• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Windsor Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

  Rather a late start for the breed, a few of the dogs were clearly fed up by the time they showed and some didn’t perform as well as they might. I was very happy with the overall quality. A few were rather long in muzzle. Thought the 2 CC winners and BP were the same proportions and type. Veteran D/B (2) 2 grand old dogs to start. 1st: 6214 BROWN Mrs J Ch Soletrader Louis Vuitton V typy d. Liked his head v much. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Well ribbed. Could be shorter in loin. Well made rear. Super jacket. 2nd: 6229 OSBOURNE Mr P W Ch Nykarth's Kicking Off With Braego Sh.CM He has a super head. Good neck. Decent shoulder. Could have a straighter front. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Lovely low hocks. Went well. Puppy D (2) 1st: 6224 MCCARTNEY Mrs G L Soletrader Freddie Mercury 8 mths and hopefully won’t grow on. Really liked his proportions and moved really well. Pleasing head, ears a bit long, V good neck. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Super coat. BP & RCC 2nd: 6231 REID Mr P & Mrs D Maudaxi Egg Nog Eddie Shorter in leg, but a fraction long in back. He has a really good head. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Moderate rear, could just just use his rear better, but only a baby. Junior D (2) Fairly evenly matched dogs with different virtues. 1st: 6216 CADMORE, Mr K D & GREENSLADE Miss E Soletrader Only In Oslo Though he had the better head. Correct length ear. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Would prefer a longer upper arm and better feet. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good rear. Went well. Could have a better coat. 2nd: 6208 BARTLEY Mr T & Mrs D Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux V masc d. Slightly broad in skull. Has a good neck. Well made front, but could stride out more. Well ribbed. Good rear. Correct jacket. Post Grad D (3) 1st: 6207 ALLUM Ms E M Armando Salvare II Mondo Liked his proportions. Slightly long in muzzle. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Fair front. He is well ribbed. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Good coat. 2nd: 6225 MCEWAN Mrs C Marunnel Orinoco Liked his proportions, just a bit halfhearted with his tail. Better head than 1. Ears a bit flat. Good neck. Straight front. Well ribbed. V good rear. 3rd: 6227 MOORE Mr & Mrs R Afterglow Dough Ble Impact Limit D (2) 1st: 6220 DALGARNO Mrs & Miss C Vencharno Mojito Super head, v good proportions. Lengthy neck. Fairly good front. Correct length back. Well ribbed. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. Would like a better coat. 2nd: 6209 BARTLEY Mr T & Mrs D Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal Slightly longer and heavier type of d. Not head of 1. Strong neck. Straight front. Well laid shoulder. Holds a level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Coat could be better. Open D (4) Very good class. 1st: 6235 ROBERTSON, Mr O & Miss E & GREENSLADE Miss E Ir Ch Soletrader Buddy Holly Super for type, accurate on the move with a long, easy stride. Has a super head. Long neck. Would prefer more forechest. Super topline. Well bodied. V good rear with well bent stifle and low hocks. Correct coat. CC & BOB 2nd: 6223 HUIKESHOVEN, Miss G & MARD Miss M Vilauddens Magnificent Mile Liked his proportions better than those behind him. He has a masc head. Enough neck. Good shoulder. Straight front. Well ribbed. Could be slightly firmer in topline. V good rear. Accurate on move. 3rd: 6215 BROWN Mrs J Soletrader Valentino Rossi Good Citizen D/B. Ne Puppy B (1) 1st: 6210 BISHOP Mrs J L Jamar Ina The Countessa V promising pup, just a bit lose and floppy. She has a fem head, would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well bodied. Could have more hind angulation. In puppy jacket. Junior B (3) 1st: 6241 SCOTT Mrs L Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks Good honest sort of b of a v pleasing type. Liked her head, fem. V good eyes. Lengthy neck. Moderate forechest. A fraction long, super coat well made rear. Just needs to firm in out and back action. Liked her a lot. RCC 2nd: 6221 FOOTE, Mr & Mrs R & MCAULAY Miss E Erylan Hebe La Fille Jeune Looks v raw, which is fine in a junior. Balanced head. Long neck. Good shoulder. A bit short in upper arm. Liked her proportions. Moderate rear. Would prefer a different coat texture. Post Grad B (6,1) Hard class as a mix of types, and a lovely b not getting her tail up. 1st: 6218 COOPER, Mrs C & ELLINGFORD Mrs L Afterglow Agnes Gru Avec Jayanel Nice size. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Could have a better neck set and shoulder. Straight front. Well ribbed. Topline can firm, moderate rear. 2nd: 6219 CROWE Miss M Caldewriver Madame Pleasing proportions. Better bodied than 3. Fem head, good balance of muzzle to skull. Lengthy neck. Balanced in angulation. Level topline. 3rd: 6226 MCEWAN Miss C R Marunnel Miss Adelaide Limit B (5,2) 1st: 6233 REID Mr P & Mrs D Fox's Nightmare Zeta Jones At Maudaxi (Imp) Really lovely for type and goes round with typical Petit attitude. She has a lovely head, super eye and expression. Ears could be shorter. V good neck. Well laid shoulders. Level topline. Super ribs. Would like just a bit more hind angulation. But uses is so v well. CC 2nd: 6240 SCOTT Mrs L Overbecks Kathy Tiere Rather long. She has a fem head. Ears could be better. Lengthy neck. Balanced and moderate in her angulation. Holds a level topline. Correct tail. Went v well. 3rd: 6242 WOOD Mr S R & Mrs L Beaujons Whisper Open B (6) Very hard class to sort out. 1st: 6230 OSBOURNE Mr P W Braego Gladys Aylward Sh.CM She is a good honest sort of b, good to go over and moves v well. Pleasing head. Correct neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Runs up slightly. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Coat could be better. 2nd: 6237 ROBERTSON Mr G & Mrs S Soletrader Judigarland She is young and raw. Good type. Super head. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Needs a longer upper arm. Super body. Can drop in rear. Super coat. 3rd: 6213 BLAKE, Mr C & REID Mrs D Ch Vilauddens Midsummer Madness (Imp)

Jeff Horswell