• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Judith Haynes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Basset Hound

Critique for City of Birmingham Championship Show 30 August 2019


Firstly may I thank the committee of City of Birmingham for their kind invitation to judge Basset Hounds at their 75th anniversary show. A true honour! I would also like to thank my stewards Tony Coddington and Mr Taberer for stewarding and making my life so easy. Thank you to all the exhibitors for entering and the sporting way in which my decisions were made. With regards to the dogs entered I would say from my last judging appointment in 2015 ribs have improved however, fronts still need to be addressed and also back end movement.

Veteren Dog (1 entry)

1. Ellrich’s Ch. Malrich Sir Ruff Diamond 

A true champion inn full bloom and looking at his breeding I can see why. He is a credit to his owners. He is totally balanced with a masculine head, long curling leathers, dark eyes giving the true basset expression, super shoulder placement flowing into smooth ribcage. Level topline and correct rear angulation. He moved with total ease for a 10 year old and shows the youngster how it should be done. No hesitation in awarding him the RCC and pleased to see him short listed in the veteran group.

Puppy Dog (4 entries, 1 absent)  

1. Newman’s Woferlow Kylo Ren

A super 11 month old black blanket puppy. This young man was right up my street. A very elegant boy showing so much potential. He has a super head, very dark eye and melting expression. Good reach of neck flowing into a strong topline. Correct front with a prominent sternum. Good rear angulation moved so very soundly. BPIB 

2. Price’s Wellsbayview Sorrento

A very well put together 8 month tri puppy. Masculine head with a soft expression. Correct shoulder placement but topline needs to settle. Even front with good tight feet. Moved with purpose and drive.   

3. Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Flies

Junior Dog (4 entries, 1 absent) 

A difficult class to judge as they were all of different types and on a different day could easily change places

1. Lane’s Lanebern My Hearts On Fire 

This boy caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Tri dog just out of puppy, real strong masculine head with okay front. A little heavy on the shoulders but he had smooth ribs reaching right back, good bend of stifle. A super back end! Move true fore and aft with good reach and drive which won him the class.

  2. Melbourne, Murray and Hirst’s Diheath Jamaica 

15 month tri dog who today lost on movement.He has a good front and correct shoulder placement, good reach of neck, excellent quarters, he is balanced all through. A handsome hound.

3. Grace and Twaddle’s Pridebass Chappie Nimble At Sasilasy (imp Rus) 

Post Graduate dog (1 entry)

1. Pearson’s Amardio Angel Of Harlem By Malrich 

4 year old red and white hound with an even front, masculine head with dark eye, leathers perhaps could be a little longer to finish the picture, good shoulders, reach of neck, lovely tight feet, moved soundly.

  Open dog (3 entries) 

1. Freer’s Ch & It Ch Switherland Smart Image.

A true champion. I loved his brother and he is from the same mould. A sound hound with the most beautiful head and dark eyes which gives the most gentle expression, good even front wiith a deep chest and sternum, correct shoulder placement, good ribs carried well back with a true level topline. Moved true fore and aft with drive. Pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed  

2. Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb

A very handsome hound with one of the best heads of the days. Very dark eyes with melting expression, long curling leathers, strong level topline, powerful hind action on the move. Wish his feet were tighter.    

3. Titley’s Buckadoo Tom Collins

Puppy Bitch (7 entries, 1 absent) 

Two super puppies in first and second both a credit to their owners

1. Turner’s Lauralee Don’t Stop Me Now Of Devonhound 

A stunning 6 month old red and white little girl. Wonderful temperament. Well grown for age with plenty of bone. Feminine head with dark eyes and true basset expression. Excellent shoulder placement , tight elbows and smooth rounded ribs. Moved with reach and drive for one so young. Will watch her progress with interest.

2. Allchornes’ Nelgus Spring Thyme 

This 6 month old red and white little girl was adorable so very pretty. It was a very close decision between the first two. All the same remarks apply but first moved better. A lovely little girl!

3. Melbourne and Murray’s Diheath Sherbet Lemon 

Junior bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

1 Pearson’s Armadio I’m On Fire 

13 month old lbeautiful feminine bitch with gentle expression and correct length of leathers. Good shoulder placement, ribs excellent and moved so very well with reach and drive. I loved her mother when I judged her. Handled to perfection. Very pleased to see her shortlisted in the junior group.

  2. Jones’ Clanwillow Centenary Hope 

9 month red and white bitch who is maturing well. Lovely head with the darkest of eye. Front okay with a prominent sternum. Smooth ribcage reaching right back. Moved really well but not the maturity of the first.

3. Armstrong’s Lauralee One Vision 

 Graduate bitch (2 entires)

1. Jones’ Clanwillow Shining Bright 

17 month red and white who is so balanced, feminine head with melting expression, good reach of neck leading into correct shoulder placement, neat front and good tight feet, moved so very true.

  2. Robinson’s Bushoby A New Moon 

Black blanket bitch who was not too happy in the ring which showed in her movement. She is a very pretty girl with long leathers, good forechest, strong topline an overall very balanced. Her movement just let her down.

Post Graduate bitch (6 entires) 

1. Jones’ Clanwillow Bright By Design

17 month tri who like her sister in the previous class is so balanced. She is so very feminine with the correct basset head and expression. Prominent sternum, lovely tight feet, long smooth ribs and good bend of stifle. Moved out with purpose and drive. 

2. Robinson’s Bushoby A New Daybreak

Pushed No 1 hard for first place. A charming red and white young lady, good overall balance, sound front and good layback to shoulders, firm topline, strong quarters and correct stern, in good clean fit condition. She moved really well.  

3. Beckett’s Beckshounds Bewitched

Limit bitch 4 entries) 

1. Hards’ Clanwillow Amber Delight For Braemory

A very pretty bitch in tip top condition. Totally balanced with no exaggeration. Good even front with prominent sternum, well laid shoulders, strong level topline, very feminine with no coarseness. Moved as one with her great handler.  

2. Pearson’s Armardio Almost An Angel JW

Another adorable red and white girl from this kennel. Unlucky to meet number one who was in top form. A very pretty little girl with the sweetest of temperaments. Great even front with prominent sternum, good lay of shoulder, strong topline and excellent movement. 

3. Freudenreich’s Malrich Puss N’ Boots

   Open bitch (8 entries) 

The best class of the day. All of these bitches were a credit to their owners.

1. Blevins and Bendle’s Ir Ch Blevwils Ravishing Rita Ir J Ch 

A beautiful tri bitch that pulled out all the stops to win this high quality class. She is what I look for in a basset hound. A beautiful head with the softest of expressions and lovely long curling leathers.. Super reach of neck on well laid shoulders. Excellant smooth ribs carried well back. Level topline when stacked and on the move. She moved so well with with purpose and drive. BCC

2. Ellrich’s Malrich Paris Carver 

Another attractive lovely tri bitch who pushed hard for first place. Excellent feminine head, good curl to well set ears, dark eyes, good length of neck flowing into correct layback of shoulder, good even front and tight feet. She just powered round the ring with reach and drive.

4. Rodgers’ Ch Switherland Smart Cookie 

Judith Haynes (Judge)