• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jessica Frost Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Brittany

Thank you to Three Counties Championship Dog Show for this opportunity and of course to award my first set of Challenge Certificates. I really enjoyed myself. Although the day clashed with the Nationale D’Elevage, Brittany Club Show in France - where I know several were attending, I was thrilled to receive the support of the Exhibitors. There were some really lovely, cobby, and moderate examples of the breed with several refined heads entered today that set our breed apart from many other gundogs.  


Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1) Mooney’s Challowmoon Noah, a handsome and very cobby o/w roan dog, with a lovely soft expression, high ear carriage, moderate head with slightly curved cheeks, but not overdone, tight lips, excellent bone, deep chest with well sprung ribs, broad loin, neat feet, lovely bone, excellent shoulders and forequarter angulation, with moderate bend of stifle enabling the clipped movement with little rear extension so typical of the breed, would only prefer slightly less slope in topline over his rear quarters from his croup. RDCC. 

2) Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley Am Catgueli, o/w roan male in good working order, although I would like a little more weight for a curvier finish around the ribs, loin and rear quarters, chest well descended to elbow, kind eyes, soft though alert expression, well set ears, would prefer slightly more curve around the cheeks for a more defined appearance, good bone and length of leg, handled well and held his topline on the move, missed out to 1 on maturity.

Limit Dog (1)

1) Wilson’s Denandmeg Mill Reef, lovely b/w roan male, attractive head, modest in every way, from a gentle stop to moderately defined zygomatic arches, tight lips, soft expression, although slightly round eye, small ears highly set, short in back, square in outline, excellent topline, slightly sloping from withers to croup and to tail, enough bone, good angulation, excellent clipped movement, cat-like feet, quite lean on the day so sadly not quite in his best condition for higher honours.

Open Dog (1)

1) Anderson’s Rochus Marvin, a beautiful black roan dog with a typical head, skull of the correct 3:2 proportions, lovely moderate stop, foreface and muzzle, chiselled features, tight lips and soft expression, high ear carriage, excellent lay of shoulder, a strong loin and rear quarters, square outline, a short and cobby body with very well sprung ribs, deep fore-chest, brisket well descended to the elbow, excellent bone, moderate bend of stifle, good length of leg, broad thighs and lovely tight feet, typical clipped gait. DCC & RBOB.

Veteran Dog (1, 1 Absent)


Puppy Bitch (4)

A very close class, with little to choose between them, so bore in mind their age and did not put so much emphasis on maturity for such young babies.

1) Anderson’s Rochus Olive, ultra-feminine, although not fine, o/w roan puppy bitch, pretty expression, lovely little ears, long legs and neat feet, although slightly less mature in body than 2 and 3, but she is a lovely size and short in loin, with ample bone, brisket descended to the elbow, excellent topline, good lay of shoulder, excellent rear quarters and angulation, with workman-like movement, will mature nicely, although possibly steadily. BP.

2) Cocking & Barnaby’s Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite, another pretty o/w puppy, skull of correct 3:2 proportions, alert and kind expression, tiny well set ears, although she has slightly broader cheeks (zygomatic arches) than 1, hence I preferred the head of 1, good bone, well sprung rib, deep chest, well descended to the elbow, strong loin and rear-quarters, good angulation and movement, lovely goaty coat, slightly up at the rear end, so still has some growing to do.

3) Yarrow’s Bonapartist Odille

Junior Bitch (1)

1) Tully’s Oos The Daddy, very flashy clear o/w, well presented, pretty bitch, elegant head with typical Breton expression, feminine muzzle, small ears, carried to advantage, a longer, clean neck, perfectly square, excellent slightly-sloping topline, good amount of bone, nice coat texture, ribs are well sprung, short in body and cobby, nice rounded rear-quarters, movement slightly crabbing today whilst moving in a lively fashion, but not worried, as still able to assess. Only missed out to higher honours due to maturity.

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1) Skeet’s Sanbosier Naia, o/w roan pretty bitch, with a feminine head, alert, excellent high ear carriage, tight lips, chest well descended to elbows, with a good ribcage and plenty of heart room, slightly wider in front – although may have been way she stood on the day, very short in loin, lovely square outline, good topline and angulation, nice neat feet.

2) Coveney’s Challowmoon Naya, b/w dark roan, larger bitch overall than 1, although still square in outline, very mature, excellent topline, broad ribcage and loin, deep chest, typical Breton movement and well handled, slightly larger ears, lovely feet.

Limit Bitch (2)

1) Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique, o/w roan, lively bitch, nicely chiselled head with lovely tight lips, very bright and cheeky expression, would prefer slightly less stop and eyes were a little rounded, although rest of skull proportions were correct, very high ear carriage, clean neck set well into shoulders, good depth of chest and amount of rib, cobby, short in loin and very square, good strong topline and angulation, nice amount of bone, moved well. RBCC

2) Davies’ Rochus Lottie, o/w mature bitch, moderate head, tight lips and nice ear set, although not using them to her advantage today, larger cast than 1, plenty of bone, very deep fore-chest and well-bodied, with an excellent spring of rib, great topline slightly sloping from withers to croup, lovely rounded rear end and broad thighs, moved well, just preferred the inquisitiveness and size of 1.

Open Bitch (4, 1 Absent)

1) Southorn’s Rochus Juliet, a stunning, cobby, well-marked chestnut o/w bitch, knew she was my class winner as soon as I saw her, she really caught my eye today, excellent proportions, with an elegant, chiselled head, correct 3:2 skull to muzzle ratio, lovely neat, highly set ears, excellent pigment, dark eyes and generally giving that typical Breton expression, good length of neck set well into her shoulders, lovely deep chest, excellent bone and length of leg, short in loin and very square, well-rounded ribcage, lovely topline, perfect moderate angulation, broad thighs and therefore excellent movement, showed herself off very well today (BCC and BOB).

2) Skeet’s Sanbosier Naia, seen previously, first in Post Graduate Bitch, but not quite so mature as 1 and slightly wider in front too.

3) Williams’ Tournesol Impossible Dream

Veteran Bitch (0)