• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

SKC Alaskan Malamute

I thought this was a good quality entry, most being of good type. Temperaments were excellent. A few were short of coat, which I largely ignored, and quite a few absent for that same reason I gather. On this entry the breed is in good shape. The breed scored Group 3 in puppy, veteran and special beginners – well done to all.

Puppy D (3,1) 1ST ICEWOLF THE DEVLIN WITCH (MISS T & MISS E ROBB & GATES) 7 mths. Fairly well proportioned d. Masc head. Well set ears. Correct eyes. Good muzzle. Moderate length of neck. Well laid shoulder. Can fill in front. Slight slope to his firm topline. Excellent tail. Well angulated rear. Very easy mover. Excellent coat. 2ND CHAYO STAR OF THE EAST (MISS A RUTHERFORD) He is well grown, 7 mths. More moderate in his angulation than 1. Masc and strong head. V good ears. Slightly high at the rear at the moment, v good tail. Accurate mover with a balanced stride. Junior d (3) 1ST SNOW LEGEND BELIEVE IN YOU CEDARCREEK (RUS IMP) (MR P & MRS M PAGE) V good young d who comes into his own on the move. Super temperament. Well balanced head. Well set ears, good eye and expression. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulder. Good ribs. Topline is straighter than it appears. Correct tail. Moderate rear. He is just a bit wide in front, but time to tighten. 2ND ICEWOLF THE DEVLIN WITCH (MISS T & MISS E ROBB & GATES) 3RD WHITEWALKER KINGS LANDING AT VALKNUT (MISS A & MR R BOGLE & HORSFIELD) Post grad d (3,2) 1ST ICECLIMB ASCENT (MISS A L DARLOW) Liked his proportions. His angulation is well balanced, giving an even stride. Masc head, could use his ears better. Moderate neck. Deep chest, well ribbed back. Topline is level rather than slightly sloping. Well muscled rear. Could be tidier in front. Limit d (7,2) 1ST NORAISY TAKE MY BREATH AWAY JW (MRS G, MR K & MISS R WOODHEAD) V easy moving d. All male, correct proportions. Liked his head. Eyes a bit round and light. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. Correct topline with v good tail. Correct hind angulation. In good coat. Could be slightly more accurate in front. Super in profile. 2ND NYRAKYM'S ALL THAT REMAINS SAMALJANKAN TO CRISTAKELL (IMP USA) JW (MISS C C JOHN) V typy d . Liked his head. Could have better eyes. Moderate neck. Angulation is well balanced, giving an easy stride. Could be firmer in pasterns. Well ribbed, correct topline. 3RD MARAHOOTAY LINX UNDER TATKRESIWOK (MRS J PITCHER) Open d (9,2) Very good class 1ST CH CHAYO CAUSE CELEBRE (MS S ELLIS) Played the fool to start but settled to give a super performance. He is just a bit firmer in hind action than 2. He has a v good head. Enough neck. Well made front. Enough width of chest. Slightly too much slope to pastern. Well bodied. Excellent topline. Tail is ok. Wouldn’t want him any shorter in back. Moderate rear. In v good coat. CC & BOB 2ND CH SNOWSHOES KING'S LEGACY SHCM (MRS J E & MISS J SMITH) This d is so impressive in profile action. Just a fraction long for his leg length. He has a super head. Excellent neck into a well laid shoulder. Ok width of chest. Well ribbed. Liked his tail. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3RD INT CH ICEWOLF HUGO BOSS SHCM (MISS T, MRS R & MR A ROBB) Veteran d (2,1) 1ST CH/INT/BEL/LUX/GER CH/NL CH UNDER ICEWOLF'S STAR INDITAROD JW SHCM EJ (MISS T, MRS R & MR A ROBB) What a super 10 year old. Well balanced. He has a masc head. Good eye and ears. Correct neck. Super front assembly. Could have a little more width of chest. Well ribbed back. Topline is ok. Moderate rear. Accurate mover and v easy in profile. RCC, his second from me. Sp beginners d (1) 1ST MARAHOOTAY LINX UNDER TATKRESIWOK (MRS J PITCHER) Easy moving d, 3rd in the nice limit class. Like his proportions. Masc head. Lengthy neck. V good topline with well set tail. Moderate rear. G citizen d. Ne Puppy b (5,2) 1ST FIRST LADY WITH TOLKETNA (IMP KG) (MRS J WARWICK) V promising fem pup. Tendency to pace but once in her stride moved v well. She has a fem head, with correct width of skull. V good ears. Medium neck. Excellent front. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Well made rear. BP 2ND XENA NORTHERN SUNRISE AT SNOWSHOES (MRS J E & MISS J SMITH) Looks v raw, but lots of promise. Head could have a little more width. Lengthy neck. Forward in shoulders. V good rear. Could carry more weight and topline can settle. Junior b (9,3) 1ST WHITEWALKER WINTERFELL (MR I & MISS K PULLIN & MOUNTSTEPHENS) Somewhat out of coat, but a so v well made.. Liked her proportions. V good head of strength but still fem. Thick ears. Better neck than 2. Chest to elbow. Super topline, slight slope but firm. V good rear. Can firm in front.Really lovely young b. Despite lack of coat RCC, behind her mother. 2ND SNOW LEGEND BE MY LUCKY NORDICWINDS (IMP RUS) ( MR J & MRS J HORSMAN & HORSMAN-PHOENIX) In heavy coat and looks heavier and stuffier than she is. Liked her strong head. Moderate neck. Quite a good front. V good legs and feet. Well ribbed. Super tail. Rear is ok although she could just use her rear a bit better, but a good b. 3RD CHARDICEA PARTY GIRL (MR M & MRS A BLACKBURN) Post grad b (3,,2) 1ST ICECLIMB ON POINT (MISS A L DARLOW) She has good proportions, out of coat today. Liked her head. Well set eyes and ears. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed back. Topline is more level than sloping. Moderate rear. Could be firmer our and back. Nice type of b Limit b (5,2) 1ST SNOWSHOES THE WHITE WITCH (MRS J E & MISS J SMITH) She has a super head. Out of coat but liked her shape and promotions. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Super topline and tail. Moderate rear. Can firm in out and back movement, v good in profile. SNOWSHOES THE WHITE WITCH (MRS J E & MISS J SMITH) 2ND SUTARKA LA DOLLE VITA (MISS DOBSON & WOLFE) Liked her strength but still v fem. Well balanced head, super eyes. Thick ears. Enough neck. Fair front. Topline tends to run up slightly. Moderate rear. Even stride. 3RD LUELDAR STARDUST ONYX OVER TATKRESIWOK (AI) (IKC) (MRS J PITCHER) Open b (11,1) V good class, headed by some super bitched. 1ST YOU ARE THE ONE OF KIYARA'S WOLF PAK(IMP DEU) (MR I & MISS K PULLIN & MOUNTSTEPHENS She is a really lovely b, correct proportions and such an easy mover. V good head, has strength and still v fem. Enough neck. V good front. Well laid shoulder. Good return of upper arm. Firm topline, with a v slight slope. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Could be slightly tidier in front. Real top quality. CC 2ND CH CHAYO BLUE DIAMOND (AI) (MS S ELLIS) V good, free moving b. Could be firmer in topline. She has slightly better proportions than 3 and uses her rear so v well. Super head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. V good feet. Well ribbed. V good tail. Moderate rear. 3RD ICEWOLF IT'S ONLY WITCHCRAFT (AI) JCH LUX (MISS T, MRS R & MR A ROBB Veteran b (8,5) 1ST CH/IR CH WINDBERG PAPARAZZI TO FENRIRKIN SHCM VW (MISS A J BLANEY) Such an easy moving b. Well balanced head of strength but still fem. Moderate neck. Well made front. Good spring of rib with a slight slope to topline. Lovely low hocks. 2ND CASIAT DUE TRAMONTI (MISS E MCCLEMENTS) Slightly heavy in body but I liked her proportions. Lengthy neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation, topline ok. Could just use her rear slightly better. 3RD CANDRAKANTA MOON CHILD AT ICEMOON (MR R & MRS N RABY) Sp beginners b (1) 1ST LUELDAR STARDUST ONYX OVER TATKRESIWOK (AI) (IKC) (MRS J PITCHER) Completely naked, good outline and proportions. She has a fem head. Lengthy neck. Could have a better front and she has a tendency to life her feel high. Well bodied. Liked her rear and tail. G citizen b (2) 1ST SKIDOOSHOOZ BOHEMIAN SOUL OF CUPUN (AI) (MISS R J BROWN) Liked her proportions. Rather out of coat, fem head. Lengthy neck. Could have more chest.and a firmer topline. V good rear. Went well. 2ND CANDRAKANTA MOON CHILD AT ICEMOON (MR R & MRS N RABY) Big, strong b, broad in skull. Lengthy neck. Moderate angulation. V good topline. Could be better in hind action.

Jeff Horswell