• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)




1. Rodsdream First Choice For Vynesbrook. A superb start to the day with this exciting future prospect. He pleased me in every way and despite being raw has absolutely everything in the right place. He has a superb head and a really kind eye. His body proportions are good giving him a lovely overall shape and great balance. I liked him so much that even at this raw age, I considered him for top honours in very good company.

2. Gwenadillo Akotango. A pleasing head and eye here, a youngster with very good depth for his age. He needs proper schooling and today just didn’t quite match the winner for movement or croup.


1. Lussac Winter Wizard. A very racy, very stylish, top quality youngster with a super head. He has great overall balance, a perfect top-line, lovely tail carriage and excellent feet. He was good in this class on the move in all directions and just totally ‘upped’ his game in the challenge to take the Dog CC. I was delighted that he ended his day by representing the breed so well in the Puppy Group taking the runner up spot. Congratulations!

2. Silkmann's Teazle Of Keveral. Another great type here, he is just that little bit heavier all through compared to the winner, but full of quality and with lots to like. He didn’t quite please me as much for head and rear action but I think that given time, which is on his side, he will finish very well.


1. Gamerights Troyte. This ultra-stylish youngster headed a very good class, which bodes well for the future. He has a classically made head which appeals. In superb condition, he holds a good outline stood and in profile with super flow of neck into well-laid shoulder. I preferred in him in head and back-skull to another good one in second spot. He too was close-up in the challenge for top honours but he was just not quite so fluid on the very final run round as the eventual winner.

2. Lizzlog Shotgun Harry. This dog was unlucky to meet the winner on such good form. I liked this one particularly for his excellent profile action, showing extremely good reach and positive drive from well-muscled quarters which was sadly lacking in some of the later dog classes. I think that he too, will have an exciting show career. He was very handled to maximise his many virtues.

3. Skybrook Sandpiper Of Larksdown


1. Gamerights Troyte

2. Glenturret Happy Go Lucky. Reserve in the previous good class, he has a lovely head and a very expressive eye. Good for shoulder placement and holding a very good top-line, he just needs to fill out all through and strengthen up a touch behind.

3. Moss


1. Lussac Winter Wizard


1. Seaheart Crian At Gloi JW. This dog has excellent breed type and a fabulous side-gait. His head is very typical and he has lovely flow of neck into shoulders and was in gleaming condition. I wasn’t quite sure of his foot placement going away, but it may well have been a change of runner as he didn’t quite settle to the job in hand. I later gather that I had admired him as a raw baby when I last judged the breed and am delighted to see him progressing so well.

2. Glenturret Happy Go Lucky POST GRADUATE DOG (1) 1. Gemswin Rolling In The Deep JW. This dog had a pleasing head and a kind and expressive eye. He has good depth to his fore-chest and was well-presented. On the move I found him unsettled, just a touch untidy coming and going and today he a wee-bit proud of his tail too.


1. Telurn Can't Touch This. Quite a substantially built male, he has a lovely head and super eye, an excellent top-line and was in gleaming condition. He moved OK.

2. Bochilbarley Blue Moon (ai). A stylish dog with excellent depth, correct bone, a lovely front assembly and great feet. His side-gait is exemplary but I found him a touch closer than ideal going away and not showing quite the positive drive of the youngsters.

3. Gemswin Relight My Fire JW


1. Draketor Sea Shanty Sh.CM. A lovely example of breed type with a super head, a great front and perfect top-line. I liked him for overall balance. He too was a touch closer than ideal going away.

2. Clandrift Scout For Stars At Morrieland. A great personality, a true flat-coat. I loved his head but found him not to have quite the layback as the winner and he, again, was a touch closer than ideal going away.

3. Gunoak Obsidian.


1. Kvicksans Eye Of The Storm Of Larksdown. My Limit winner from the last time I judged and he is now fully mature and still appeals. He is racy and balanced in outline with good ribs and body. He has the very best of feet and the most refined of back-skulls and was in hard condition. He was the most accurate of movers in this class today but in challenge he just seemed to drop down a gear and lacked the vitality and presence of the youngster and hence had to settle for the Res CC.

2. Lizzlog Granny Won't Like It JW. I did this dog well as a baby and he still appeals greatly. He is stylish in profile action holding his outline well. Today he too, I felt, was lacking a touch of drive behind.

3. Ch Candiliz Black Admiral For Clandrift JW Sh.CM, completing a good trio of dogs.


1. Gayplume Bowled Over Sh.CM. Ultra- sound with a very well-made front assembly and excellent feet. I liked his honesty, his outline and his excellent movement and was pleased to award him Best Veteran in breed over an equally pleasing bitch.

2. Covellyn's Arctic Loon Of Seaheart JW (Imp). Another great breed type here with equally good flow in outline. Substantially put together he just wasn’t quite as accurate as the winner on the move.

3. Hallbent October Toccata Sh.CM, another great example worthy of mention and unlucky to meet the two above in such good form.


1. Gamerights Deep River Blues. Scoring for breed type, she is very feminine and mature in body with lovely overall balance. She won this class with some to spare.

2. Free Spirit Black Brianta At Cloudfall (Cze Imp). Just 10 months and very raw but showing good breed type. Once settled she moved with accuracy and some style and once mature should do well.

3. Moss


1. Thurwhitt Dancing Queen. A touch out of jacket as were many of the bitches today but she shows excellent type, is very racy has the cleanest of heads and a lovely outline and moved well.

2. Brightstart Fizzing Cork. Another with a lovely head and she too is stylish and well-bodied but needs time to really grow into her frame.

3. Olliearts Enchantress


1. Lussac Winter Witch. I see that she is the litter sister to the Dog puppy and very similar remarks apply. What a lovely litter to have two such quality youngsters! She has a lovely outline with a beautiful head and expression, she moved with precision and style.

2. Thurwhitt Dancing Queen

3. Free Spirit Black Brianta At Cloudfall (Cze Imp)


1. Lizzlog Nun On The Run. Another who was a touch out of coat but she’s a really lovely type, perfect for length and has a great outline. I really liked her head and expression. She has an excellent top-line and moved very well in all directions. I think that she will be a contender for the future.

2. Everblack Breakdown Cover. Another good one here, she has a different head type but it pleased me too. A little longer cast, she still shows balance and is brimming full of quality and was another very strong and accurate mover.

3. Gamerights Enigma


1. Gamerights Enigma. A feminine and stylish youngster who was unlucky to meet the first two in the previous class, she was by far the strongest of movers here.

2. Bryshot Rising Phoenix. A decent head and a good flowing outline, she has excellent tight feet but moved OK.

3. Hopevalley Morning Dew At Ravenhall


1. Gamerights Enigma


1. Seaheart Cecilia JW. My notes say FAB, and how she has blossomed since I judged her as a raw minor puppy. She impressed me greatly and was just what I was looking for today. She shouts ‘breed type’ and she simply flows from head to toe. In tip-top condition, she was totally at one with her handler and moved with reach and drive and complete accuracy and fluidity to take the CC & BOB, over an excellent open winner.

2. Gamerights Deep River Blues

3. Moontorn Goddess Of Love


1. Jazzanraga Exclusive. A truly great head here and a lovely flowing outline. A touch out of coat but soundly driving away from well-muscled quarters, she was just a touch stilted in front coming towards me.

2. O' Flanagan Brogan's Legacy At Ravenhall (Imp). Very close up to the winner, I liked this bitch for excellent breed type and a super flowing outline.

3. Gamerights Deep River Blues


1. Gunoak Solar Wind JW. Another with a really lovely make and shape. She scores in head and total balance. Her ultra-clean action and tip-top condition edged her in front of an equally appealing bitch in second spot.

2. Quills Mint Julep With Waverton JW (Swed Imp) (ai). My reserve CC winner last time, and she still appeals in so many ways. Today I thought that she just lacked the condition and sparkle of the winner and thus had to settle for runner up position.

3. Bochilbarley Aurora


1. Ballyriver Snowflake At Thurwhitt. A clear winner for me in this mixed class. Up to size and enough of her, but she’s fully mature and is an excellent mover. He has a lovely head, the perfect eye and is so correctly built and was in tip-top condition, I really did like her a lot.

2. Kulawand Kodebreaker JW. Another good one here, but just showing a touch too much haw in comparison to the winner. Full of type and quality, she too flows from head to toe and moved well enough to take second spot.

3. Seaheart Bronte Of Everblack


1. I Believe In Angels Oasis Of Peace At Ronevorg. I now see that I gave this bitch the Limit class the last time that I judged and the same remarks apply now. I love her spirit and enthusiastic showing attitude, her type, her head, her flowing outline, her great ears and feet, superb top-line and sound action. Just a touch short of coat, she took the Reserve CC and pushed the ticket winner all the way. I do hope that she gains her title, as I really feel that she is worthy of it.

2. Moonstruck Macadamia JW. Another very good bitch with super flow to outline and very sound mover too. Very feminine and she too has great style and was close up.

3. Lizzlog Chicago Showgirl


1. Springlindi White Bryony. This bitch really made an impression. She is so stylish and full of breed type. Her graceful flowing outline and refinement makes her stand out. She pushed the Veteran dog all the way.

2. Springlindi White Bryony. Another very good type here with a lovely head and eye. She didn’t quite have the fluidity of action but is so good for her.

3. Starball Midnight Huntress. Completing a fabulous entry to judge.