• Show Date: 11/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Joy Venturi Rose Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Labrador Retriever Club Of Wales

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Labrador Retriever Bitches

Thank you very much to the Labrador Retriever Club of Wales for inviting me to judge bitches at their 2019 championship show which was a great honour.    Thank you to exhibitors for the lovely entry of 160 bitches and the sporting way in which you accepted my decisions.  Due to the weather and unexpected snow the originally planned date in February was changed to May and this meant a lot of extra hard work and concern for the Secretary and club committee organising the change but for me the initial disappointment at the prospect of a cancelled judging appointment was relieved.  The change did mean some exhibitors were either not able to make the new date or, as is particularly the case with bitches, some may have come into season or gone out of coat but I still had a great quality entry to go over.  Also, both judges had to adapt to what were by now older puppies than is normally the case.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and by all accounts with the glorious spring weather and friendly welcoming atmosphere which is always a feature of this club an enjoyable day was had by all.

In general, I did not find exhibits to be overweight or too short on the leg so clearly breeders have reflected on the KC breed watch requirements for our breed.  I found that temperaments, as should be expected with our breed, were excellent, mouths were all good and the vast majority had the correct coat with a good undercoat and harder top coat with only a few being a little out of coat.  Front movement, with a very few exceptions, had improved since the last time I had judged.  There were some otherwise excellent bitches that moved rather close behind.  I am sure that the correct type of exercise and perhaps some meaningful work would improve the hind quarter muscle tone and therefore hind movement in general.  Whilst there were a few dogs with rather straight upper arm angulation, I was normally able to find sufficient correct fronts to include in my higher placings.  I did find too many dogs with untidy feet and as a dog lives and works on its feet the correct foot with  well arched pads neither too small too big or flat footed is very important.   I also, found too many bitches with too darker eye and/or a rather round shaped eye.  Our standard calls for a brown or hazel eye.  The typical Labrador eye is not round but very slightly almond shaped.  Also, whilst an overly light or pink pigment is not so attractive our standard does not mention pigment and does not ask for a black pigment in our yellows.  A black or very dark eye colour, rounder shape and black pigment around the eyes very much distracts from the true Labrador expression giving a hard look.  Whilst, most of us stick with and show the best that we can and try to handle in the best way to maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses we know we cannot change an individual dog.  We can however, reflect upon some of these non typical aspects and take them into consideration when we breed on.  Even the best dogs have small failings but don’t double up on them if you can avoid it.  Look at some of the excellent books in publication particularly some of the older publications with pictures of really typical Labradors and try to take your inspiration from them and not alter our lovely breed.  Personally, I also have a black Beswick Labrador brought in the 70s or 80s and modelled on, I believe, Solomen of Wendover and this is perhaps the type of Labrador that features most in my mind’s eye.  There is also a yellow based on the same outline but the painting on the figure does not quite reflect the true colour of a yellow so distracts somewhat.

Minor Puppy Bitch 14 (11)

1st Allen’s Warringahs Wirrabara  Lovely 10 month  black  Sweat Kind expression, well balanced and her correct angulation and construction was well evident when her handler managed to settle her and stand her correctly.  Correct, neat, feet, good top line which was well maintained when she moved.  Could do with a touch more second thigh but I am sure that will come as she matures and should be one to watch.  Good coat and tail.  Moved very well for age and raised her game considerably in the challenge and I was pleased to award her Best Bitch Puppy.

2nd. Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Bit of a Pickle 11 month old chocolate.  Kind Head and expression, Excellent coat type, scored over 3rd placed on her movement which was very sound with her moving well on good strong feet.  Good front angulation and correct amount of bone.  Overall well balanced but with a little more strength to come in the hind quarters as she matures

3rd Scutchers Winsleywood Wild Daisy  4th Findjan’s Rossacre Constantine VHC Chapman’s Daisypatch Tutti Frutti

Puppy 18 (10)

1st Minchella’s Abbeystead Psyon of Haslorhill  1 year old Very typical Black Bitch with Classic well constructed outline that really catches the eye.  Lovely neck line into good shoulders and top line, Kind Head and expression, Good depth of chest and bone but not overdone in anyway.  Moved really well off strong, correctly, angled hindquarters in this class scoring over the 2nd placed.  Correct coat with good hard top coat and correct undercoat.  Pushed hard in the bitch puppy challenge but just flagged a bit on the move at the end of the day.

2nd Braddon’s Trendlewood Simply the Best Standing and in profile this 1 year old yellow lives up to her name nicely.  Excellent front , good neckline and level topline. Lovely head and expression. Excellent, correct coat type and good otter tail scoring here over the 3rd placed who was not in her best jacket.  Good strong feet and bone.  Well constructed with good angulation front and rear and strong quarters.  Just needs to strengthen in her rear movement.

3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Philly  4th Metcalfe’s Princess Leia at Baileydale  VHC Bailiss’s Tissalian Hi Society

Junior 13 (9)

A very good class

1st Percival’s Wynfaul Wind Chimes Dark yellow.  Stood out in a very good class.  Well balanced, well boned, good well angulated front and strong hind quarters, strong level top line, good depth of chest without being overdone.  Kind expression pleasing head shape and correct eye colour and shape.  Correct length of muzzle. Moved really well.

2nd. Pegg’s Jancet Aurora Another quality yellow.  Well put together with correct angulation and balance all through.  An easy, settled almost unassuming bitch but her qualities are especially appreciated when you go over her.  Kept a strong, level, top line on the move and on good, strong feet with correct amount of bone.  Good correct coat type.  Just preferred the eye colour of the first placed.

3rd Carpenny’s Halshmoor Delicious  4th Hutchinson’s Glossmear Chitchat    VHC Phillip’s Sheenaron Merry Penelope

Yearling 9 (6)

1st Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm Beautiful, well made black with substance but not too much and not overdone in anyway.  Very well put together.  Lovely, kind, head and expression with correct mid brown eye and good eye shape.  Strong but feminine bone ending in neat, strong, feet.  Excellent correct coat and level top line flowing to good otter tail.  Good depth of chest but not too much.  She moved soundly and true behind and in front and was particularly good moving in profile giving the outline of an agile but quality bitch oozing Labrador and my Beswick model type.  Pleased to award her the CC and with the agreement of my co-judge BOB

2nd Barker’s Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Around Deerbrook A very good quality yellow bitch excellent well balanced construction with correct angulation all through.  Good bone neat feet excellent coat and otter tail.  Overall very good head shape and planes with a kindly feminine expression but with a slightly darker eye colour.  Moved soundly   Unlucky to be meeting the first placed.

3rd White’s Donacre Wiggle “N” Giggle at Lunarpet  4th Finjan’s Rossacre Bear River  VHC Farrar’s Harpitts Sugar and Spice at Henissy

Maiden 8 (6)

1st  Pegg’s Jancet Aurora

2nd Hoban’s Meadowleigh Black in Style  Lovely, typy, well constructed black bitch.  Excellent coat, top line and tail set with correct otter tail.  Lovely, head and expression, good bone on correct, neat, sound, strong, feet.  Moved a little less well behind than the first placed but overall a good quality bitch.

3rd Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Daisy  4th Farrar’s Donamick Creats of Waves for Nenissy  VHC Ree’s Eremos Moment in Thyme

Novice 13 (8)

1st King’s Mikmaqlabs Apache  4 year old classic mature yellow bitch.  Where has she been hiding?  I really liked her.  Well put together, Excellent coat and otter tail.  Good construction and overall balance.  Well boned, moved well and held good strong level top line.  Lovely feminine head with kind knowing expression and good set on of ears

2nd Hoban’s Meadowleigh Black in Style  

3rd Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Daisy  4th Jenner’s Lyjansen Midnight Star VHC Farrar’s Harpitts Sugar and Spice at Henissy

Undergraduate 8 (7)

1st Collins’s Carromer Worth a Glance at Kaspair.  I think I could have been forgiven if I had not given her a glance because to start with her handler could not show her or get her attention.  After a lesson or two I was glad I glanced because she is a lovely quality black well made and well balanced all through.  Kind head and expression.  Good bone but not overdone.  Very good neat strong feet and moved very well.  Excellent correct coat and otter tail.  

2nd Rawlinson’s Halshimoor Pitch Perfect with Shanorrell Loved nearly everything about this quality bitch.  Lovely head and expression.  Well made all through with correct angulation and well balanced with flowing classic lines.  Deep through the chest, correct coat and otter tail.  just preferred the feet of the first placed.

3rd Davey’s Southridge Bramble  4th Percival’s Windfaul Wind Chimes  VHC Evans’s Farnfield Clarity

Graduate 9 (6)

1st Britton’s Bowstones Windchime  Really liked this bitch and she stuck in my mind.  I think once fully mature, like a good wine, she will be a force to be reckoned with.   Well put together and well balanced. Lovely head and expression.  Good coat and otter tail.  Strong, level, top line and good flowing neck line.  Excellent feet, slightly shorter muzzle perhaps but in proportion to her nicely shaped head.  

2nd Nightingale’s Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer  Another lovely black.  Not a big one but very well put together with pretty feminine head and expression.  Correct coat and tail.  Neat strong feet and good bone, Moved soundly and truly with the correct front and front movement  which was an issue with some within this class.  Handled well.

3rd King’s Mikmaqlabs Waits for the Sun  4th McFaull Lulukella’s Hometown Glory JW  VHC White’s Lunarpet Sweet Honeysuckle

Post Graduate 12 (7)

1st Climpson’s Othamcout Edith Grove   Very nice classic well put together mid yellow bitch.  Not a flashy bitch but Labrador through and though.  Excellent coat and tail Good top line Lovely Head and expression.  Good depth of chest and spring of rib.  Well ribbed back with good strong couplings.  Well balanced and correctly angulated with good second thigh.  Moved well and was the best mover in the class.

2nd Saunder’s  Rossclyde Highland Dancer  Lovely black with classic outline and type.  Good bone and neat strong feet, Good double coat and tail.  Lovely head and expression and correct eye colour and shape.  Good spring of rib and depth of chest.  Moved soundly but slightly closer behind than one and preferred front angulation of one but well deserved her place.

3rd Percival’s Wynfaul Vickers JW    4th Hobby’s Icarus Jean Genie    VHC Minchella’s Abbeystead Hope

Mid Limit 11 (7)

A really very good class of quality Labradors got down to movement and yes some of it got down to feet I really find them such an important aspect in a working breed and sometimes necessary to split hairs over.

1st Mclellan’s Timouron Sioux for Saranden  Black with excellent classic outline,  Very good coat and otter tail and good tail set coming of off strong level top line.  Super head and expression  Correct eye colour and shape.  Well balanced with correct angulation.  Moved really well on good strong neat feet. Pushed hard for higher honours but just preferred the leg length of her kennel mate.

2nd Hodge’s Naiken Carinsia Another black of similar type to the first placed  Lovely head and expression another with the correct eye colour and shape.  Not flashy but Labrador all though.  Good coat and otter tail.  Well boned excellent feet.  Well constructed and well balanced all through.  Her movement is good but was not quite as good as the first placed.

3rd Tickner and Welford’s Othamcourt Penny Lane to Ankari  4th Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW Sh CM VHC  Percival’s Wynfaul Flame and Fortune JW

Limit  14 (4)

1st Mills’ Lembas Crackling Rosie JW Yellow very well put together with correct angulation and well balanced.  Lovely head and expression.  Correct coat and otter tail.  Good bone not over done in anyway.  Would prefer tidier feet but certainly all Labrador

2nd Saunders’s Rossclyde Highland Dancer   

3rd Gallagher’s Primarius Papoula with Magwitch  4th Phillips Sheenaron Merry Calypso

Open 10 (5)

1st Mc Clellan’s Saranden Rock your Baby Mature quality yellow.  Excellent construction and correct front and rear angulation well balanced with good but not overdone depth of chest and spring of rib.  Strong level top line.  Lovely head and expression correct eye shape and Correct proportions to skull and length of muzzle with pleasing expression.  Correct double coat and otter tail.  Well boned with good length of leg and good strong neat feet.  Perhaps a touch bigger than I would normally go for but a true Labrador through and through.  Moved very well but was just outdone in the challenge. Please to award her the Res CC.

2nd Wood’s Lougin Secret Spy at Sundyke JW  Lovely, well proportion black particularly in profile and was very much my overall type of Labrador.  Slightly stronger head but with a pleasing expression although I preferred the eye shape of the first placed .  Good spring of rib well boned not overdone in anyway.  Moved similar to the first placed dog.  An Excellent coat and otter tail rounded of her appearance.

3rd Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliché   4th Hodkiss Dinnozo Yellow Diamond   VHC  Phillips Carpenny Velvet at Sheenaron

Special Beginners 10 (6)

1st Digweed’s Nortonlyblack Eclipse of Moon at Willokin (Imp ITY)  Well constructed quality black well balanced.  Good bone and neat strong feet. Excellent profile overall with good angulation correct coat and tail.  Well proportioned head although a rather dark slightly rounded eye distracted from her otherwise kind expression. Moved very soundly and with good drive that gave her this place.

2nd Barker’s Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Around Deerbrook  

3rd Jones’s Roboshalee Way to Tipperary for Serengock   4th  Nightingale’s Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer  VHC  Bentley’s Abbeystead Puzzle

Special Working 5 (2)

1st Coode’s Warringha’s Gurley JW  Well balanced well constructed black bitch with excellent coat and tail.  Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Lovely well proportioned head with soft expression and correct eye colour.  Neat feet, good bone.   Moved well once settled with her “substitute” handler.

2nd Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle Nice chocolate bitch Kind Head and expression with good eye colour.  Well boned with good neat feet.  Excellent front angulation flowing into good neck and shoulders.  Very good coat and otter tail.  Not quite so well balanced in hind angulation as the first placed.

Veteran 7 (2)

1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey JW Sh CM Lovely classic yellow bitch in great fit condition for her 8 years of age with good strong top line maintained on the move.  Lovely classic outline and very balanced correct construction.  Lovely head and expression.  In good double coat on her body although a little out on her otherwise well shaped tail.  Moved very well and with the agreement of my co-judge was Best Veteran in Show

2nd Davey’s Southridge Sparkler  Similar age to the first placed.  A lovely classic black.  True Labrador through and through.  Beautiful head and expression.  Good correct double coat and otter tail.  Well balanced and well constructed on good feet and bone.  Unfortunately, the middle age spread marred her movement in front.

Brace 9 (3)

Judged with my co-judge.   3 lovely braces a credit to their owners.

1st Farrar’s chocolate brace.  4 years and 19 months of age.  Quite the peas in the pod and made a lovely classic picture moving fluidly around the ring at one with their handler.

2nd Close call with 3rd King’s yellow brace 4 years old and 10months mother and daughter.  Very pleasing picture slightly stronger in hindquarters than the 3rd placed brace.

3rd Mr & Mrs White’s Yellow brace

Judge Joy Venturi Rose