• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jo Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: German Pinscher

Thank you to Windsor Committee for this appointment and to my very experienced stewards for making my life so easy in the ring. Thank you also to the exhibitors for supporting me and taking my decisions with good grace. 


Veteran Dog or Bitch 2 (0AB) 


1st WAKEFIELD Mrs K E, NL Ch Lux Ch Legacy's Wish-ful Thinking Via Aritaur (IMP USA). Beautiful 10 yr old Red Bitch, Correct head with dark eye and nicely placed ears, correct depth of Muzzle and stop. Balanced Front & rear angles allowing her to move out steadily and so soundly, a credit to her owner. Best Veteran and Reserve Best Bitch. 


2nd NEAME Mr J, Aritaur Gene Genie . 7 yr old happy and very bouncy red male. Strong clean head with super earset and carriage. Dark eyes, strong muzzle and stop, Good forechest and balanced front and rear angles. Would prefer to see him cleaner across the withers and carrying a little less weight. Needs to settle on the move to allow for correct assessment of movement.   


Post Graduate Dog 3 (0AB) 


1st  DUNCAN, Miss E & GILDER Mr D, Goodsouls Mr Brightside. 2 yr old black and tan male presented in superb condition and ticked almost all my boxes. Strong head with correct depth of muzzle and stop. Correctly shaped dark eyes, ears set high. Lovely correct tan markings. Correct length of neck leading into cleanest of shoulders with nice forechest and short strong back and loin. Tailset correct but carriage high over his back. Balanced angles allowed for steady and very sound movement. Best Dog & Best of Breed. 


2nd WAKEFIELD Mrs K E, Dogiwogin Darker Shade Of Magic (IMP FIN).  18 month old larger black and tan male. Very strong head and pronounce occiput at the moment. Darkest correctly shaped eyes and beautiful rich tan markings. Would prefer slightly smaller higher set ears and less dewlap. Square shape, good forechest with deep brisket, correct tailset and carriage. Tended to throw his right fore and pull away from handler making it hard to access movement correctly. 


3rd NEAME Mr J, Nirvana-le Lauret Des Fringents Complices (IMP FRA). 


Open Dog 2 (0AB) 


1st WAKEFIELD Mrs K E, Int Ch Hickson Matrix Of Milo At Brintala (IMP SWE). Rising 7 yr old red male. Broad clean head with super earset and carriage, Strong muzzle and deep stop, correctly shaped very dark eyes, eye rims and lips, Clean neck, good forechest and correct depth of brisket. Would prefer slightly shorter loin and less tuck up. Balanced angles allowed him to move out well and totally sound from all angles. Reserve Best Dog. 


2nd CLARK Miss S J, Lux Ch Hickson Phantasos Dream Vid Deamtasos (IMP SWE). 5 yr old red male presented in lovely condition. Strong masculine head, Strong muzzle and deep stop. Correctly shaped medium eye and very high set ears with folding tips. Strong neck, good forechest and brisket. Slightly straight in shoulder, short back with strong loin, correct tailset and carriage. Moved well in profile and going away but untidy coming. 


Puppy Bitch 1 (0AB) 


1st WALTON Miss N L, Brintalas Queen of the Night at Dabella. 9 month old extremely feminine black and tan bitch. Very pretty head with darkest of eyes and super high set correctly placed ears. Deep stop. Elegant neck leading into clean shoulders. Slightly upright in front but enough forechest and depth of brisket for age. Body needs to mature, tailset and carriage are good and she moved out really well from all angles. Best Puppy in Breed. 


Junior Bitch 1 (0AB) 


1st WAKEFIELD Mrs K E, Y Not's Be A Drama Queen For Brintala (IMP USA). 13 month old Stag red bitch. So much to like about this very bouncy happy young lady, Very pretty head with super earset and carriage, lovely dark correct shaped eye, deep muzzle and correct stop. Strong neck leading into super clean shoulders, good forechest and correct depth of brisket, short strong loin, would just prefer a slightly longer leg. Once settled she moved out well and soundly but needs to stand still long enough to be gone over properly which I know will come with age. 


Post Graduate Bitch 1 (0AB) 


1st SAUNDERS Mrs R & Mr D, Brintala's Melania. 4 yr old black and tan bitch with correct tan markings and square shape. Lovely head with darkest eye and correctly placed and carried ears. Correct length of muzzle and correct stop. Neck slightly short leading into clean shoulders. Balanced angles but tends to move with her head down and pulls away which spoils her outline on the move. 


Open Bitch 2 (0AB) 


1st SMITH, Mr D R & Mrs H A & HOLLIDAY Mrs M, Inxs Written In The Stars. 

4 yr old stag red bitch presented in good condition and caught my eye in profile when stood. Strong head, with deep muzzle and stop, medium eye and well set ears. Strong neck, good forechest, slightly short upper arm, Level top and underlines, nice bend of stifle, had a tendency to lift a little high in front on the move but better once she started moving forward and settled into her stride. Best Bitch. 


2nd  WAKEFIELD Mrs K E, Hickson Heaven Is On Fire (IMP SWE). 3 yr old red bitch solidly built with a busy attitude. Lovely head, correct muzzle and ears, dark eye, nice arched neck leading into clean shoulders and nice topline with correct tuck up. Balanced angles viewed from the side, but inclined to stand slightly wide in front. Another one who tended to pull away from her handler dropping her shoulder which spoilt her profile and made her movement hard to access correctly.  


Judge Mrs Jo Ellis (Falkor).