coupling and good width to his thighs, his movement was steady and true.

Yearling Dog (2,0)

1st & 2nd Repeat of Junior Dog

Post Graduate Dog (3.1abs)

1st Repeat of Junior Dog

2nd Thomas & Taylor’s Knabynnus Autumnharvest

A well developed young dog, stronger in head than 1 and would prefer a little less flew. Strong clean neck. Forelegs nice and straight but would have liked a little more slope to his pasterns. Extremely well muscled and shown in excellent coat and condition.

Limit Dog (4, 0)

1st Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW

Again a very well schooled boy, solid liver, stands strongly showing an excellent balanced outline, super forechest, strong bone and excellent feet of correct shape. Good depth to his brisket and both front and rear legs when viewed from fore and after were straight and correct. To be critical I would say that he is a little long in back but he held his topline well on the stack and on the move and easily outmoved the others in this class. In the challenge his overall balance and steady movement won him the DRCC

2nd Stopforth’s Taftazini Cesar Chance With Serenymor JW

A boy of correct shape and size, very well made all though, coat just changing. Such a soft gentle expression. Good forechest and depth. Very well muscled but couldn’t match the movement of 1.

3rd Delaney’s Redmires Ticket To The Stars JW

Open Dog (7, 0)

1st Bennet & Slimack’s Barleyarch Firefly

I found this boy to be an honest, extremely well made dog of correct type and size. When you put your hands on him everything feels right. He has a soft but all male expression, lovely shape to his eyes and wide nostrils, clean head and neck into well laid shoulders, short backed with strong loin leading to gentle slope to croup. He has good bone and substance, his forelegs are straight as are his hind legs viewed from the rear, his movement is true going across and back and in profile you can see excellent reach and drive, using his well muscled quarters with purpose. Delighted to award him the CC which I later discovered was his third, congratulations, so well deserved! DCC

2nd Sielski’s Orchidstar Bonds of Speed JW SHCM

A flashier boy, who demanded attention. Again well made with good bone and substance. Head a little finer than my winner but attractive. Shown in excellent coat and condition, nice topline when moving and well carried tail.

3rd Harris’ Sh Ch Barleyarch Pringle JW

Veteran Dog (3, 0)

1st Flaherty & Reddyhough’s Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Wieser JW SHCM

A boy I have judged and done well for previously, my opinion hasn’t changed, hard to believe he is a veteran. Well balanced angulation, masculine head and expression, strong neck flowing into his well laid shoulders, level topline, correct length to his back. A very stylish dog, shown in excellent muscular condition.

2nd Thompson’s Redmires High Society

Another good dog, not shown in such hard condition as my winner but still moving easily and true. His expression is soft and he has the darkest of eyes.

3rd Dymonds’ Int Sh Ch/NL Ch/Lux Ch/Bel Sh Ch/DT Ch VDH/Benelux Ch/Swiss Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow

Good Citizen Dog (1, 0)

1st Coe’s Goosepoint Waddington At Abbanash (AI)

Repeat of Junior

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,0)

1st Trow & Jowsey’s Winterwell Stoney Trail

A class of real babies, all nice prospects but felt that this young lady had the substance that I was looking for, she had good bone and stood on straight legs, lovely short back and although carrying a little extra weight she moved steadily and her footfall was correct and true. Loved her head and expression and in the challenge for Best Puppy she took the award on her darker eye and substance overall.

2nd Heath’s Pinseeker Mrs Doubtfire

Stylish solid liver bitch, very balanced fore and aft, good forechest and depth of brisket, nice strong topline held on the move. Excellent coat and condition. Not quite the co-ordination of 1 on the move but still showed herself well.

3rd Delaney’s Archerpoint Sea The Stars At Redmires

Puppy Bitch (4,0)

1st Trow & Jowsey’s Winterwell Stoney Trail

Repeat of Minor Puppy Bitch

2nd Cox’s Cushatlaw Serendipity

A really feminine girl, not quite the substance of 1 but possibly a growing stage. Good length of neck and well laid should, correct length to her upper arm. Correct shape to her feet, straight forelegs, matched at the rear with good width to her thighs and short hocks allowing her to drive off well.

3rd Delaney’s Archerpoint Sea The Stars At Redmires

Junior Bitch (11, 2 abs)

1st Taylor & Taylor-Morris’ Drysika Cha Cha At Pelenrise

What a lovely strong class of young bitches, headed by litter sisters, who I am sure will change places many times. For me on the day I felt 1 had the better topline both on the stack and on the move.

My winner’s head is feminine, eyes of medium colour and she has a muzzle of correct length, good nostrils and an illusion of stop when viewed side on. Good angles in forehand and rear assembly she has good depth of brisket and nice forechest, a short strong back, she was well ribbed and her loin was strong. Lovely coat of correct texture. BRCC

2nd Drysdale’s Drysika Foxtrot

A very close decision and many of the attributes of 1 apply to this young lady. I preferred the shape to her feet over 1. This girl has a good head of correct proportions, her neck flowed into nice shoulder placement. Short and strong in the back and topline, plenty of depth to her ribs with nice forechest. Moved well just a little bum high at the moment.

3rd Cox’s Cushatlaw Serendipity

Yearling Bitch (5, 2 abs)

Three seen bitches just outside the cards in the previous strong Junior class

1st Price’s Rhosynglas At Glyder Fawr

A nice bitch with pretty head and expression. I felt that she and her handler would both benefit from a little more ringcraft. Overall a nice shape and when relaxed she moved well, covering the ground with the desire reach and drive. Good tight coat.

2nd Whittaker’s Pingarypoint Top Class

This young lady also requires a little more confidence in the ring, she also was a balanced shape and in this second class began to relax and move steadily. Just needs time.

3rd Serpa & Peters’ Winterwell Piha At Pontopresa

Postgraduate Bitch (6, 2 abs)

1st Burford’s Pingarypoint Legolicious JW

A substantial bitch who was extremely well schooled and handled today. Solid liver, very eye catching girl, good head and expression although a little round in eye, well muscled clean neck into good shoulders, nice length to her ribs and short strong coupling. Tail carried well on the move, she had the best movement in the class.

2nd Thomas & Tayor’s Knabynnus Aurora Borealis

Another nice bitch, moved well, steadily and correct but did not look terribly happy today and was tending to roach a little in topline perhaps feeling the cold? Tail set on a little low but of good length, lovely width to her thigh and strong hocks.

3rd Heath’s Winterwell Miss Marple At Pinseeker

Limit Bitch (10, 2 abs)

1st Blay’s Barleyarch Skye At Longbarrow SHCM

Whilst I haven’t judged this girl before, living in the South I have seen and admired her from the ringside. When I put my hands on her I was thrilled to find that what I thought I could see was present. She has the most feminine of heads, lovely shape to her eyes and beautiful expression. Clean in head and neck. She has nice forechest, good depth to her brisket, well developed rib cage and correct coupling. Her forehand structure and rear assembly are truly balanced and that together with a short strong back enables her to not only flow across the ground with a lithe gait but also retain her topline. A real picture. BCC & BOB .

2nd Brown’s Graygees Zelda Sayre

Another quality girl, more substance overall than my winner, a real workmanlike bitch. Her coat was tight and harsh to the touch. Her movement also appeared effortless with good forward reach and drive from behind.

3rd Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Open Bitch (9, 1 abs)

1st Thomas’ Brainescroft Saffron

A very attractive bitch, again totally new to me. Great balance all through, tight coat harsh to the touch, her . Super feminine expression, not overexaggerated in any way, neck strong flowing into her shoulders, nice angulation fore and aft. Short back and strong muscled loin. Well boned legs and nicely shaped feet. Viewing from the rear she stands firm with strong straight hocks. Confident mover, covering the ground economically , one I shall watch for the future.

2nd Harris’s Sh Ch Barleyarch Playtime (AI) JW

This girl commands attention on the move, a size larger than my winner but has a gorgeous head, her neck is strong flowing into well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Well ribbed up, good depth and has strength in the loin area which gives good coupling, gently sloping croup and well set on tail, a very close decision.

3rd Izard’s Sh Ch Yockletts Cordiale JW

Veteran Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Schoneville’s Balvenie Midnight Rambler SHCM

Very impressed with this veteran bitch, attractive head and soft expression shown in excellent condition she stood and moved well retaining a strong topline with short back and good loin. Stands on straight forelegs and nicely shaped feet, adequate rear angulation and strong hocks.

Good Citizen Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1st Brown’s Newlands Pass To Montalba SHCM

Reserve in what was a very strong Limit class. A good bitch also in great condition, strong neck into nice well placed shoulders, well developed ribs and good depth to her brisket, sufficient forechest. Short backed and well set on tail which was carried well on the move. Liked the width to her thigh and the strength in her movement.

2nd Bellinger & Felstead’s Cushatlaw Chaos At Woodhawk

Solid liver bitch, slightly heavier in head than 1. Strong neck into good forehand, her hindquarters were also balanced and well muscled. Moved steadily but tended to lose her topline when stacked.

Karen M Marsh