• Show Date: 06/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Merrick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Golden Retriever Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Northern Golden Retriever Association 6th April 2019

Judge: Miss Julie Merrick (Stormerick)

Thank you to the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge such a wonderful entry of beautiful dogs and to my stewards for their quiet competency.

Veteran: (10 Entries, 2 Absent)

1st Wild Mrs J SH CH FENWOOD ELL MASTERPIECE AT BLUEWATERS JW Pale upstanding male in super coat and condition. Excellent angulation fore and aft with a lovely gentle head and expression. While, for me, he is a little longer and larger in type than I prefer, there was absolutely no denying him this class. His movement outshone the rest and he continued to show superbly to beat the bitch for BVIS.

2nd Barnes Mrs P SHAPHIRON JOKERS WILD JW Mid-gold lad who was smaller cast than the winner but totally balanced. A very gentle expression with dark eye. His lovely front with tight feet and shoulder angulation was matched by his unexaggerated rear. Short-coupled, he moved accurately and steadily to win his place.

3rd Webb Mrs SJ FLETLANDERS PUMPKIN AT HECTSON ShCM This pale lad has a meltingly gentle head that was just my cup of tea. He was smaller and more compact than the winner, although his front and rear angulation also had the balance I was looking for. At 9 ½ he was the oldest of these three and his more sedate movement showed this. His lovely coat was very well-presented.

Minor Puppy: (6 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Bell Mrs FV & Mr M HOAALOHA MAUI This lad was very balanced for his age, with no exaggeration. Gentle head with good pigment. Good layback, upper arm and corresponding stifle, with strong rear pasterns. He carried a level topline and moved very well. His rear movement, although a little loose was accurate and straight. Presented in lovely coat and in a quiet, calm manner.

2nd Morss Mrs HVG OLVINGLAY SOOTHSAYER A very showy blond lad, extremely well-handled. Another lovely gentle head with a kind expression. Great bone with good knuckle to grow on. He has a lovely front, good layback and upper arm which aids his reach on the move. Whilst he was more mature than the first, his stifle was a bit over-angulated at present for me which affected the overall balance. He moved very confidently, although with a little roll over the shoulder.

3rd Holbrook Mr S & Mrs J PALMONAS LIONHEART At just 6 months this boy has super balance. He has a lovely front, with tight feet and very good bone. His reach of neck was excellent. Front and rear angulation were in harmony, with a good tailset. His movement reflected his age with puppy roll although, when settled, he moved well with good reach.

Puppy: (7 Entries, 3 Absent)

1st Golder Mrs SC & Mr GS SUMMERAMBA JEROBOAM Although today this lad’s head was not his fortune (needing to ‘break’) he was extremely well-balanced. Straight front with superb tight feet, good knuckle to grow on and an excellent forechest. His front and rear angulation were both complimentary and unexaggerated. He moved maintaining a level topline, with confidence. BPD however the bitch puppy won BPIS as she had similar attributes and a head that was meltingly feminine.

2nd Sillence Mr R & Mrs M FIZOENA CIDER ICE WITH CANINA Being quite similar in type, this lad had a lovely head and expression. Nicely balanced, again unexaggerated and correct angulation but with slightly less reach of neck, and rolling somewhat on the move, he has plenty of time on his side.

3rd Morss Mrs HVG OLVINGLAY SOOTHSAYER 2nd in minor puppy.

Junior: (15 Entries, 2 Absent)

What a mix of boys in different stages of development. Some have grown front first, others have lengthened and some have hit the stage where the front and back ends are good but don’t communicate with each other on the move!

1st Bolton Mr RC & Mrs J DANTASSIE GOLDEN GUN FOR SHIRESMILL In a mixed class, this mid-gold boy is up to size with an excellent front and shoulder placement. His head is lovely and gentle, just my ‘type’. His muscle-tone was very good which, along with good rear angulation, allowed him to move with reach and drive. He maintained a level topline on the move although tending to slope slightly when stacked. He might benefit from some roadwork to tighten his feet.

2nd McCormack Miss S FLYNGALEE SIGNATURE A nicely headed lad, who may broaden yet as he was slightly loose in jowl, stood on super tight feet. He is shorter-coupled than the winner however has yet to develop in depth so looked more tucked up. He has a good reach of neck and his front and rear angulation balance each other well which showed in his accurate movement.

3rd Vernon Mr MP & Mrs DJ GRACELEIGH POPEYE This lad is very much my ‘type’ with a lovely gentle head, good pigment and a super coat. He has excellent feet, with knuckle to grow on and increase in height yet. His front and rear angulation balance each other, however at the moment, he stands and moves a little long in the body for me. He moved soundly coming and going.

Yearling: (8 Entries, 2 Absent)

1st Archer Miss P HAYDENGOLD ROCK STAR AT SUNANDAIR JW Excellent balance fore and aft to this mid-gold wavy coated lad. Neat feet into a developing forechest. Handler tends to push his head back when standing, giving the impression of needing more reach of neck but hands on belied this. Although a typical ‘teenager’ still being tucked up, he is short-coupled with stifles that are not overdone. He moved very well.

2nd Wild Mrs J QUAKERHALL SEA MASTER BY BLUEWATERS JW With the most gentle head and expression, this lovely dog was very close up to the winner, however he has lost his balance being somewhat long in body at present. He has plenty of knuckle to continue to grow on but paid the price today. Lovely front and rear angulation, without exaggeration. Moved soundly but the footfall showed his lengthened body shape


3rd Wright Mr JL & Mrs CILM PALTON PAVAROTTI This dark gold lad took my eye for his balance standing and I initially thought he might be my winner. Unexaggerated throughout with complimentary angles, super tight feet, and such a glorious coat. His movement was sound and he strode out well, however his outline was spoiled by his high tail carriage.

Debutant: (7 Entries, 1 Absent)


2nd Golder Mrs SC & Mr GS SUMMERAMBA JEROBOAM 1st in Puppy

3rd Sillence Mr R & Mrs M FIZOENA CIDER ICE WITH CANINA 2nd in Puppy

Tyro: (7 Entries, 2 Absent)




Undergraduate: (8 Entries, 2 Absent)


2nd Towers Mrs S & Henderson Mrs M CARNAVAL DORADO PIRATE SOUL (IMP ESP) Sweet lad with a gentle head. Good front and lovely shoulder placement, with corresponding stifles and rear pasterns. A trifle short on his leg at present although he has some knuckle to grow on. On the move he had a body roll being slightly up at the back end. In lovely coat he was presented very well.

3rd Wells Mrs J PEARLBARN PERONI This lad was a lovely mid-gold with a beautifully presented coat, although it needs trimmed out a bit more on the neck as this is where he was slightly lacking in length. With balanced front and rear angulation he moved OK however he played his handler up. When settled he moved with good drive.

Graduate: (11 Entries, 1 Absent)

1st Maynard Mr RC & Mrs LJE CHINNORDALE CUE CARD JW Really appreciated this lad with the most gentle head and expression. Good pigment and a beautiful dark gold coat. He stood on tight feet and was completely balanced with nothing exaggerated but everything as it should be. He has a dead-level topline which he carries on the move, tail flowing straight off his back. Super muscle-tone which along with his conformation enabled him to move with ease, using reach and drive efficiently. Close up for top honours.

2nd Randall Mr & Mrs NJ KELVERQUEST PORTLAND BILL JW This lad was so very close up to the winner, being the same type but just a tad smaller throughout with many of the same attributes. That balance that I was looking for was here too! Again a gentle expression although his pigment was not quite as dark. These two bode very well for the breed.

3rd Rose Mrs DE & Neil Ms M GILDAS AMORI INFINITI (IMP SWE) A different type here who epitomised the phrase ‘if it moves well, it’s made well’! He used ground covering movement which was accurate fore and aft. I would like tighter feet. His front and rear angulation complimented each other, although I would prefer more upper arm and shorter rear pasterns. In the end his hard condition, movement and general balance won him this place.

Postgraduate: (14 Entries, 2 Absent)

1st Dunbar Miss L & Ms I LINIRGOR TOMICH JW From the moment this dog came into the ring, he caught my eye. I was saying my prayers that he would stand closer scrutiny… and he most certainly did. He was on absolute top form, from his oh so gentle head to his superbly held tail, he ticked every box for me. Completely balanced in profile, his front and rear angulation complimented each other with no exaggerations. He has super bone and lovely tight feet, a straight front and good forechest. He flowed through from an excellent reach of neck, into a level topline and good tailset. He carried himself with great ring presence but no flashiness, sound, strong and true. In super coat and condition, he was excellently presented. He kept showing right through and I had no hesitation in awarding him the top honour.

In the challenge against the beautiful bitch, I felt he had the edge in balance and was pleased that he went BIS on the referee’s decision.

2nd Ayling-Jones Mrs T & Mr S LEIGHSHAM COCOCABANA AT RAIVESLAKE This mid-dark lad had a lovely gentle and intelligent expression. An older fashioned ‘type’, he presented a balanced shape with good shoulders and corresponding unexaggerated rear angulation. Although he maintained a level topline when standing, he tended to fly his tail on the move.

3rd Wright Mr JL & Mrs CILM PALTON PANETELA Another of the older ‘type’, this lad was of an overall smaller stature. Such a gentle head with a melting expression. His feet were super, a well-developed forechest led into good shoulders. He held a level topline into a textbook tailset. He moved well, straight and true.

Mid limit: (9 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Towers Mrs S & Henderson Mrs M ALIBREN GALILEO TO WESTERVANE Quite a young-looking, pale gold lad headed this class. Although not yet in full coat his balance was there for all to see. He had a nice ‘flow’ to his body shape, with a good reach of neck, into well set shoulders and through a level topline into unexaggerated rear angulation. A little road work could be helpful in tightening up his front pasterns. He moved easily, steadily and with drive.

2nd Jackson-Haines Mrs J ANGUSKYE RUN TO YOU BY LEIGHSHAM JW This lad had a similar frame to the winner, topped off with a dark, wavy coat. He lost out on reach of neck to the winner, but had super angulation front and rear. He tends to pull away from his handler which can throw out his front movement, but when moving correctly, he is sound and truw.

3rd Bolton Mr RC & Mrs J STANROPH SUPER STRAVEGANTE AT SHIRESMILL (IMP ESP) JW Being heavier in bone and larger throughout, this lad had a similar shaped frame. His head was lovely, very much my ‘type’. His layback and upper arm were well-balanced, aided by good depth of chest. Slightly longer-cast, with well-muscled back end, especially good rear pasterns. He moved with a slight roll which put him into 3rd place.

Limit: (16 Entries, 0 Absent)

This class made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle… I felt very privileged to judge these beautiful boys.

1st Loach Miss SA & Zubair Mrs SM THORNYWAIT ROSSINI JW This dark gold lad stood absolutely four-square. He has super bone and lovely tight feet, probably the best feet all day. With his gentle head, good pigment and intelligent expression, he appealed greatly. With both front and rear angulation creating balance and strength, aided by super, short rear pasterns and good muscle-tone, his movement was positive, accurate and effortless. I just wish he was a little more enthusiastic about being shown as he didn’t make the best of himself in the challenge.

2nd Harper Miss LA GLYNERVA MATINEE IDOL ShCM Another well-balanced lad with a lovely gentle head. Carrying less coat, however it was still in good condition. Lovely layback of shoulder complimented by equal upper arm was balanced by well-bent stifles. He had a slight roll over the shoulder on the move but his good muscle-tone and conformation ensured his movement was sound and accurate.

3rd McDonald Miss M LAMANCHA JUST MEANT TO BE JW ShCM This pale gold lad also had super shape and balance. I initially thought he would be my winner however he needs to tighten in rear movement as the two ahead of him were more positive in this. A nice head and expression although he had a lighter eye. Lovely feet, good forechest and well balanced shoulders matched his unexaggerated rear angulation to ensure accuracy in profile movement.

Open: (10 Entries, 2 Absent)

1st Trinder Mr A SH CH THORNYWAIT SAN VALENTINO JW ShCM There is a beautiful frame and balance to this boy when he isn’t being over-stretched. His head is gentle with a kind expression and good pigment. Excellent tight feet, straight front and enough forechest which does not need to be exaggerated by over-trimming. Lovely flow through his neck and well-angulated shoulders. Super topline held on the move which was aided by good rear angulation and hard muscle-tone. In spot on pale gold coat, he has ring presence and attitude. Had to be on good form to beat the second dog. Later, in the challenge, he continued to show himself well winning the RCC against some very strong competition.

2nd Broadhead Mr P & Mrs JD SH CH MONCHIQUE PURE IMAGINATION JW ShCM Gorgeous pale boy with a lovely gentle head. Not quite as tight in feet as the first. Excellent angulation fore and aft and he held his level topline on the move. Very well-presented. He moved with accuracy and soundness, strength and grace. Just beaten by the flow and ring presence of the first today.

3rd McCormack Miss S SH CH FLYNGALEE ALONSO Mid-gold lad with a gentle expression and super dark eye. Standing on lovely tight feet with a straight front and good forechest. His angulation was unexaggerated and extremely well-balanced. He was short-coupled held a level topline and carried his tail well. He moved with power and energy.

Special Working: (3 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Phipps-Baker Mrs SE & Baker Mr IR TENFIELD NIGHT OF THUNDER FOR MADDOUSE A smaller cast boy with a fairly balanced frame. He has a gentle expression, although he does have a lighter eye. His straight front with lovely tight feet led to moderate angulation fore and aft. He had enough reach of neck to ensure the balanced outline. He moved soundly and with drive from a well-muscled rear.

2nd Bird Mr GJ ARDYLE ADONIS This very rich golden lad had a lovely condition to his coat. His gentle expression was aided by intelligent, dark eyes. His feet were not as tight but he carried enough bone for strength. His good bend of stifle and muscle-tone enabled him to move well.

3rd Wagland Mr PJ PEBBLETOFT PEPPER There was no denying the adoration this 9 year old lad showed towards his ‘dad’. He was a taller boy with less bone but he moved around the ring soundly for his age with his attention fixed to his handler. He is to be commended for having earned his place in this class not only today but during his working life.

Special Show Dog Working: (4 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Cooper Miss AG CH MEDODAINE ANGUSTAH AT DIKEADAZE JW This nicely balanced boy was shown in a profuse golden coat which I am glad not to have to tame. He has a lovely gentle expression and stands on tight, well-shaped feet. Although he is smaller cast than many today and I would prefer more of him all through, his angulation is excellent both fore and aft. Carrying a level topline and being well muscled he had to move well which he did accurately, with good reach and drive, to beat the lovely boy standing 2nd.

2nd Maynard Mr RC & Mrs LJE CH NAPOLEON UBER DEN WOLKEN TO CHINNORDALE (IMP DEU) Super, upstanding dark golden lad, just lacking a little coat today. His gentle head had an intelligent, alert expression. Super feet, straight front and good front angulation which was balanced by good stifles and strength in his rear pasterns. When stacked he tended to slope down a little to his rear, however he straightened on the move which he did very well, sound and steady with an easy flow that was lovely to watch.

3rd Morss Mrs HVG XANTHOS BULLET PROOF JW Such a very gentle head and expression on this boy. I loved his overall shape however I just wished he had a little more reach of neck to create perfect balance. His pale gold profuse coat was beautifully presented. Again, another whose front angulation was perfectly complimented by his strong rear. He had an excellent tailset and moved well.

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme: (9 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Harper Miss LA GLYNERVA MATINEE IDOL ShCM 2nd in Limit

2nd Archer Miss P HAYDENGOLD ROCK STAR AT SUNANDAIR JW 1st in Yearling

3rd O'Gorman Mrs P & Mr S BERRYMEADE GRAND CENTRAL JW VHC in Graduate earlier in the day. This lad has a lovely copmpact shape with super bone and feet. His gentle head has dark pigment. His front is straight and he is well angulated although, for me, his stifles are a trifle overdone. He moved soundly and with animation.