• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Pointer

Manchester Pointers

A v good entry, and we were given a big ring so the dogs could really get going. I found type to be very mixed and fronts to be a problem in many, front action left a lot to be desired. I found many to e rather long in back. Bitches were stronger than males, and I was very happy with my bitch line up. Minor Puppy D (13,1) Very mixed for ages and developments, some fronts need to settle. 1st: 6034 STILGOE Mr P R & Mrs D E Olivesong Chase The Memory To Teisgol He is a well balanced d. Fairly good head with work under his eyes. Correct neck. Liked his front. Chest deep enough. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Moderate rear. Moved well. Thought him v typy. BP, see he is by the BOB. 2nd: 5982 LOWE Mrs A Lowsmoor Crazy For You V typy and balanced d, not quite all together on the move yet. His head appealed, kind expression. Lengthy neck. Quite a well filled front. Rear and front angulation match each other. Holds a good topline. 3rd: 6055 WHELDON, Mrs C & EARL Miss F Ponsonby Blowin In The Wind At Caithpoint (Imp) Puppy D (11,3) Quite a tough class to sort, movement needs to come together. 1st: 6029 SCHOLES Mr R Wilchrimane Tea For Two With Rossgilde One of the older pups in class. He presents a pleasing outline. Masc head, correct stop. Liked his eye and expression. Enough neck. Quite a good front, but rather wide coming towards as yet. Well bodied, correct topline well bent stifle, low hocks. Hind feel need to tighten. 2nd: 6059 WILKINSON Mrs B Stocksfell Humdinger At Orstone Quite raw and up in the air looking, but that’s no bad thing at his age. Liked his head. Enough neck. Well filled front. Well made rear. Just needs to come together in front action. 3rd: 6055 WHELDON, Mrs C & EARL Miss F Ponsonby Blowin In The Wind At Caithpoint (Imp) Junior D (4,1) 1st: 6030 SIDDLE, Mrs A & SIDDLE Miss A Wilchrimane Niffler Handled to v best advantage. Has a pleasing outline stood and the best mover in this class. Masc head, perhaps a little skully as yet. Long neck. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed. Well bent stifle. Excellent tail. Could be tidier coming towards but uses his rear v well. 2nd: 5978 JAMIESON, MACARA & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Kanix Peri Peri with Glenfinnan Well grown baby, better front action than 3. He has a long neck. Nice feet. Holds a topline and well bent stifle with low hocks. 3rd: 5991 MASON Mrs S Nosam Never Say Never Again At Kiswahili Yearling D (4) 1st: 6001 O'NEILL Mrs C J Tenshilling Biscuits JW Best mover in this class, both out and back and in profile. Not the head of 2. He has enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Super feet. Slightly long in back. Well made rear. Liked his tail. 2nd: 5964 GORDON Miss W J Hawkfield Audacity (ai) Liked his head, correct stop and muzzle, v good neck. Chest to his elbow. Shoulder slightly forward and lifts his feet on the move. Lengthy back. Well made rear with low hocks. 3rd: 5960 GERRARD Mrs M C Carmandine Count On Me Post Grad D (11,1) 1st: 6011 PHILO Mrs S R Fydal Caprio At Salmonmist JW Sh.CM Good moving d who presents a v good outline both stood and on the move. Quite a good head. Well set ears. Moderate neck. Liked his front, with a slight slope to pastern and good feet. He is longer in loin than ideal but holds a good topline. Well made rear. Accurate out and back. 2nd: 5942 BOOTH Mrs S E Lundgarth Teal Thought him v typy in outline. Quite a good head, enough neck. Not the front action of 2, but he is quite good out and back. Deep chest. Graceful topline. Moderate rear. 3rd: 6027 SCALES Miss A E Sharnphilly Mackintosh Of Saloplass Mid Limit D (4) 1st: 5989 MARTIN, Mrs R M C & MARTIN Miss R Sunhouse Chips Ahoy Really good d who combines type with soundness. He has a v good head, correct stop and concave muzzle. Enough neck. Good front. Deep chest. Gentle curves to his topline. Well made rear. Just needs to firm and tighten. RCC 2nd: 5935 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Luneville Dazzling Diamond At Owlspoint JW Not much between 2 and 3. He was just was a bit cleaner coming towards. Not the head of 1. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Chest to elbow. Can firm in topline. 3rd: 5966 HALL Misses G Gartarry You Shook Me Limit D (9,1) Fronts were a concern in this class. 1st: 5977 JAMIESON, MACARA & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Kanix News Flash at Glenfinnan He has a super rear which he uses so well. Like his bead, well balanced, correct stop. Eye colour ok. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be firmer in elbow. Holds a firm topline. Well bent stifle, low hocks. Deep feet. Well muscled. 2nd: 6043 TIBBS Mr & Mrs J Fydal Beeswing At Raigmore Found him to be really typy, not the movement and power of 1. V good head. Enough neck. Shoulders are a bit forward. Super topline. Moderate rear. Could be better coming towards. Hold a good outline. 3rd: 5925 ADAMS Mrs L Millpoint Simply Smashing JW Sh.CM Open D (6) 1st: 6004 O'NEILL, Mrs D & O'NEILL Miss J Sh Ch Chesterhope Thrill Of T Chase (Imp) Lovely d who excels in his moderation. Super proportions. He has a typical head. Long neck best shoulder and upper arm of the males. Deep chest. Deep feet. V good topline. Just right for hind angulation. Accurate mover and v easy profile action. CC & BOB, congratulations on winning the group. 2nd: 5953 CUMMINGS Mr S & Mrs H Ir Sh Ch Int Ch Kanix Kroner At Sevenhills Ir J Ch He is v eye catching on the move and uses his rear v well. Masc in head, long neck. Shoulders are well laid. Could be better in elbow. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Super conditioning. 3rd: 6002 O'NEILL Mrs C J Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone JW Veteran D (4) 1st: 6025 ROBERTS Mrs S A & Mr J Kanix Dantes Inferno Grand d of v good type. Pleasing head. Enough neck. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Well ribbed. Super feet. Went well. BV 2nd: 5934 BELL Miss A Crookrise The Medlar At Owlspoint JW Sh.CM Thought him similar in type to 1. V good head. Clean neck. Ok front. Deep chest. Curvy topline. Minor Puppy B (16,1) Lots of raw, promising babies. 1st: 6008 ODDIE , DYER, & COLES Sharnphilly Serendipity She is fairly together both standing and on the move. Head is fem. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Just a fraction long in back. V good rear. Stands on good legs and feet. 2nd: 5983 LOWE Mrs A Lowsmoor Half A Sixpence Thought her a promising, typy b who just needs to come together, v good head. Long neck. Grand body. Balanced angles. 3rd: 5938 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Kanix Petunia At Stargagng Puppy B (8,2) 1st: 6007 ODDIE Miss A Sharnphilly Hello Dolly Thought her v typy in outline and on the move. Better head than 2 and she is slightly shorter in back. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep enough chest. Just needs to grow into her hind angulation. 2nd: 6031 SIDDLE, Mrs A & SIDDLE Miss A Wilchrimane Snapple Eye catching b who is v good in profile action, but just a bit long in back. She has a fem, typical head. Long neck, flowing into her topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. 3rd: 5984 MABER, Miss L & WELCH, Mrs S & HAZELTINE Miss C Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood Junior B (11,1) 1st: 6026 ROBERTS, Mrs K & ROBERTS Miss C Byphar Bombay Sapphire V typy b, liked her curvy outline. She has a fem head with quite a bit of work. Lengthy neck. Front is quite good, needs to fill in chest. V good rear. Moved quite well. 2nd: 5951 COLLINS Mr D T & Mrs J A Saregresi Ventulus Lemon Drop (Imp) Thought her similar to 1 for type, just not quite as good out and back. She has a typy head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Can fill and tighten in front. V good topline. Well made rear. 3rd: 5984 MABER, Miss L & WELCH, Mrs S & HAZELTINE Miss C Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood Yearling B (8,1) Thought this was a good class. 1st: 6015 RAYNER, Miss L J & SPINKS, Miss P J & PRINGLE Mi Gartarry High Society At Spinray JW All of a piece. She is well proportioned and has an easy movement. Liked her head, slightly concave, plenty of work. Enough neck. Well made front. Super legs and feet. Chest to elbow. V good topline. Correct rear, enough angle but not overdone. 2nd: 5959 FOX, Mrs L & STILGOE Mr & Mrs P Alcazar Bewildered Of Dappleline Close up, just not yet the body of 1. Maybe could have more muzzle. Lengthy neck and a good front. Correct topline. V good rear. Held her shape on move. 3rd: 5995 MATTHEWS Mrs A D Medogold Tartini With Sonham JW Post Grad B (13,5) 1st: 6044 TIBBS Mr & Mrs J Sharnphilly Escada At Raigmore JW Good honest sort of b. She is typy, well made and a good mover. Pleasing head, slightly heavy in flew. V good neck. Well laid shoulders. Still needs to finish in body. Correct topline. Well made and moderate rear. 2nd: 5998 NELIS Mrs M L Freebreeze Easy Virtue Quite similar, tail carriage detracts. Like her head, fem, lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Liked her topline and moderate rear. 3rd: 5927 ANTHONY Mrs J L Jilony Ola Mid Limit B (10,3) 1st: 5999 NORBURY, Mr & Mrs V & M & ADAMS Mr K Medogold Bamalam At Heartbury JW Shapely b in lovely hard condition and the best mover in class. She has a fem head, correct stop and slightly convex muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Chest to elbow. Super topline. V good rear, well bent stifle and low hocks. Just needs a little more maturity but a real contender. 2nd: 6009 OLIVER, Miss M & STILLGOE Mr & Mrs P Asterope Lightening Star Via Teisgol JW Sh.CM She is also a v good moving b in profile, just slightly longer than 1 and not quite at accurate out and back. Fem, well proportioned head. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Super rear. 3rd: 5958 FEWSTER, Mrs G & ROSSITER, Miss S & MITCHELL Mis Sonstraal Only An Illusion JW Sh.CM Limit B (6,2) Small but quality class, all worthy of winning a cc 1st: 5937 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Kanix Orient At Stargang She is so v stylish going round. Pleasing head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, slightly steep in upper are, v good legs and feet. Slightly broader in chest than 2. She is deep in body. Strong topline. Excellent rear. RCC 2nd: 6037 STILGOE Mr P R & Mrs D E Alcazar Amazing Grace Via Teisgol Lovely young b, just needs to mature in body. Pleasing head. Long neck. She has a good front. Firm topline . V good rear. Could be tidier out and back, v easy profile stride. 3rd: 5952 CUMMINGS, Mr S & WALKER Mr P Kanix Orchestra For Petwalk Open B (11,2) This class had some v good bitches and needed a lot of thought. 1st: 5939 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Sh Ch Kanix Kestrel She has a really lovely outline. Fem head, correct stop and muzzle. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders, can turn her feet in v slightly. Well bodied. Super topline. Well made rear. Could have helped her handler more on move but a v sound b, who pulled out all the stops when it really mattered. CC 2nd: 6032 SIDDLE, Mrs A & SIDDLE Miss A Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai) She too has a most lovely outline. Perhaps just a bit longer and slightly more hind angulation than 1. She has a fem head with plenty of work. Long neck. Clean front. Well ribbed. Shown to best advantage. 3rd: 5990 MARTIN, Mrs R M C & MARTIN Miss R Sh Ch Sunhouse Cheerio Veteran B (2) 1st: 5945 BROOKSMITH Miss A Nightgold Blackavar Thought she was a lovely type. V good outline. Lengthy neck. Better front than 2. Super body. Moderate rear. Hind action could be better. 2nd: 5988 MACMANUS Mr N J & Mrs K M Luneville Strawberry Moon Liked her proportions. Just a bit more upright in front and not the forechest of winner. Well ribbed back. Topline is ok. Moderate rear.

Jeff Horswell