• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: English Setter

SKC English Setters

Puppy  D (1) 1ST SWANNERY LAXTON FORTUNE TO MIRRLEES (MR P J W & MRS V E LYONS) 10 mths d of a good type. Has a lovely head, correct stop, super eye and expression. Enough neck, well laid shoulder. Could have a longer upper arm and is a bit playful in front action. Well ribbed. Level topline with correct tail set. Moderate rear. Feet can tighten. Just needs to come together on move. BP Junior d (1) 1ST MARIGLEN SMOKE ON THE WATER AT TARCOULTER (MRS K, MRS S & MR R MCKNIGHT & STEWART) He has a pleasing outline, just fighting his handler on the move. Lengthy head, rather deep in stop. Lengthy neck. Moderate angulation front and rear, but he is balanced. Needs to develop in body, just at a teenage stage. Post grad d (5) 1ST QUENSHA COWBOYS AND ANGELS (MRS E M, MR L E, MR N R & MISS C POYNTER & LEWIS) The best mover in this class. Liked his outline and proportions. V good head, not as wide as some. Lovely expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Can still develop in chest, but depth goes to his elbow. Ribs go well back. Level topline. Well made rear. Needs to muscle up. RCC 2ND WANSLEYDALE DORIAN GRAY JW (MRS L A LAWSON) Shapely d with a masc head. Long neck. Could have a little more angulation and flex his stifle more on the move. Topline ok. Well ribbed back. Deep front feet. 3RD WANDSFELL CALL THE SHOTS FOR OAKLAW (MR P & MRS E LAWTON) Limit d (2) 1ST NIROKE NEVER SAY NEVER AT BUSHBANE (MR A M C K MCKIERNAN Masculine d with elegance. V good head, correct stop, super eye and expression. Lengthy neck, could be cleaner in throat. Well laid shoulder and lengthy, sloping upper arm, but would like a slightly better front action. Chest to elbow, super spring of rib. Firm topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks and drives off his rear well. Very stylisg d . CC & BOB, pleased to see him shortlisted in group. 2ND TATTERSETT GALILEO (MRS H S & PROF S M STEWART & QUENBY) V typy sort. Has a masc head. Could have a cleaner throat. More moderate in angulation than 1. Well sprung rib and correct length of loin. Slightly rounded over croup. Could be better moving. Open d(1) 1ST SH CH MARIGLEN FETLAR CASPELLWYND JW SHCM (MRS K A THOMSON) Liked his outline, elegant but masculine. Quite deep in stop, lovely eye and expression. Could be cleaner in throat. Moderate neck. Shoulder could be slighty better laid. Well sprung rib. Level topline. Well coupled. Well set tail. Enough hind angulation. Accurate out and back, could just use his rear a fraction more. Veteran d (1) 1ST SODALITAS HIGH HAVOC OVER ENNYDLOC (MRS P M COLTON) Handsome d, v well conditioned. Masc head. Super eye and expression. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder, a bit steep in upper arm and could have been better in front action. Deep chest. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Topline slightly soft now. BV Sp beginners d (1) 1ST UPPERWOOD MICHAELMAS MAN (MISS R & MS K STEAD) Well proportioned outline. Just a bit wide and deep in head. Medium neck. Balanced angulation. Needs a bit more width of chest. Level topline. Could move with a longer stride and more enthusiasm. Good citizen d (1) 1ST WANDSFELL CALL THE SHOTS FOR OAKLAW (MR P & MRS E LAWTON) He has a masc head. Correct eye colour and a kind expression. Moderate neck. Shoulder is ok.. Well coupled. Liked his rear. Could just stride more in front. Puppy b (1 abs Junior b (1) Type b who withdrew as not quite sound in rear today. Post grad b (1) 1ST WANSLEYDALE MAGIC ROSE JW (MR S & MRS Y WALE) Elegant and fem young b with lots of promise. Liked her head. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Good feet. Topline runs up slightly. Strong rear. Could be tidier in front but v good hind action. Limit b (2) 1ST BUSHBANE CELTIC DREAM (MR A M C K MCKIERNAN) Quality, elegant b, v stylish. She has a fem head, correct stop. Super eye and expression, enough neck. Well laid shoulder with lengthy, sloping upper arm but elbows could be tighter, but ok coming towards. Firm topline. Enough turn of stifle. Low hocks. Uses her rear so v well. CC 2ND TATTERSETT CLEVER COOKIE (MR & MRS A GRIMSDELL) Like her outline and proportions. She has a fem head. Kind eye. Long neck with a well laid shoulder. Deep chest, well sprung ribs. Firm topline, enough hind angulation with low hocks. Could be tidier in front and use herself more on move, Open b (2) Not much between these 2, both having different things I really liked. 1ST WANSLEYDALE YELLOW RIBBON (MRS L & MRS D TAYLOR & BRIDGWATER) She is a lovely shape stood. Thought she had the better head of the 2. Lengthy neck into a well laid shoulder. Could have a better upper arm and lifts her front slightly, which is where she lost to the limit b. Level topline. Well ribbed back. Deep chest. Moderate rear with low hocks. RCC 2ND MARIGLEN FEATHER (MRS HAY) She was slightly the better mover. Fem b. Long neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and could have better feet. Super body. Level topline. Well muscled up rear with moderate angulation, making her well balanced. Veteran b ne Sp beginners b (2,1) 1ST BOURNEHOUSE SECRET AFFAIR FOR MEADOWFOOT (MR D & MRS A PATON) Very well put together young b, just needs to mature in body. She has a fem head. Long neck. Well made front, just a bit narrow in chest and can firm in pastern. Well ribbed back. Good rear, which is well muscled, giving positive hind action. Good citizen b ne

Jeff Horswell