• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Juliet Cooper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Paignton and District Fanciers Association Championship Show 04/08/2019

Judge – Mrs Juliet Cooper


I would like to express my sincere thanks to the officers and committee for giving me this opportunity, my local show too.

Superb inside/outside rings this year made judging a joy. The ground was rough in places, but we managed to get the best out of the dogs having so much space, and they all had fun!!!

Exhibits were all in excellent condition, temperaments, as usual, were also excellent.

Last time I judged these happy folks I found quite a variety in types and the introduction of overseas lines is becoming more apparent, size was very varied, particularly in the males. I think this variety is gaining in quality and strength, long may your hard work and dedication continue.

One tiny criticism, many hind quarters appear correct when stacked, but a large number toe in when moving away, this needs attention and impacted on placings.

Puppy Dog (5) (Abs: 1)

1st: Rowe’s Bolaria’s Aramis

Quality youngster, not yet 9 months, excellent head, correct balance super eye and expression, strong neck flowing into well-constructed shoulders. Correct in top line with good underline. Liked his well-angulated rear with short strong parallel hocks. He showed good reach and drive, confident and mature. Coat texture was excellent. Should do very well. Gave a good account in the challenge. BP.

2nd: Davies’s Atahira Cantata

Close up to one, well-proportioned head with keen eye and expression. Neck and front assembly good, top line and tail set correct. Plenty of strength in bone with well-padded feet. Moved out well both ways. Another with good prospects.

3rd: Phipps Grande Raven at Tufterslodge.

Junior Dog (4 Entries)

1st: Phillips Royal Pepper’s Vice Versa - Res CC

14 months but mature in attitude. I really admired this chap, so balanced, good head, kind expression, good neck flowing into good shoulder and front assembly. Plenty of ribbing reaching well back, low to ground with neat underline. Well angulated hindquarters Covers the ground with ease. A Neat, well made, not over exaggerated male who must surely be an asset to the breed. Happy to award the RCC, close up for top honours.

2nd: Frampton’s Weinacht Larch at Drakina

Good head and front assembly held his shape and topline on the move. Neat underline well angulated behind and moves fairly true, just a little lose at present but time will be on his side.

3rd: Effer’s Greyhayne Hector

Post Graduate Dog (6)

1st: Chambers Cishelvine Just a Kiss with Hototo CC and BOB

Just out of Junior and headed for greatness. Hard to fault this lad, just my type. Excellent coat, Beautiful masculine head, eye and expression. Good length of neck excels in front assembly. Good length of back and ribbing, strong well shaped rear, powerful, well angulated and shows the strength in drive. Moves with ease and presence. Commands attention as a real stallion type. Did everything right on the day to take CC and BOB, much to his owner’s surprise.

2nd: Parson’s Cloudside Picture Perfect at Shukriya

A year older than winner, Shapely well chiselled head, good length of neck, again well-made shoulders, neat top and underline. Muscular hindquarters, strong easy movement. In Excellent coat. a more workman like boy who is sound and honest

3rd: Cliffords Sussexdaxi Gooseberry fool for Ablebody

Limit Dog (0)

Open Dog (4)

Strong class, mixed types all with different qualities.

1st: Wills Cicelane Magnus

One of those you need to get your hands on to appreciate. Nice size, classic head and expression, good front and adequate neck. Good shoulders, strong topline and neat underline.

Great carriage and presence on the move, very sound keeps his shape well. His owner needs to have more confidence in him as he is a good honest type and should do well.

2nd: Downes and Moore Megline Aramis (imp)

Judged him as a puppy and he has matured very well. Quite different type to winner but has just as many attributes. A Handsome boy that fills the eye, strong masculine head, strong neck, lovely lay of shoulder, good front tight elbows, strong top line and outline. Preferred the more rounded hindquarters of winner.

3rd: McCalmont’s Silvae Trader.

Special Beginners Dog

1st: Frampton’s Weinacht Larch at Drakina Best Sp Beg.

 Special Beginners Bitch

1st Webb’s Cheynonis Fliss

Tiny baby, just six months old and really not ready for the ring. She will need to gain confidence and grow on before entering the ring again.

Puppy Bitch (8)

Quality class of young ladies, they were having a lot of fun, so happy and clearly enjoyed their play date!

1st: Murphy’s Bolaria’s Daisy Dream

Litter sister to the boy and very similar in type and structure. lots of promise particularly liked her shoulder and rear angulation, sweet head, good length of neck and firm topline. Plenty of ribbing. She is balanced all through and moves really well with reach and drive. Just lost out to her brother on maturity this time.

2nd: Pughe and Fraser Grey Hayne Harriet at Bystock

Quite different to winner but has similar qualities. Taller type, excellent front assembly and firm in topline for one so young. Good ribbing, nice tidy underline. Not so firm in the hindquarters as yet, but she moves with verve and purpose. Promising

3rd: Phipps Bear Hound at Tufterslodge

Junior Bitch (3)

1st: Clayton-Smith Cairparavel Kiss from a Rose

Quality exhibit. Feminine well-balanced head. Correct in eye with a gentle expression. Reachy neck flowing into a well laid shoulder. Good in fore chest with tight elbows. Has good ribs are carried well back. Level in top line leading to well angulated rear. Moved out soundly and held a good profile going around. Will watch her career with interest.

2nd: Sanders Knottsrose Mystique

Very pretty bitch of good type. She had a good head, bone, feet and ribbing. She has a length of stride, holding a strong outline, balanced and true.

3rd: Coverley’s Aventine Dolcetto.

Post Graduate Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1st: Coverley’s Aventine Amerela

Head is feminine and well balanced, lovely eye and expression, correct in body outline with good ribbing. Well angulated front and rear with short parallel hocks. Moved out soundly both ways and was well presented in excellent coat.

2nd: Clayton-Smith Cairparavel Lilac Wine

Another with good head, neck front and rear assembly. Good ribbing and underline. A little softer in coat than winner and not the strength in drive, but sound and balanced all through.

Limit Bitch (4 Entries)

This was a very strong class, hair splitting, so full of quality.

1st: Gibson’s Allfrey’s Helena CC

Hard to fault, This Lady stole my heart as she entered the ring.a decent honest type She commands attention particularly so true when coming towards you, she is still quite a headstrong lady but is so well made and such a lovely type. Sweetest of heads, good neck, well-made shoulders and front assembly. Excellent ribbing, good upper arm, tidy underline. Lovely hind quarters which power her around the ring. Well angulated but not exaggerated. Good coat. Tight well shaped feet and she can really cover the ground. In the challenge she pulled out the stops to take her second CC

2nd: McCalmont’s Silvae Trademark RCC

Again, close decision between these two, very different types. This girl is taller and less rounded at the rear. Good size, so well balanced, good angulation all through. Plenty of front and ribbing. Good strong topline and moving with drive she is a real power house and headstrong, which I think is a great characteristic for the ring. Super young bitch with a bright future. RCC

3rd: Hutchings Tendrow I am the one from Collidach

Open Bitch (5)

Another top of the range selection here, mixture of types which ran throughout the classes, no bad thing, and it will result in them changing places on other occasions.

1st: McCalmont’s Silvae Trademark

 Another oozing quality, beautifully balanced all through. Quality exhibit throughout, strong yet feminine head with excellent eye and expression. Reachy neck, well laid shoulders with a well-developed fore chest. Top line and tail set correct; she is well developed in the rear with a well angulated stifle with short parallel hocks. Good bone with super feet. Her movement is a joy to watch with free-flowing reaching strides holding her outline at all times.

2nd: Rowe’s Bolaria’s Trick or Treat JW

Both of these girls Will continue to be in the top awards for sure.

Sweetest expression, very sound throughout, excels in front construction good angulation, strong topline and neat underline leading to easy flowing movement. Easy on the hands and eye, not a lot to fault.

3rd: Wharton’s Greyhayne Black Velvet