• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Maltese

BOSTON. Maltese

Puppy D (4,2) 2 real babies having fun. 1. DELCOSTE ICE LORD (MRS LOCKIER LOCKIER) Slightly older of the pair and a bit more settled on the move. He has a well proportioned head with dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with straight front. Well sprung ribs. Could be shorter in back and firmer in topline. Well made rear. Dark pigment and good coat texture. 2. SEA THE SUNRISE (MRS LOCKIER LOCKIER) Real baby who bounced around the ring. Liked his compactness of body. Medium neck. Slightly untidy in front as yet. Angulation is well balanced. Super coat. Junior D ne Post Grad D (2,1) 1. UNIQUE WHITE STAR OF ETERNITY AT SARASUMA (IMP DEU) (MRS N & MR S HOLLAND) Fairly compact d who is accurate out and back. Well balanced head, dark eyes, nose could be darker. Enough neck. Well balanced in his angulation. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin. Nice feet. Open D (3) 3 v good dogs. CH BENATONE GINO D' ACAMPO (MISS S & MRS A JACKSON & EGAN) He has a lovely head, super eye and expression and really dark pigment. V good balance of muzzle to skull. Balanced and well angulated front and rear. Could be slightly wider all through. He holds a super topline and is short in back. Best mover. BOB and shortlisted in group 2. CH ROMANTIC SHOW KAFFEINE MAJESTIC (MISS D JONUSAITE) Slightly longer d who appeals in head, eye, pigment and expression. Lengthy neck, .would prefer more angulation front and rear, but he is balanced. Holds a level topline. Good coat. RBD 3. ZUMARNIK BLURRED LINES (MR S & MS N CAYTON & WELBOURN) Sp Beginners D. Ne Puppy B (4,1) 1. ZUMARNIK CHEERLEADER (MISS N L WELBOURN) Really lovely puppy. Compact in body and a v good mover. She has a fem head, which is well balanced and of correct width. Super eye and expression and dark pigment. Correct neck. Well made front and good width of chest. Can still firm in topline. V good rear. BB, BP and was Puppy G4, a lovely prospect. 2. DAVILIZE DAZZLYN DIVA (MR D MONUMENT) She is slightly long and needs more weight. Pleasing head. She is well made with a well laid shoulder and good rear. Nice straight front. Lengthy neck. 3. DIAMOND GEMINI BELITA SWANDOWN (IMP RUS) (MR P MOORBY) Junior B (6) Quite a tough class to sort. 1. EMPERATRICE BELLISA STAR (MISS D JONUSAITE) Liked her compactness. Pleasing head, super pigment. Has a lengthy neck. Moderate but balanced angulation. Would prefer more width to her. Well set tail. Moves v well. V good coat and presentation. 2. SNOW WONDER LITTLE BABE (MS J THEOBALD) V much a baby and full of personality. Fem head, which is well balanced. Enough neck. A bit forward in shoulder and just lifts her feet slightly. Liked her rear and hind action. Nice coat and colour. 3. BENATONE CHELSEA BOOTS (MR D J & MRS H A RYCRAFT) Post Grad B (1) 1. EMPERATRICE BELLANCE STAR (MISS D JONUSAITE) Well-presented b who took a little while to settle, but sound once she got it together. Fem head. She has lovely pigment. Lengthy neck. Moderate but balanced in her angulation. Needs a bit more width to her. Open B (3,10 1. OSKAR PLJUS HARMONY (MISS D JONUSAITE) She has a lovely, fem head. Super pigment. Well balanced muzzle to skull. Lengthy neck. Quite a good shoulder but rather untidy in front. Well sprung ribs. Could be shorter in loin. Good rear, which she uses so well. Good coat. Preferred the compactness and accuracy of the puppy. RBB 2. HADLEYMAY PENNY LANE GEM (H ZWEIFEL-PARKINSON) Young b. She is quite a good shape, pretty face. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Just needs better grooming. Sp Beginners B (1)

Jeff Horswell