• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenna Betts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Always a pleasure to judge this super breed, I was pleased to find several dogs and bitches I would have been happy to give CCs to.

VD/B (2) 1 Leech’s Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo with Soletrader ShCM Smart masculine 8yr old with a clean, well balanced outline and good harsh, flat coat. Head of correct proportions, strong muzzle and well-set supple ears, good front and forechest with tidy elbows, strong topline which he held well on the move. BV, pleased to hear he went on to win 4th in the Veteran Group.

2 Aldred’s Tubberhound Bess 9yr old b with a sweet feminine head and expression. Carrying a little weight today but she has a lovely well-constructed front and balanced rear which gave her drive on the move.

PD (1) 1 Revens & Hyde’s Blevwil World Class at Beabass 10mth d with a super hard coat. Dark eye, short strong neck and good amount of forechest, turning his front out slightly at present and would like to see him come up on his legs slightly as he matures. Well-rounded ribs, correct set tail and nicely angulated rear.

JD (3) 1 Blevins & Bendle’s Ir Ch Blevwil’s Unbreakable Ir J Ch Loved his balanced profile, strong underjaw, short muscular neck and pleasing amount of bone and substance. Best front assembly in the class, tight feet, well rounded ribcage of good length and strong topline. Moved soundly, covering the ground well. 2 Jones & Gregg’s Wratthembray Mr Tod A little higher on the leg than 1 but he has a masculine head and expression with good pigmentation, good width of skull and well-set ears of correct length. Excellent harsh coat, firm body and topline, moved well driving from nicely angulated rear.

3 Perren’s Mochras Mahster Ned

PGD (4,2) 1 Allenby’s Nerac Du Rallye Saint Paul Lovely youngster who was really pleasing to go over, well balanced all through with a firm topline and well set tail. Pleasing head with strong foreface, enough stop and dome to skull. Well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Moved soundly in all directions holding his shape. A strong contender in the challenge. 2 Thornton’s Mochras Ho Ho Ho Another very nice dog who I liked the more I looked at him. Slightly longer in back than 1 but well-balanced front and rear angulation. Good forechest, well rounded ribcage of good length, harsh coat texture. Sound and true free movement when he settled into his stride.

LD (1) 1 Lucas’ Hibeck Teddy Bear at Kocalba Good front construction with well laid shoulders and tight tidy feet. Deep chest and good topline, moved very easily although carried his tail a little high.

OD (6,1) A lovely class to judge with things to like about all 5 dogs.

1 Turton’s Ch Whistlewood’s Arran Pilot for Shiroblam Top quality dog full of breed type. Ideal head proportions with a strong underjaw and dark oval eye, muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders and excellent tidy front. Firm well ribbed body of correct length, good tail set and muscular balanced rear. Hard flat coat. Moved soundly with easy quick strides. CC & BOB.

2 Blevins & Bendle’s Ir Ch Dutch Int Ch Blevwil Now or Never Ir J Ch CW Very well-balanced outline with pleasing proportions, lovely head and expression with well-set ears of correct length. Well boned with tight feet, well rounded ribcage of good length and depth, strong topline and sound unexaggerated rear. Sound and proud on the move. RCC. 3 Mackay’s Ch Shiroblam Rumba

GCD/B (0)

PB (1) 1 Allenby’s Gouvier Bombay Sapphire 7mth old with a sweet feminine head and expression. Harsh coat and good amount of bone for her age. Good developing forechest, a shade long in back at present, but sound well angulated rear and correct length of tail. BP.

JB (5) 1t Allenby’s Rangali Wispa JW Exciting youngster, strongly built but still feminine. Nicely domed head with strong muzzle of correct length, good pigmentation. Good front with tidy feet, pleasing depth of chest, well angulated rear and good coat texture. Moved soundly with plenty of zest, pushed hard in the challenge. 2 Turton’s Shiroblam Supa Coco Smart and well balanced all through, just right for maturity at this age. Well boned straight forelegs, balanced rear, well set tail of correct length. Good topline held well on the move. 3 Blevins & Bendle’s Blevwil Malrich Ginger Nut Ir J Ch

PGB (3,1) 1 McKendry’s Oasis Du Val D’ancenis at Houndtor (imp Fr) Sweet bitch with a nicely shaped skull, ears well set and of correct length, would like a shade more width of foreface. Strong neck leading into soundly made front. Well-rounded ribs, sound and happy on the move holding her topline well. 2 Keats’ Fauveahoy Petticoat Well boned, shown in good condition with clean teeth and a super harsh coat. Another with a muscular neck. Turned front out slightly.

LB (3,1) 1 Mackay’s Shiroblam Bayan Belle Scoring in overall proportions, good size with correct length of back. Well balanced front and rear with good depth of chest. Good topline held well on the move. 2 Russell’s Shiroblam Bayan Cocktail Litter sister to 1, slightly longer in back. Feminine head with good foreface, black nose. Pleasing amount of forechest and well boned front. Moved well.

OB (4) 1 Turton’s Shiroblam Bourdaffy Super bitch so sound to go over, just right for size and substance. Pleasing head of good shape, sufficient stop and strong foreface. Good neck leading into well laid shoulders and neat front, well rounded ribcage of good depth. Strong balanced rear, moved so soundly and easily holding her lovely shape at all times. CC. 2 Mochan’s Basler Wisecrack Ir J Ch Much to like about this lovely balanced bitch. Pleasing head properties with well-set ears of correct length and fold, good front construction with tidy elbows and tight feet, strong body with firm topline and smart unexaggerated rear. Tail well set on and carried proudly as she moved soundly around the ring. RCC. 3 Jones & Gregg’s Ch Hibeck Ginger Biscuit at Wratthembray