• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)



Thank you to the society for inviting me and to my two very capable stewards who kept things moving very efficiently. Thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries, some of whom had travelled long distances. I was delighted with my final line up, who were all of correct and even type with the required substance and bone. Some decisions came down to splitting hairs and places could change on another day. I felt that some exhibits were too soft in condition for a gundog breed. Mouths generally very good.  VD (1) 1.Graves’ Norris Northern Wizard. 7 years. Nice type of Sussex with a good head and expression, good eye and mouth. I liked his correct, short and straight coat. Moved OK carrying a level topline, though a little skittish behind on the grass until he settled. BEST VETERAN. PD (2) 1. Moon’s Foxhampton Fields of Gold. Just 8m, nice type of puppy. Good mouth, very nice male head developing with good eye and expression, good neck and shoulders with decent body for his age. He was a bit naughty for his handler but this is typical Sussex youth! Good bone and moved out well coming and going, should do well. BEST PUPPY. 2. Daniels’ Ivcar Into the Woods 9m. Raw youngster, with a less developed head, and too dark in coat colour but has a promising body shape and proportions. He needs lots of time and wasn’t as together on the move as 1. Right now he is immature and completely lacking body, also had some very unsightly bare patches. I feel he has promise and is worth persevering with but if he were mine I’d leave him at home for a while to body up and allow his coat to recover. JD (4,1) Best class of the day. An outstanding trio of quality male Sussex, all expertly handled. Will change places on another day. 1. Alderson’s Meggamooch Ulysees. I’ve seen this 14m docked dog a few times but not had the chance to get my hands on him until now. Good mouth, eye and masculine expression for his age with room to develop with maturity. Great shoulders. Best coat of the day, short and straight and gleaming with superb colour. He is a substantial dog with great substance and bone, much needed in the breed, with a good length of rib carried well back, broad loin and level topline. He was in hard condition and moved out well both ends, better than 2 at the rear, with the required Sussex roll. I am sure he will go on to great things.  I had no hesitation in awarding him his first CC. Reminds me of the great Quintic Joby.  2. Graham’s Eald Dances with Wolves among Nyliram. Very close up to 1. Splitting hairs. Just a shade smaller and on the day not so straight in front as the winner. Lovely head and expression, again a correct coat and lovely colour. He will have his day. Close up for the RCC but just lost out on maturity. 3. Hastings’ Bardings Bypolar Bear. Another quality dog, so unlucky to meet these two. LD(3) 1.  Sweitalski’s Sovaroma Relatively Frank With Bowslizzler. Upstanding, well proportioned with good proportions, bone and coat colour. Typical, quality head with a good frowning expression, best of this class. Moved true front and back with a slight roll. At 2.5 years he has some maturing to do but time is on his side. 2. Way’s Eald Village Poacher For Shuvick JW. 3y old of rangier type, with less work in the head than 1 at this age, good bone, size and proportions, lovely straight front and moved out really well. 3. Perkins’ Deanway Storm Petrol at Quintic. OD (4). Hardest class of the day. Quality dogs all of quite different types. 1. Hughes’ Sh Ch Ivcar Anything Goes. A lovely type of Sussex that has taken his time to fully mature at 5 years as many do. Lovely head, full and correct dentition, clear, kind eyes and frowning expression with tremendous bone. Some temporary hair loss on his face but this is superficial. Otherwise in glorious condition, coat and colour. He has style and substance, though shorter on the leg than the CC winner. He stepped out well front and rear, though would prefer straighter front legs and tighter feet. RCC. A lovely dog. 2. Batlle-Hunter’s Sp Ch Springcurl Merlot. Larger framed 6y dog of glorious bone and substance, oozing Sussex type that I have admired greatly before. He has a great head, good neck into well laid-back shoulders. His coat is absolutely correct being short and straight. Presented in excellent condition and stepped out really well front and rear with a great Sussex roll. Disappointingly on the day his eyes seemed to be troubling him. 3. Evans’ Sh Ch Yorkham Rocking Rudolph. VB (2,1) 1. Wakefield’s Sh Ch Norriss Northern Cassandra. 9.5 y old lady of lovely type and head properties typical of this kennel. Decent coat colour with a long neck into very well set shoulders. In hard condition. Moved rather sedately but accurately with a good Sussex roll. PB (3) 1. Matthews’ Foxhampton Fly By Night. 8m baby all wriggles and very loose at this age. Typey head with good bone and a decent colour. Best body of this class. Correctly proportioned but needs time to tighten up and grow on a bit. 2. McAndrews’ & Hague’s Ivcar Sweet Charity. 10m darker colour and decent bone but very lacking in body. Again needs to grow on and needs some schooling. 3. Matthews’ Foxhampton Falling Star. JB (1). I Sweet Charity. PG (1) 1. Bannister’s Knuckerhole Ruby Carousel At Roanhowe. A small 3y old b with a good mouth and decent coat and colour. I would prefer more work in her head by this age and found her expression a little hard. Moved rather erratically and paced. Would prefer less tail feather. LB (4,1) 1. Hughes’ Ivcar Matilda. 2y old b who is maturing well. Attractive feminine head and expression, excellent straight and flat coat and colour. Good bone and moved with a good Sussex roll, though could be in tighter condition. 2. Bennett’s Sovaroma Winter Gem. Recently crowned 2.5 y old b, sister to my LD winner, built on bigger lines but has lots of quality. Lovely Sussex head, eye and expression, with substantial bone and excellent coat and colour in gleaming condition. Just preferred 1 for size but this was splitting hairs. 3. Moon’s Deanway Storm In A Teacup. OB (2) Close call in this class. 1. Cadwell’s Ch Jubilwell Bal Maiden. My heart soared when I turned around to see this 5y old full champion. She is of such a lovely type and shape. Lovely head and long neck into sloping shoulders. Great bone and body throughout, shown in hard condition. Her movement front and rear is impeccable and effortless with a strong Sussex roll. She demanded the CC. BOB on her maturity over the younger dog and they made a very well-matched pair. Thanks for bringing her. 2. Alderson’s Meggamooch Tango. Another recently made-up show champion, docked. She has her kennel’s typically classic head, with lovely, correct coat and colour. Good bone, body and topline, moving really well around the ring with a Sussex roll, though just not as true in front as the winner today. RBCC Judge: JOHN GOODWIN