• Show Date: 13/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Judith Collie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

London Bulldog Society

Breed: Bulldog

London Bulldog Society - Breed Championship Show - 13-01-19 

I was delighted to accept this judging appointment and want to take a moment to thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience for me. The London holds a special place in my heart and I was privileged to be invited.

I would most of all like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this prestigious show and all the exhibitors who gave a superb entry of 141! Special thanks to my stewards Alison & Neil who were excellent and kept everything running smoothly.

Overall exhibits were presented in good clean condition. No serious health issues were noted and generally nostrils, tails and movement were all ok.

Veteran (13,10A)

1. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Hillplace Lady Of Iron (B) – Brindle & white bitch, 7 years old, in great condition. Good clean head, true jaw, clear eyes. Enough neck, good depth of brisket, tacked on shoulders, down to tight feet. Moved very well forward and back, pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show.

2. Wiltshire Mesd J & L. Ladymere Alabama Slammer (B) – Red & white, also 7 years old, in good condition. Good head, jaw ok, clear eyes, nice flat skull. Nice tack on of shoulder, good feet. Moved well.

3. Davies Mr. S. M. The Miz At Baalzebul JW.

Minor Puppy Dog (7,2A)

1. Evison C, L & S. Andlare Scooter At Kikuchi – Lovely quality puppy, red & white flashy well-balanced dog. Good jaw and upsweep. Good dark eye & open nostrils. Neat rose ears, enough neck to good shoulder and square front. Good bone, to neat feet. Nice topline which he held on the move. Should do well in the future, one to watch!

2. Hanley S. Blenheimstar Dee – Another quality boy, red & white, good head qualities with good jaw and upsweep. Dark eyes, open nostrils, square front with good spring of rib. Preferred the movement on 1.

3. Williamson Mr. A. Royal Tudor Beast In The East.

Puppy Dog (5,2A)

1. Sibbick Mrs. S. Treasurabull Peaky Blinder – Quality red & white boy with lots of potential. Good jaw, clear dark eyes, wide nostrils, correct rose ear. Straight front with ample bone to neat feet. Nice pear shape with good tack on, nice spring of rib. Good topline and moved well with head held high. Nice to see a puppy proud and happy to be in the ring.

2. Hatt Mr. G. Pontiefs William – Read and white standard shape. Very clean head with good qualities and not overdone. Good jaw, eyes and open nostrils. Enough bone with square front, good brisket and rib moved well. Longer in leg to 1.

3. Hale & Philips Mr. G. & Miss. S. Hillplace Trevor.

Junior Dog (7,2A)

1. Seal Paul. Sealaville He’s Joe – Red and white boy, lovely head, nice brick shape, flat skull, clear dark eyes, good nostrils, good jaw with nice upsweep. Enough neck to tacked on shoulder. Straight front, ample bone and substance, to neat feet. Well ribbed with a good roll, good angulation, nice body shape and tail-set. Great movement and presence. RCC

2. Davies Mr. S. M. Baalzebul Priapos Love – Red & white of a nice standard quality. Clean head, dark eye, open nostrils, good jaw. Neat neck to good shoulder. Deep brisket, good rib, good feet, movement not as smooth as 1st.

3. Chetwynd Mrs. N. Rhydycroesau I’m Tarquin.

Yearling Dog (10,2A)

1. Vaughan Mr. T. & Mrs. E. Odinschild Violet Prince SHCM – Red and white, powerful good clean dog. Good head qualities, nice brick shape, clear dark eye, good foreface, good jaw & upsweep, broad nose, good neck to tack on shoulder. Nice straight front with plenty of bone, well ribbed, nice angulation. Very good on the move.

2. Anscombe Mrs. L. Odinschild Violet Warrior – Red and white, obviously brother to 1st, very similar qualities. I swapped positions quite a few times. Slightly longer in body to 1, good overall shape and not as good on the move as 1. Another day and the places could swap again.

3. Ironmonger Mr. & Mrs. R. Burchell Mr. Bohannon At Britanic.

    Novice Dog (4,1A)

1. Ingamells Miss. C. Chelajay’s Limited Edition – Brindle and white, good standard type. Good clean head qualities, dark eye, good nose, good jaw and upsweep. Enough bone, good rib, nice length of body, good rear angulation, moved well and enjoyed his day out.

2. Spicer Candice. Lareya’s Pride & Joy – Red and white, good shape, clean head with dark eye, good nose and jaw, straight front, to good feet, enough chest, moved well.

3. Hatt Mr. G. Pontiefs William.

Under-Graduate Dog (6,1A)

1. Martin Mr. R. & Mrs. L. A. Mellowmood Morganite Calibra – Red and white, quality dog with full white brick shaped head, lovely dark eye, open nostrils, excellent width of jaw with super upsweep, well balanced, plenty of bone, straight front, good tail-set, moved well.

2. Davis Mr. N. Rosebull Cockney Rebel Mystyle – Red and white, another quality dog, Brick shape head, good nose, good width and upsweep, ok neck to tacked on shoulder, straight front, good rib, moved ok.

3. Anscombe Mrs. L. Odinschild Violet Warrior.

Post-Graduate Dog (4,0A)

1. Ives Mr. S. & Mrs. D. Ivabully Independence – Red & white standard size with good head qualities, good layback, good width of foreface, wide nostrils, straight front, enough bone to neat feet, nice neck to tack on shoulder, well ribbed and moved well.

2. Davies Mr. S. M. Baalzebul Apache Tears – Red and white, again standard size, good head, dark eye, good nose, good neck, straight front, enough bone, good brisket, preferred movement on 1.

3. James Mr. A. & Mrs. J. Rosco’s Masterpiece By Em.

Limit Dog (11,1A)

1. Stutter Mrs. L. Erimusbulls Cooper At Linmist – Red and white, lovely quality standard well balanced type. Pushed hard for top honours. Great stand-off expression, good head and length of skull, well set dark eye, good nose, good width of jaw with great upsweep. Good bone, neat feet, nice neck, good tack on shoulder, giving nice pear shape and spring of rib, good rear angulation, moved very well.

2. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Taylor. Hillplace Captain Hook – Brindle & white, strong quality type with good head and layback. Good nostrils, good length and width of skull, enough bone and substance, good roll, lovely tight feet, moved ok.

3. Dearlove Mr. & Mrs. Lumbuse Mr. Douglas Home For Ryjarlow.

Open Dog (15,2A)

What a pleasure to have such a large class of quality dogs to go over, very hard decisions were made.

1. Watkins Mrs. L. Shipshape J’Adore – Caught my eye as he entered the ring! Lovely red and white, super quality boy in excellent condition on the day. Great expression, with true wide jaw, darkest of eyes, well set rose ears, good nose, well-padded foreface, good furrow to the top of his lovely flat skull. Enough neck to good tacked on shoulder giving a lovely pear shape, excellent straight bone to neat feet. Good rib, nice roll, nice length, good rear angulation, lovely on the move forward and back, sailed around the ring. Delighted to award CC & BIS! Delighted to find out that was his third, making him up a champion.

2. Pickering Mrs. S. Happy & Glorious Hennessy – Red and white, nice standard size, no exaggeration at all, everything in its right place. Good quality flat head with nice dark widely spaced eyes, well furrowed, nice width of under jaw and upsweep, good bone, deep brisket, neat feet, nice spring of rib. Good angulation, not as good as 1 on the move.

3. Harris Mr. R. INT CH Fat Puppy’s Regal.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,3A)

1. Ghent Miss. V. Danickies She’s Willow – Red and white, quality pup with good expression. Good jaw and upsweep, good nostrils, nice dark eye, good rose ears, flat skull, Nice length of neck to good tack on shoulders. Straight front with enough bone, nice rib and roll, good angulation and moved very well. Pleased to award her BPIS.

2. Eaton Mr. & Mrs. Ricatori Imagine That – Red & white, similar quality as 1st with good head and expression. Nice clean head, dark eye, good nostrils, jaw and upsweep, nice chest, straight front to neat feet. Movement not as good as 1st.

3. Weller Mrs. G. Jochelter Escana For Geenawell.

Puppy Bitch (8,2A)

1. Manders Mr. & Mrs. Erimusbulls Vivien Leigh – Red & white, lovely feminine bitch with nice strong head qualities for her age. Broad skull, dark eye, good nose, nice turn of jaw. Enough neck to good shoulder, well tacked on, straight front to neat feet, enough brisket giving good rib with good tuck-up. Nice topline with good rear angulation, moved well and nicely balanced.

2. Hunter Mr. N. & Mrs. D. Huntthorn Lady Gaga – Red & white, standard size with similar head qualities. Dark eye, open nostrils, good jaw & upsweep, tacked on shoulder, good spring of rib & moved well.

3. Eaton Mr. & Mrs. Ricatori Now Trending.

Junior Bitch (6,2A)

1. Ironmonger Mr. & Mrs. Mystyle She’s No Lady At Britanic – White & red, lovely standard bitch with lovely head. Clear dark eye, good nostrils, good jaw, nice reach of neck, to tacked on shoulders, straight front to neat feet. Nice spring of rib and lovely pear shape, neat hindquarters, lovely tail and tail-set, good angulation, in good condition and moved well.

2. Ware Mr. A. Nobozz Wanderlust – Red & white, another quality bitch, small but in proportion. Good expression, lovely dark eye, good jaw, clean head. Well ribbed, ok for bone, neat feet. Moved well.

3. Hanvey Ms. M. Captainbull I’m Esme.

Yearling Bitch (3,1A)

1. Lamont Mesd J. & S. Laroyal Lead By Example – Red & white, lovely quality standard type. Good body shape, nice expression, lovely brick shaped head with dark eye, good ear placement, good upsweep of jaw. Straight front, neat feet, good topline, nice angulation, giving good strong rear with nice tail-set and tail, moved very well. RCC

2. Takarangi Mr. A. & Mrs. K. Ruakuri Shades Of Red – Red & white, another quality standard type with good head qualities. Clear well-set dark eye, good nose, fine wrinkle, good jaw & upsweep. Well off for bone to neat feet, good deep brisket with good tuck-up, moved well.

Novice Bitch (3,1A)

1. Goodwin Mrs. M. Britishpride Issey Miyake’s – White, standard quality bitch, brick shape head with broad skull, dark eye, good nose, good jaw & upsweep, good ear placement. Enough neck to good shoulder, straight bone, good spring of rib, good topline, nice body shape. Moved well.

2. Takarangi Mr. A. & Mrs. K. Ruakuri Chasing Glory – Red & white, standard quality bitch with good head qualities. Clear dark eye, open nostrils, good jaw. Tacked on shoulders, straight front. Movement not as good as 1st.

Under-Graduate Bitch (4,2A)

1. Manders Mr. & Mrs. Erimusbulls Miss Gabor – Red & white, standard bitch, good head, nice expression with dark eyes, open nostrils, good width of jaw with good upsweep. Nice length of neck to tacked on shoulders, deep brisket, good rib, nice front, good angulation with good feet. Moved well.

2. Davies Mr. & Mrs. P. Kismond Tropical Sunset – Red & white, another standard girl with good head, dark eye, good nose, correct ears, good jaw. Enough neck to tacked on shoulders, straight front, good depth of bone. Movement not as good as 1st.

Post-Graduate Bitch (12,5A)

1. Hunter Mr. N. & Mrs. D. Huntthorn Galaxy Of Dreams – Red & white, standard feminine bitch with good head qualities, flat skull, good layback. Nice dark eye, good nose, well-padded cheeks. Fine wrinkle, square front, good shoulders, good brisket, good rib & tuck up. Good mover with a good topline to tail set.

2. Hanley Mrs. S. Laroyal Lead The Way As Blenheimstar – Red & white, another quality bitch. Brick shape head, dark eye, good nose, good jaw & upsweep. Straight front, to neat feet. Good shoulders, brisket, enough rib, neat feet. Moved well.

3. Freeman Ms. P. Rosco’s Moondance By Em Testwood.

Limit Bitch (10,4A)

1. Simpson Mrs. E. Cofas Magellanic At Jackarhys – Real quality bitch, typical feminine head, with fine wrinkle, dark eye, open nostrils, square jaw with lovely upsweep, elegant neck to tacked on shoulders, deep brisket with good spring of rib and nice tuck-up. Lovely topline, very smooth and sound on the move.

2. Hanvey Ms. M. Captainbull Bonnie – Red & white, nice standard quality bitch who tried her handler’s patience. Good head, nice dark eye, good nose, square jaw with good upsweep, good neck and tack on, deep brisket with good spring of rib, good bone, moved well.

3. Lee Mr. S. & Mrs. E. Milasha Gigi.

Open Bitch (13,5A)

1. Vaughan Mr. T. & Mrs. E. Odinschild Violet Princess – Red & white, stunning quality standard bitch, super expression. Brick head with good length and width of foreface. Dark eye, open nostril, fine wrinkle, correct ears, lovely width of jaw with super upsweep. Elegant neck to tacked on shoulders, powerful straight front, deep brisket, good spring of rib, good tuck up, excellent topline, good depth of bone, well angulated. Moved well if slow, but all was there, pleased to award her BCC, BOS & RBIS.

2. Manders Mr. & Mrs. CH Erimusbulls Rita Hayworth – White & red, a worthy champion! Standard bitch, all in proportion, super head qualities, dark eye, good nose, good width of jaw with good upsweep, good neck to tacked on shoulders, square front, straight bone, deep brisket, good spring of rib, enough bone, moved well and pushed hard for 1st.

3. Roberts Mr. W. Isgraig Iris.

Judith Collie

Thornford Bulldogs