• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: JENNY WRIGHT Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Dalmatian

Dalmatian Club of Scotland Open Show, 24th of August 2019 


Thank you to the Committee for asking me to judge at their Club Open Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and surprised myself at some of my placings, until one gets one’s hands on a dog; it is easy to judge from the ringside, very different when the whole dog is in front of you.  

Thank all of the exhibitors for entrusting me to judge your dogs and for your sporting support. 

It was a long day for the dogs; most had shown previously at the Championship show in the morning. We didn’t start until nearly 1pm, so this possibly affected some of the placings with a couple of exhibits. 

The venue was warm inside, it was hot outside and that would have been worse, however, I considered a couple of laps around the decent size ring, should be easily achieved by most Dalmatians. A Dalmatian is a moving breed and I wanted to see as much of them moving as possible. The dogs appeared to cope well with this, some of the handlers struggled! 

Generally, head shape and eye colour were much improved upon, since my previous judging of a club show (2013). There were some exquisite heads and expressions, with very dark eyes, dentition all good, some close decisions and a few quality exhibits that under scrutiny had a real depth of quality.  

However, there were only a couple of exhibits that had correct cat feet. Approx. a third of exhibits were at least one vertebra short in tail and high tail carriage is evident in a few of the males. 

The other noticeable trend, totally opposite to what the standard calls for, dogs carrying excessive weight. The standard asks for a strong, muscular and active dog, free from lumber. (Puppies can be forgiven). I struggled to find this in some, lack of musculature was evident. 

Carriage dogs of the C17th were expected to trot for miles, not a quick trip around the block. Your dogs are a reflection of the amount they are fed and exercised. Bench mark against the standard, not each other. 

Minor Puppy Dog 2 (1) 

1st. Richardson’s, Mapplewell Pocket Rocket, 6/12, Black and White male, with densely pigmented spotting. An eye catching exhibit; masculine through and through; with good solid round bone, plenty of substance and a balanced outline. Head is not yet finished and would prefer more stop, but this should develop. Having a correct level back and a correct tail and carriage. Moved with a free and easy gait.  Should have a bright future. Pleased he went Best Puppy Dog and Best Opposite Sex Puppy. 

Puppy Dog 2 

This class was challenging and I was splitting hairs between these two quality puppies. Just preferred the more masculine outline of 1st. 

1st Richardson’s, Mapplewell Pocket Rocket 

2nd Bliss & Pearson s’, Kelevra What a Guy, 10/12, presents a pleasing picture, good dark eye, correct size, would prefer more bone to foreleg. Having a good length of neck into withers. Again striking, densely black, pigmented spotting. He is balanced on the stand with both moderately angulated front and rear, good level back. This puppy should develop nicely, although a few months older than 1st, he still has a ‘rolling middle’ puppy gait. This should tighten as he matures. He too should have a bright future. 

Junior Dog 2 

1st Mather’s, Taliory Saddleside Legend, 16/12. Up to the top of the standard in height but balanced, with a more traditional black spotting pattern, of smaller spots. Has a good head, with beautifully spotted ears. One that was in good condition, free from any lumbar and fit. He moved around the ring with ease and had a good length of stride. Should mature onwards and always be in the cards. 

2nd.Knight’s, Dalmardi Charmin The Flames, 15/12, black and white spotted male with a lighter spotted coat pattern. Good head with a moderate amount of stop, good shaped eye and was attentive to handler. Moved out well just preferred the overall balance of 1st. 

Yearling Dog 2 

1ST Locke –Mcfadzean’s, Caprilli’s Panache Over Sassafras, 18/12, Black and White spotted male, spotting pattern of even distribution. Overall picture was of one of masculinity and animation. This dog knows how to project himself and has much ‘ring presence’. (Was down to my final 3 males). He has an exquisite head and expression, darkest of eye colour, with a good angulated front, probably the best front assembly of the day. Slightly longer in loin, rear angulation is good too. Moves out well and rhythmically, just tends to hold his tail high and curled on the move but sure this dog will gain his crown. 

2nd Mcvicar’s Dalfin Almond Slice 21/12 Liver and White spotted dog, of a lighter spotted coat pattern. Coat not at its best today. (Liver colour not too dark, which I personally prefer). Good head and eye colour, with enough substance, shorter in loin and moved out ok, although tends to play his handler up some. Would like to see him moving at a steadier pace, at one with his handler. 

Graduate Dog 

1ST  Mather’s, Taliory Saddleside Legend  

2nd Finlay s’, Dalfin Actual Fact, 23/12 Masculine dog, of correct size, fit and not lumbered in any way. With densely pigmented black spotting, heavier in distribution. Good head and expression, dark eye. Angulation both front and rear is equal, moves well with no deviation fore or aft.  A ‘steady mover’-tends to carry tail high on moving but settles once stood. 

Post Graduate Dog 4 

1st and BIS Cobb’s, Kalokairie Eddy The Eagle, 2 year old, liver spotted male. Here was my main winner and what I was looking for in a Dalmatian that was fit for purpose. This dog was in a hard, fit condition. Muscled all over, without being coarse. Being fit for function he could ‘go all day’. He was of the correct size and substance. A masculine head, with a kind expression, dark amber eye of correct shape, ears, although not too broken, were set on correctly. His spotting was of a darker liver colour with a heavier distribution. He was completely balanced on the stand and move, with a good width to front assembly; having a good depth of second thigh at the rear. He moved with such reach and drive, a powerful mover, footfall was near perfection, holding a level back at all times. His tail carriage, on the move, was high, but this did not detract from the overall quality of this dog. Pleased to award him Best in Show and Best Liver in Show. I hope we will be seeing much more of him in the future. 

2nd  Finlay s’ Dalfin Actual Fact 

Limit Dog 3 

1st Neilson’s, Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet JW Sh.CM, 4 year old, black spotted male. Overall picture was of a masculine, balanced dog, with ample bone and substance, there was a lot to like about him. Excelled in head proportions with a good dark eye and flat skull, correct amount of stop. With  well angulated, equal, front and rear assemblies, although handler needs to work on his standing position, not to push him too far back, which straightens his stifle. Good straight round bone to forelegs and good feet. Well decorated, with an even spotting distribution. Correct tail set and carriage. On the move he has a good forward reach, extending well and maintains a good level back. Shame he just went flat in the challenge.  

2nd Marley & Libbey s’, Bellilli’s D’amore De Loin. ShCM. 3 year old, quality male. Presenting an eye catching picture, having the densest, pigmented black spotting on a pure white background. Appealing head with good proportions, darkest eye colour of the day. Correct size and again balanced, good depth to chest and shorter in loin. Good tail set and carriage. Moved well, just preferred length in back and top line of 1st. 

Open Dog. 2 

This class was challenging and both of these dogs could exchange places on another day. Both dogs showed equally well and both were ‘shouting’, “Look at me”- very difficult as both had much to like about them. 

1st. Cobb’s, Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy JW, 3 Year old, and an upstanding dog with a good distribution of black and white spots. He projected himself well, was animated and had much ring presence. His head was exquisite, in all the right proportions, with a good dark eye. Up to size, but with balance and moved out well, with much reach and fore extension. His fore movement was true, with straight round bone down to ok feet, was not as powerful and didn’t drive as well as 2nd in side gait, but preferred his coming towards and tail carriage overall. Was pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. 

2nd.Croft &Cobb s’, Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof, 3 Year old, liver and white, well spotted, upstanding dog, which exudes masculinity. Shows well with animation and ‘sparkle’ He has a masculine head, with a dark amber eye. Has much substance and solid round bone. Well-muscled throughout, not carrying any excess weight, with excellent second thigh and a good level back on the move. He really powers around the ring, lovely to watch him, this is a fit dog. He is slightly loose in front when coming towards but nevertheless a quality dog. 

Veteran 2 (1) 

1st. Newton & Newton O’ Brien s’, Chizzmic Chase Me, 7 year old, beautifully spotted male, of a lighter liver colour, with a masculine head, dark amber eye, spotty ears and a good disposition. He was really enjoying his day out. Well put together, balanced, ample bone and substance, but being the correct size, with good angulation of both front and rear and a correct tail set and carriage. Good length of back, moved ok, if a little haphazard, it was all too exciting! Stood alone but a worthy class winner. Pleased to award him Best Veteran Dog and Best Opposite Sex Veteran. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 

1st. Richardson’s, Mapplewell Limited Edition, Just 6 months old and litter sister to the puppy dog winner. Has the same deeply pigmented, black and white spotting. Very eye catching and was balanced, although more compact than her brother. Liked her size, not too big, just right for a minor puppy.  Dark eyes, pretty face and correct ear placement, she has the quality to go far. With straight, round bone to front and a well angulated front. She drives well with effort and already has good front extension. She will be one to watch for the future. Unlucky to meet the winner of the next class but for a ‘raw’ baby she has bags of potential. 


Puppy Bitch 3, what a super puppy bitch class, all 3 had an excellent quality about them. 

1st Paterson’s, Kelevra What A Storm, 10/12, Black and White spotted bitch with good even spotting. Such a balanced bitch and fills the eye with symmetry. She has an appealing, expressive head, with dark eyes, correct proportions of head and just the right amount of stop. She exudes femininity and is the correct size, having good, balanced angulation, a deep chest and a correct tail set with carriage. On the move she is quite effortless in her gait and appears to cover the ground easily, no deviation in her fore and aft maintaining a level back, with the correct body length to height ratio. She took my eye, although still a puppy I could not deny her quality, was pleased to award her Best Bitch in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex to BIS, Best Black Spotted in Show and Best Puppy in Show. 

2nd Richardson’s, Mapplewell Limited Edition 

Junior Bitch 4 

Dunnachie & Philip s’, Dvojica Daisy Diamond, 13/12, Black and White spotted bitch, with good, evenly distributed spotting. (Having a fabulous, dense coat). Paints a feminine picture. Having a good head, such a pretty spotty face, dark eyes, powerful muzzle and correct ear set. Not too big, correct size and well balanced, good spring and length of rib, with good angulation both front and rear. Straight round bone to front legs, she moved well, with a level top line, correct tail set and carriage. Expertly handled, just out of puppy, she was attentive to handler and showed herself well. 

2nd Wallington’s, Kaytoni isn’t she lovely at Ailsadot, 10/12. This puppy was placed 3rd in the previous class but performed much better in this class. She pushed hard for 1st here, lots to like and I would encourage the handler to keep working with her.  (Handler needs to be aware of the ‘back end’ as well as the front, when standing her).  A puppy with a striking appearance, lightly spotted with a pure white coat, enhanced black spots and built on clean lines. Having a lightly spotted face and head, good dark eye, arched neck into clean withers, enough substance, yet elegant, very feminine outline, again correct size. She, once settled, moved well and has a certain pizzazz about her.  Should also have a bright future as she matures, and I will watch her progress with interest. 

Yearling Bitch 2 

1st Noble’s, Rubedu Sheik Yerbouti, 19/12, Black and White Bitch, with even spotting, lovely broken ears. Good head and neck, flowing into well laid back shoulders, balanced, although longer cast. Feet need to tighten somewhat. Moved well, good rotation of hocks and muscled quarters which she uses to drive from the rear. Correct tail set and carriage. 

2nd. Coxon s’ Taliory Serendipity Target, 16/12, Black and White, substantial bitch and well up to size, if not beyond. Having a feminine head and lighter in eye, skull could have been flatter. Spotting was good, well dispersed. Having a good depth of chest and a longer loin.  Movement was ok, but would benefit from handler moving her at a faster pace. Back was uneven when moving, tending to raise over the croup, however, this could be from her ‘pace’ being sluggish. 

Graduate Bitch 5 (1) 

Morgan’s, Malebrow Wish Upon A Star, 23/12, Black and White, correct size bitch. She was not overdone in any way, no exaggeration here, very balanced. Fit, not carrying any excess weight, she stood and moved well, with a symmetrical outline. Dense, black spotting, head in good proportions, dark eye, deep chest, good spring of rib, correct tail and carriage. She was extremely well put together. Movement was good, however, was slightly sluggish in the challenge and had lost some of her drive.  

2nd. Cobb’s, Kalokarie’s Crème de La Crème, 3 year old bitch. Such a pity this bitch had a profound phantom; she could have gone all the way.  Evenly black and white spotted, not too heavy in spotting. With plenty of round bone, but retaining femininity and style, was carrying a fair amount of excess weight. Good head proportions, eye colour mid-brown, muscled neck onto a well laid shoulder. Rear quarters were good with a good depth of thigh. Back was level with a correct tail set and carriage. Her movement excelled, having a long, easy stride, she covered the ground effortlessly, with a driving rear action.  Fore and aft no deviation, she made it look ‘all so easy’. 

Post Graduate Bitch 2 

1ST. Pratt s’, Sophtspot In A Heartbeat of Lyndalla ShCM, 3 Year old, black and white spotted bitch of smaller size, but still within the standard. Evenly spotted, nice spotty ears. Dark eye, head is predominantly white, having a good shaped head and powerful muzzle. Liked her front assembly and width to front. She was balanced, with plenty of muscle on her rear. Tail set could have been better but it was not carried high. She moved well, with good front extension, rhythmic in her action.  A pleasing picture overall. 

2nd.Shepherd’s, Dalfire Bling In Spots, 2 Year old, Liver and White Spotted bitch, good size in height but would prefer more substance throughout. Pretty face, with a good shaped head, well set on ears and amber eye. Having well distributed spotting, good tail set and carriage. Feet could be tighter. Moved ok, if a little unsettled.  

Limit Bitch 5 (1) 

1st. Dinsdale’s, Roadcoach Rejoice With Dalesbred, 3 year old, quality bitch, with substance and balance, fit and muscular build, but retaining femininity and elegance. She pushed hard for the top spot. She has an exquisite head and expression, with a dark amber eye, spotty ears and a powerful muzzle. Tapering long neck flowed well into laid back shoulder. With a well angulated front and a deep chest. Loin strong, clean, muscular and slightly arched. With well distributed liver spotting on a clean white coat. She moved ergonomically with an effortless action, light on her feet. Was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Best Liver Bitch in Show. 

2nd. Lamb’s, Dalpetro Diamond JW, 3 year old bitch. This bitch was the ultimate show girl. Standing she is full of animation and verve. Built on more compact lines, she is of correct size and balanced. Having an alert, expressive head with a dark eye and deep muzzle. Distinctively black and white spotted, with well pigmented black spots. With straight front bone to forelegs and a good width to front. Her rear angulation is good, with well-rounded muscular quarters and well defined hocks. She moves well and does not deviate when viewed from front or rear. I would just have preferred a longer loin and back, but a quality bitch nevertheless.  

Open Bitch 1 

Pickup’s Roadcoach Ray of Sunshine, 3 year old bitch, litter sister to Limit winner. Overall picture was of a more ‘rangier’ type. Appeared to be ‘well up’ on front leg and longer cast. Spotting was good, liver spots, evenly distributed, beautiful coat condition. Head- would prefer more stop to foreface, had a good deep amber eye colour. Front assembly was well-angulated and rear had a good turn of stifle. She moved ok, if a little sluggish, not really looking like she was enjoying herself today, a bit lack lustre 

Veteran Bitch 2 

This class was challenging, both of these Veterans were a credit to their owners and placings could have been reversed on another day. I was splitting hairs, both very different in type.  

1st. Lamb’s, Dalpetro Diva JW, 8 year old, black and white spotted bitch. Well put together bitch, balanced and of ample substance. Just carrying some excess weight and ‘falling off’ over the croup a little, so losing her top line, but she moves well with plenty of drive and front extension. She won this class on her front assembly and driving movement, good width and depth of chest, just preferred it to 2nds. Attentive to handler, she was enjoying her day out. Was pleased to award her Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran In Show. 

2nd. Morgan’s, Winflash Olympic Star JW, Sh CM, 7 year old, correct size, densely black spotted bitch. General impression is of balance and with a symmetrical outline; she doesn’t look her age and is fit, hard and muscular. No excess weight or wrinkling over withers, as seen in some younger exhibits today.  Head proportion was good, with a dark eye and a smooth transition from neck into withers. Moves well, but would like to see her moved at a faster pace, she is steady, but too steady and sure she could drive and extend more with some ‘gusto’ if the handler added pace.  


Best Domiciled in Scotland.  

Apparently this award was founded by the late Mrs Susan Gatheral, I was very honoured to award this and had 3 lovely dogs in this class. A credit to their Scottish Breeders. 

1st. Neilson’s, Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet JW Sh.CM 

2nd. Dunnachie & Philip s’, Dvojica Daisy Diamond 

3rd. Pratt s’, Sophtspot In A Heartbeat of Lyndalla ShCM 


Jenny Wright, Judge, Millbelle.