• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Southern Counties Jack Russell Terrier

This enchanting breed must be one of the few terriers in the UK where numbers are growing. I found a great variety of type, some rather tall, some v short, some long in back and some ultra short, Im sure it will take time to get a more consisten type with the variety of bloodlines in the breed. My biggest concern was the over preparation of some. Severe trimming, fluffed up leg hair full of product are not typical and easily remedied. Puppy D (4) 1ST PANTYCELYN MAIN MAN AT AMICAL (MASTER E REES) Liked his proportions. Has a v good head, strong muzzle. Correct neck. Lacks front angulation and could be tidier in front. V good body. Level topline, decent rear. Over presented. 2ND KASZAVOLGYL-FURGE LUCKY (IMP HUN) (MRS D STUART) Nice proportions. Would like a better muzzle. Decent neck ok front. Level topline. V moderate hind angulation. Didn’t like his coat texture. 3RD SWEET HILLS FULL METAL JACKET (MR T JOHNSTON) Junior d (1) 1ST ARCHIVIED DREAM DI SUTRI AT BLAZINGJACKS (MR R EDNIE) Nice type d, carrying a bit much weigh and this makes him broad in chest. V good head. Strong muzzle. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Could have a longer stride. RBD Post grad d (2) 1ST PANTYCELYN HES A LEADER AMONG SILKDANCE (MS C PRICE) Top size d. Has a fair head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Moved fairly well. 2ND IRVIN FAVORITE VARMINT (IMP BLR) (MISS K SAICH) Heavily marked d in full coat. Could have a stronger muzzle. Ok neck. Balanced in his angulation. Limit d (4) 1ST HUNTER HAWK WILLIAM WALLACE [ATC AV01343NOR] (MISS T & MRS M IRVING & HUSEBY) In super hard muscle. I liked his proportions and moves with a lengthy stride. Masc head. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder, rather upright in pastern and could be tidier in front. Arch to his loin. V good rear. 2ND GOLDSAND'S KULAWAND SKIP N GO NAKED (MRS S & MRS M LANE & SANDELL-BARK) He is just a little long for his height. Quite a nice head, ok front. Level topline. Liked his hind angulation. 3RD JACKANDFISH SUPER EIGHT (IMP ITA) SHCM (A MASON) Open d (1) 1ST CRO CH TOUCHSTAR SITTING BULL OF EILLOH (IMP ITA) (MRS A ROBSON) Super moving d of v good proportions. Masc head. He is slightly heavy in cheek. Good eyes and ears. Liked his front. Well bodied. Tail slightly low set. V good rear. In super jacket. BD Special beginners d ne Veteran d/b. Ne Good citizen d/b (1) 1ST PANTYCELYN HES A LEADER AMONG SILKDANCE (MS C PRICE) Puppy b (5) 1ST PERFECT LOVE DI SUTRI AT LASERNA ITA IMP (MR A & MRS L JONES) Fem b of v good proportions. Moved well. Liked her head proportions. Good neck. Well laid shoulder and a decent upper arm. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good rear. BP & RBB 2ND KATILLEY BACK TO BASICS (MRS D STUART) She moved out better than 3. Good proportions, but she is a bit over presented. Pleasing head. Ok shoulder but forward in upper arm. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Rear angulation matches her front. 3RD GRANLASCO STRACCIATELLA (MR C CROCKETT) Junior b (5) 1ST KULAWAND HOT CHILLI PEPPER (MRS P LANE-RIDYARD) Really good moving b of v good proportions. Liked her fem head with good strength of jaw. Enough neck. Moderate and balanced in her angulation. Super body. Level topline. BOB 2ND KABU SKIP TO IZLOU ( BARNES & KING) V showy b of good proportions. Pleasing head with well set ears. Long neck. Could have slightly more angulation front and rear. Liked her coat. 3RD TOUCHSTAR YELLOWSTONE OF EILLOH (IMP ITA) (MRS A ROBSON) Post grad b (2) 1ST JACKSBOKS ULTA STAR (MR T JOHNSTON) Liked Her proporttions and she has a v good head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Grand body with a level topline. Moderate rear. Moved well. Could have a harsher coat. 2ND KULAWAND HOT SPICE (MRS P LANE-RIDYARD) Slightly tall. Strong jaw. Enough neck. Ok front. Well ribbed. Could have a better rear. Limit b (1) 1ST FAIR AND BRAVE GREAT GLEN AT TUFTERSLODGE (IMP ITA) (MRS J M PHIPPS) Liked her proportions. Needs much more angulation front and rear and could move better. Has a good head. Medium neck. Level topline. Coat is thick. Open b (1) 1ST STJARNLIDENS UNDERCOVER GIRL FOR PIPSACRE (IMP SWE) (MS N C GRAVES) Liked her proportions, could have a better coat. V good head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Good ribbing with a level topline. Could have more hind angulation and be more positive going away, v good in front. Special beginner b (1) 1ST GRANLASCO STRACCIATELLA (MR C CROCKETT) Well proportioned pup. She has a good head. Enough neck. Just a bit elbowy at the moment. Well ribbed back . Moderate rear.

Jeff Horswell