• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenna Betts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

VD/B (1) 1 O’Day’s Ch Silvamoon Sweet Sapphire ShCM This bitch has got better with age and at 10½ yrs old she is in incredible shape. Noble but feminine head with low set ears of good length and square muzzle. Strong reachy neck leading into well laid shoulders. Neat front with straight forelegs and good forechest. Good length of back, balanced rear which she used to drive easily around the ring. BV.

PD (0)

JD (4) 1 Buchanan & Maclaren’s Macaroni v Tum-Tums Vriendjes of Tarmachan Really smart 16mth old, just right for maturity. Nicely domed head with dark oval eyes, well boned straight forelegs, ribcage of good depth and shape. Balanced, unexaggerated rear, moved with precision and drive holding his topline. RCC. 2 Culyer-Dawon, Jennings & Marshall’s Soufriere We Will Rock You Larger than 1, would like a little less of him but his overall construction can’t be denied. Good front assembly with sufficient forechest, balanced length of back and well angulated rear. Moved with long easy strides. 3 Butler & Cooper’s Jayanel About Time Too

PGD (3) 1 Cooper & Smith’s Jayanel Ambiorix Just out of puppy, well boned youngster with a good harsh coat and excellent pigmentation. Good overall proportions with balanced front and rear, moved soundly. 2 Bayliss’ Arapelo Darude Lovely shape head and strong muzzle, low ear set. Pleasing reach of neck and forechest, ribs nicely rounded. Good topline but would like just a shade more length of back. Sound rear. 3 Jackson & Marks’ Duntech Georges

LD (0)

OD (5) 1 Makey’s Ch & Bel Ch Gairside Good Lord JW ShCM Noble and masculine, pleasing proportions and so sound to go over. Excellent head and dark oval eyes, strong reachy neck, well laid shoulders, tidy elbows and well boned straight forelegs. Strong body with well rounded ribcage of good depth and correct length of back. Muscular well-balanced rear. A real showman on the move, carries himself proudly maintaining his shape and covering the ground easily and soundly with long strides. CC & BOB. 2 Bailey & Yates’ Tarmachan Ice Cool Liked his well domed head, low set ears of good length and with nice fold, strong foreface. Good front and forechest, strong topline although a little longer in back than 1. Well set tail of good length, harsh coat presented in super clean condition. 3 Harris & Theodorou’s Debucher Bizet

GCD/B (0)

PB (1) 1 Roberts’ Tioga Opihr 10mth old with a good harsh coat. Sweet feminine head and expression, good reach of neck and pleasing amount of bone for her age. Well-rounded ribcage of good length, just needing some time to strengthen in topline on the move but otherwise moved well. BP.

JB (1) 1 Marshall’s Soufriere One Vision Smart bitch with a lovely typical head and excellent front assembly, good forechest and well-rounded ribs. Would like a fraction shorter in back but she has a good topline and well angulated rear with good tailset. Showed her sound construction well on the move at a quicker pace.

PGB (4,1) 1st Marshall’s Soufriere One Vision 2 Jackson & Marks’ Duntech Giselle Strongly made well-proportioned head with dark eye. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm but would like more length of leg and higher tailset. Good texture coat, moved soundly. 3 Marshall’s Silvamoon Saffron at Soufriere

LB (1,1)

OB (5,1) 1 Makey’s Ch & Bel Ch Gairside Good Gracious Such an elegant bitch, litter sister to BOB and she is as feminine as he is masculine. Ideal size and proportions with super harsh coat. Lovely domed head with low set ears of good length, pleasing strength of underjaw. Long strong neck leading into excellent front with straight forelegs, good length of back with strong topline held at all times. Easy and athletic movement with plenty of reach and drive from powerful rear. CC. 2 Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch Tarmachan Ice Diamond Another super bitch with lots of ring presence. Typy head and expression with lovely dark eyes and nose, well laid shoulders and tidy well boned front. Muscular well-balanced rear, well set tail of correct length carried proudly. Effortless sound movement in all directions. RCC. 3 Milton’s Ch Wilmit Independence Day JW