• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenny Todhunter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Affenpinscher

Scottish Kennel Club 19.5.19

Judge Jenny Todhunter

Thank you to the officers and committee of the SKC for the invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for the numerically good entry and the quality of the exhibits. It was much appreciated. I feel now, in the breed, the strength lies in the bitches, of which I had some quality to assess.

Puppy Dog (4) (1A)

1st Boulcott and Stewart’s Darkle Persius at Ingerdorm. This dog took my eye when he entered the ring. He has a masculine head, good mouth and lovely turn up. Blackest of coats. A good straight front, short neck and a level topline. Rear angulation was correct which gave him a perfect profile and correct movement fore and aft. I feel this young dog will have a promising future.

2nd Carlyle’s Induna Little Prince Louis. Seven month old dog. Correct head, dark eyes and small high set ears. Excellent harsh coat. Straight front legs, well sprung ribs and hind legs set under body. Good square outline.

Junior Dog (1)

1st McEvoy and Pirrie’s Tamarin Tucson. 13 month old dog with that unique Affenpinscher expression. Dark sparking eyes with good bite and turn up. Good dark coarse textured coat, level topline leading to high set and gently curved tail. Happy dog with lively strutting action.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st Currie’s Faehat Fedora. Two year old dog. Small in statue but big in personality. Mischievous expression, dark wicked eyes, wide nostrils and good turn up. Small high set ears, short neck, short and straight body and correct tail set. Lively movement in profile.

2nd Atkinson and Clarke’s Darksprite Solstice Son. 3 year old dog. Dark, round eyes, prominent chin and good turn up. Level topline, short and level back with slight tuck up at loin. He had the correct rear angulation. Unfortunately, he wasn’t happy with the venue which meant he dropped his tail on the move which affected the whole outline.

Limit Dog (4, 1A)

1st Wiggins Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey. Two year old. What I would call an old-fashioned boy. He is not overdone in anyway and has a lovely square outline. Correct head, short neck and good body with well sprung ribs. Front legs straight with elbows close to sides and hind legs well set under body. This dogs movement in front and rear was very sound.

2nd McEvoy and Pirrie’s Faehat Mwnci Du. 2 years old. Domed head, dark eyes and well-set small ears. He had an excellent mouth and that unique expression. Small round feet and correct high tail carriage. He looked good in profile, but rear movement was a tad close.

Open Dog (2)

1st Greenwood’s Capricho Keck Laus Bub. 4 years old. I remember liking this dog as a puppy. Not seen him much since, but what I saw today I liked. He is a four square, solid dog with a masculine sturdy appearance. Not flashy in any way but with all the correct attributes. Good head, darkest of eyes, correct dentition and prominent chin and turn up. He has the correct coarse coat, level topline, good tail setting and carriage. He excelled in movement and filled my eye. So pleased to award him the DCC and BOB.

2nd McEvoy and Pirrie’s Imruns Pikes Peak (IMP NOR). Two years old. A dog with an appealing and mischievous monkey like expression. Carried himself with that self-confident and comic way that is so captivating. He has a good black coarse coat, stood four square with hind legs well set under and a good tail carriage. He moved with a lively strutting action but just preferred the movement of the 1st.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Shepherd’s Int/Fin/Est/Lat Ch Avantgarde Importance of being Ernest. Eight and a half years old and still enjoying life to the full. This handler obviously makes showing such fun for him. He has the most delightful wicked expression, level topline and had that strutting action in profile.

2nd Boulcott’s Ch Ingerdorm Rebus JW Sh CM. I have to say I was splitting hairs in this class. Both dogs the same age and again so sound. Slightly smaller dog, but not delicate, who still has a good black jacket. Characteristic head with good mouth and small well set ears. Good forequarters and hind legs set well under body.

Puppy Bitch (7,1A)

1st Pirrie’s Faehat Betsi Cadwaladr Riogaioch. A lovely feminine puppy, so enjoying herself! She had a lovely domed head, broad brow and a prominent chin with a lovely turn up. The dark sparkling eyes and good dentition completed the picture. She has a lovely outline with a short neck, straight front and rear angulation. Her tailset was correct and she was a good mover.

2nd Shennan’s Ashiblack Jinx Johnson. Seven months. A very similar stamp to first and not a lot to split them. She had a lovely outline and feminine head. Small but sturdy in appearance. Showed well and her movement was true and correct.

Junior Bitch (8,2A)

1st Pirrie’s Venustus Gruosi Dyeamond at Riogaioch. This was a strong class in terms of quality dogs. Twelve month old with a lovely expression. Dark round eyes, correct mouth and teeth. Short, straight back with well sprung ribs. Nice black coat. She had a lovely outline in profile – high lift at the front, though not hackneyed.

2nd Johnson’s Carmichan Catcha Star. 14 months old. A different type of bitch but nevertheless very appealing. Good head, dark eye and wide-open nostrils. Short neck, level topline, with a sturdy appearance. She had a correct coat. Her movement was sound and correct and she was happy on the move.

Post Graduate (4,1A)

1st McEvoy and Pirrie’s Priscila Queen of the Desert. A very happy girl with a lovely characteristic head and a real monkey like expression. Broad brow, blackest of eyes, small neat ears and a prominent chin gave her a delightfully naughty look. Her outline was very square with a slight tuck up. Front legs straight and rear without excessive angulation made for a sound, lively movement. Was pleased to award her RBCC.

2nd Johnsons’ Carmichan Catcha Star.

Limit Bitch (7)

1st Wiggins’ Scapafield Schwarz Olena. Two years old. This girl is not exaggerated in anyway. She has a lovely head with that comic expression. Good ear placement, dark eye, wide open nostrils and a good mouth and teeth and prominent chin. Correct coat frames the head. Short straight neck and level topline held on the move. Correct turn of stifle and a lovely sound mover. Was pleased to award her the BCC.

2nd Gill’s Carmichan Tegra. Smaller bitch with very feminine head. Small, high set ears, dark eyes and correct mouth. Good straight front and level topline. She had a lovely square outline. Slightly out of coat at present. She was a lovely mover rear and with a lively strutting front movement.

Open Bitch (7)

1st Johnson’s Carmichan My Cariad JW Sh CM. This was a very happy girl who was really enjoying her showing. She had a lovely head with dark sparking eyes, high set ears and correct mouth and turn up which gives that desired monkey like appearance. She had a good coarse coat and a nice square body with well sprung ribs and a short level back. Her movement was sound and correct both fore and hind.

2nd Pirrie’s Flame Dancer at Riogaioch. Not a lot separated these two bitches. Similar in size to first. A lovely typical Affenpinscher head with good dentition. Her forequarters were straight with elbows close to her sides, short straight back and correct turn of stifle with good rear movement.

Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Shennan’s Capricho Jubel for Ashiblack Sh CM. Eight years. Both these bitches are a credit to their owners and they both thoroughly enjoyed their day out. Small neat girl with a feminine head. Short straight back leading to lovely tailset. Not delicate in any way. Straight forelegs and correctly angulated rear. Sound mover. Best Veteran

2nd Mumby’s Ch Carmichan Moondance. A lovely head, still brimming with mischief. Darkest of eyes. Short neck, front legs straight, chest not too deep but with a sturdy appearance. Harsh coat. Correct and lively movement.