• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Manchester Min Wire Dachs

Its been quite a few years since I last judged this variety and I haven’t been around the ring much recently. I was pleased with the quality of the entry, bitches as always were much stronger than the males. Pleased to say none were too thin, a couple could lose some weight to advantage. I had a few over 11lbs, especially in males, and this was certainly taken into account when making placings. Only 1 bad mouth, with both lower canines inverted. I had a student judge, my thanks to all exhibitors in their cooperation, and allowing him to go over the open entries and for allowing me to show coats on a couple of others. Minor Puppy D (2,1) 1st: 775 BLACK, Mr & Mrs L & K & BLACK Miss E Lordscairnie Cauld Be Love Bassodon Really promising pup, just raw at the moment. He has v good proportions and moves with a free stride. Masc head, dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder ribs go well black. Super rear. Good coat. Not quite the confidence of the bitch pup, when he gets himself together should do really well. Puppy D ne Junior D (4,1) 1st: 820 SHONE Mrs S E & Mr N R Hanishan Springagain Completely out of coat, although leg hair is fairly harsh. He has a super outline and is excellent Dachshund type. Quite a good head. Super neck into a well laid shoulder, long upper arm. Well ribbed, firm topline. V good rear. Just needs to firm in out and back movement. Holds his shape going round. 2nd: 812 PHILLIPS Mrs I Gulliagh Loganberry Of Robinswood (IKC) He has a super coat and is of correct poor proportions. Lengthy head with dark eyes. Long neck. Could have a longer upper arm. Well ribbed. Low hocks, stride was ok once he got going at the right speed. 3rd: 799 HUNT Mr & Mrs S J & S Earthseas Curly Whirly Post Grad D (2,1) 1st: 803 JONES, Mr & Mrs S & A & JONES Miss C Carlita Sunrise JW Like him for type, needs to be a bit more settled. He has a super head. Long neck. Well made front with a prominent forechest. Well ribbed. Slightly long in 2nd thigh and high in hock which shows in his hind action. Coat coming through, Limit D (3) 1st: 783 CROSSMAN Mr T Janter Clarion V good outline with correct proportions. He has a long head, big teeth. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, decent upper arm. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. Coat not as harsh as it appears. Out moved the opposition in this class. Strong contender for higher awards, didn’t put all in when it mattered. 2nd: 804 KAY Mrs & Miss J & J Kaytian Tempest Over Haiti JW Holds a level topline and he has a super ribcage. Better head than 3. Long neck. Low hocks. Needs a better coat. 3rd: 779 CLARE Mr J & Mrs E J Lordscairnie Love God Open D (6,1) Weight played a big part in placing this class. 1st: 807 KIRKWOOD-EMERY Mrs D & Misses A & A Ch Helydon Laird Loki Very typy d, excellent coat and size. He has a long, masc head. Lengthy neck. Well laid in shoulder. Holds a level topline. Well ribbed. Good rear. Slightly close coming towards. Holds his outline moving. Not as settled as the bitch winner. CC 2nd: 797 GUTIERREZ-OTERO Mrs P Xylon Uit 't Voortse Huys Just a bit on the heavy size, a well boned d of excellent type. He has a super head. Lovely expression. Long neck. Well made front. V good rear with low hocks, good out and back. Really loved him, just needs to be smaller. RCC 3rd: 771 BARCELLA Mrs V Eur Queenlord Magnificent Swallow Tail Veteran D (1) 1st: 813 PHILLIPS Mrs I Ch Curtisey Boogy Woogy Very typy d. Would prefer a better head. Lengthy neck. Shoulders are ok. Well ribbed with decent length of keel. Holds a level topline. Well made rear with low hocks. Moved quite well. Minor Puppy B (3) 1st: 823 STORTON Mr D G & Mrs H M Dereheath Martini Rosso V promising raw baby. She has a lovely fem head. Eyes slightly small, but almond shape. Long neck. Well made front. Long ribs with a short loin. Good rear. Sound mover, just playing the puppy! 2nd: 798 HAMBLING Mrs R A Toy Angel Gold Beauty Of Love At Chaseover She is well balanced. Lengthy and fem in head. Long neck. Needs a lot of time to develop. Better topline than 3. 3rd: 780 CLEMENTS Miss C Springdac Siren Dancer Puppy B (7) Not an easy class to sort out, all at various stages of development, body and coat. 1st: 786 DANCE Mrs M M Emem Constance Sunshine She is certainly compact. Would prefer a longer head. Long neck. Balanced front and rear. Well sprung ribs. Good rear. Needs to firm in topline. 2nd: 824 STORTON Mr D G & Mrs H M Dereheath Helen Reddy Liked her overall shape. Fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have better ribbing. Moderate in the rear. Coat could be harsher, especially leg hair, holds a nice shape on move. 3rd: 817 ROBERTS Mrs S M Kmai Jinx At Vanzela (IKC Junior B (9,1) 1st: 825 WEEKS Mr A J Beldrew Flora At Avon Thought she was a v houndy b with a super jacket. She has a super head with v good eye and expression. Long neck. Well made front with prominent forechest. Would like a better topline and underline. Low hocks. Good out and back. 2nd: 806 KIRKWOOD Mr G Helydon Magical Mika Liked her outline. She has a v good head, just needs better trimming. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly short in upper arm. V good rear. Just a bit barrow out and back. Super coat. 3rd: 810 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Love Island Post Grad B (7,1) 1st: 787 DANCE Mrs M M Emem Summer Sunshine She has a lovely outline and was just that bit more settled on the move than 2. Long head. Dark, almond eye. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Longer in loin than ideal. Liked her rear. Coat coming in but harsh. BP 2nd: 785 CROSSMAN, Mr T & KENNEDY Mrs A Janter Bee Forever She has a super outline, coat ready to come out. Pleasing, fem head. Long neck. Liked her forechest. She is short in rib and long in loin, but topline ok. V good rear. Needs to cooperate more moving, walking in a straight line might have seen her do better. 3rd: 795 GILKES Mrs S Ridanflight Rockin Rita At Birichino Limit B (6,1) 1st: 776 BLACK, Mr & Mrs L & K & BLACK Miss E Bassodon Dodecahedron JW Really super for type. She has a super head, long neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have a longer keel. Good spring of rib. Super topline. Accurate out and back. Maybe could use her rear a fraction, but top class. Wish she had put more into showing in the challenge. 2nd: 819 SELLEY Mrs A Ubu Belarus Nahla to Heleanne She has a super jacket. Could have a better eye and expression. Long neck. Pleasing front and her chest is deep enough, well enough ribbed. Ok in topline. Low hocks. 3rd: 793 FEETHAM Mrs S P Kimbleholme Pot Of Luck Open B (6,2) 1st: 773 BARCELLA Mrs V Eur Queenlord Skinny Love She is the most super shape and holds her outline on the move. Long head, super neck which just flows into well laid shoulders. Could be longer in upper arm. Super body, long ribs. Excellent rear. Long stride. Top quality b who is also a great showgirl. CC & BOB, congratulations on her UK title. 2nd: 809 MACFARLAN Miss G Granhoward Lilly She too is a super shape. Fem head of length. Long neck. Well made front. Ribbing ok. Not quite the rear or coat of 1, but a really lovely b. RCC Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell