• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jo Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Afghan Hound Club Of Scotland

Breed: Afghan Hound


45th Championship Show

Saturday 24th August 2019

Thanks must go to the committee for the invite to judge at their 45th championship show, I had the most enjoyable day,  temperments were great, coats, on the whole, were of lovely silky texture, straight and well-groomed, a few artificial saddles. only one dog with knots,  Toplines are improving, and not so many flat croups, though, on the downside, there were a lot of heavier heads, which should be watched, and poor muscle tone, there is no excuse for lack of exercise

My Dog CC and RCC both stunning examples of Afghan hound males, who should makeup easily, under judges who know their stuff,

Veteran Dog (2,1)

1st. HURL  R & J  - Javidan Kiss The Sky Over Tarakhi, What a great start to the day to see this super Shaded Masked Red boy enter the ring. He has a fabulous profile when stacked, attractive head and dark eye, level topline and correct fallaway,  he loves his time in the ring, and moves with great enthusiasm,  as always his beautiful red coat was turned out to perfection by his adoring owners - Best Veteran Dog

Minor Puppy Dog – No Entries

Puppy Dog - No Entries

Junior Dog (3)

1. THOMPSON  R &  J  - Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika, Shaded gold, looked a picture stacked, he is one which when you look around the ring, he grabs your attention, being such a smart upstanding youngster, he has so much to like. He appealed for overall size and shape, though his head could be somewhat more refined for my taste, lovely dark well-shaped eye,  and going over him I was pleased with what I found under his coat, right length of neck into correctly placed shoulders, level topline, prominent pin bones, good fall away,  nicely angulated fore and aft, deep chest  and correct big feet, his movement is true and parallel coming and going,  he moved well in profile with plenty of reach and drive with his ringtail raised, handled and presented excellently, I can see a bright future ahead of him, I was pleased to award him the RCC

2. MOYES E & B  - Bryelis Rebel Heart,  another lovely young dog, super to go over, attractive head and dark eye.  Different type to the winner and comes in a more refined package,  well made throughout which showed in his movement which is light and effortless, I wish he would raise his head and tail more, I am sure that will come with age and confidence as he matures,  one to watch

3. Zandahar Xcuse Me Mister

Yearling Dog (1)

1. ANDERSON  M & L -  Zandahar Tartan Xplorer,  well-grown shaded gold, good outline stacked, lots to like, though his head is on the heavier side, its not displeasing, has a dark well-shaped eye, right length of neck,  level topline and correct set on ringtail,  well-angulated front and rear,  he shows and moves well in profile with smooth ground covering strides, though he needs to tighten behind, as I would like him tidier as he goes away, coat presented well another who should have a bright future when he fully matures, and everything comes together

Novice Dog (1)

1. HURL R & J - Zandahar Xcuse Me Mister,  Heavy coated Silver Brindle, just a big goofy clown,  he is so full of mischief, and he would rather play and have fun, which is fair enough, as he is still young, brother to 1st in YD, much of the same remarks apply, head needs refinement and needs to tighten behind,

Undergraduate Dog (1)

1. MOYES E & B - Bryelis Rebel Heart - 2nd in Junior

Graduate Dog (3)

1. FRENCH M & W - Sitana Bijali Toofan At Zalmeerah, B/M Gold, lovely headpiece, with super dark eyes, good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, level topline, good depth of chest and spring of rib, showed and moved well,

2. McCORMACK   V -  S/ M pale gold, his head being self masked, I found a little plain, and on the heavier side,  he has good colour eyes, he showed and moved well,  I would prefer a more defined outline when stacked,

3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond At Ruannas

Post Graduate Dog (5)

1. ABREY  D -  Karagez Tame The World (imp Russia) bl/br,  one who I have watched since he came to our shores two years ago,  now maturing into the most handsome and beautifully balanced hound, has the most fabulous head and expression, strong punishing jaw, triangular-shaped eye, low set ears.  Slightly arched neck of excellent length, smoothly leading into well laid back shoulders, correct length of upper arm, firm level topline, which he keeps on the move,  short rockhard loin,  prominent pin bones and well-defined fall away with low set on ringtail.  Good spring of ribs and depth of chest, huge feet, well angulated and well-muscled sweeping rear quarters, which he uses to cover the ground with his super length of stride and excellent reach and drive.  He is a fidget and can give his handler a difficult time, but he is always presented in fantastic hard muscular condition, and his dead straight, silky coat is groomed to perfection. Just so much to like about this dog, he should never be overlooked, I was honoured to award him his first CC  and thank you to the referee Brian Mcphillips who made him Best In Show.

2. REED A - Cloudside Sunstrike,  Silver brindle another with a nice head and dark eye, complementary angles front and back, move with verve and style, but I would like more forward reach, as always he put in an excellent performance,

3. Gilari Rosso Corsa

Mid Limit Dog (6)

1. JAMES & JAMES  E & I  -  Sitana Aag Toofan,  Pale gold with a balanced head and dark eye, the right length of neck and correct shoulder,  level topline, good depth of chest, well-angulated rear, lovely open stride with ringed tail correctly carried, a close decision between these brothers in 1st and 2nd

2. BOVEY  C & CJ - Sitana BarisaToofan Karianca, another with much to like, same remarks apply, everything in the right place, I just preferred the cleaner look of Toofan's shoulder and topline when viewing in profile

3. Shimalma Rum Runner

Limit Dog (5)

1. CULLEN T - SyrdaryaToffypop At Ewevisska,  Brindle, who is well-balanced, has a pleasing head with dark eye,  good front and rear,  level topline, good fallaway and tail set. Moves out well, though he would look better with his head raised a little more, well turned out

2. GRIFFEN M & J  - Pahlevi Da Vinci At Lazakhan, Black in excellent condition, likeable head and dark eye,  good front and rear, moved well, an immense coat that is expertly presented

3. Palamedees Taboo at Zalmeerah

Open Dog (4,1)

1. EDWARDS & GILBERT J R - Altside Mr Wickam, Dark brindle, masculine head with dark eye, strong neck just wish it had more length to it,  well-laid shoulder, deep chest, level topline,  such a showman and powerhouse on the move, plenty of reach and drive, handler as always getting the best from his charge, shown in fabulous condition

2. BELLO HERRERA K - Multi Int CH Eyes Gazing You Takin To Me (ATC), Red brindle, on initial inspection, I thought this dog would be my class winner, he has an excellent shape in profile. Sound front and rear, level topline, ringtail. Today when moving, he looked lack lustred and had lost his usual sparkle, and he didn't show as well as I know he can, the long journey may have taken its toll, superbly presented and handled

3. Khamis Pacific Tiger ShCM

Champion Dog (1)

1. APPLEBY L J J & M - CH IR CH Davashey To Tell The Truth, Dark brindle, what a showman, looks like he could go all day, never letting his handler down, worthy champion, with  everything in the right place, handled and presented wonderfully

JUDGE: Jo Smith ( Zhaqqari)