• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Portuguese Podengo

Bournemouth Portuguese Podengo

Its 5 years since I last judged this breed. There is still a mix of proportions. Coats in the Wires are not really correct, but this seems to be a problem generally with them in many countries. I thought a few had small ears rather than the more typical Podengo ear.

Special Beginners ne Puppy (1) 1st: 4878 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Bamboozled Just about walked enough steps to see she was sound. V good proportions. Liked her head. Super ears. Moderate and well balanced angulation. Level topline. Coat rather thick. Needs much more confidence. Junior (2) 1st: 4880 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Hooligan Won class on his better head, ideal proportions with long, well set ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with a long upper arm. Well bodied and correct proportions. Moderate rear. Coat is thick. Moved ok. 2nd: 4879 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Gizelle She is quite a shapely b who went well. Just rather too broad in skull and would like longer ears. Enough neck. Balanced and moderate in angulation. Can settle in topline. Post Grad (4) 1st: 4876 HAINES Mrs L C Plushcourt The Crusader Sound and showy d, just rather square in outline for a pequeno. Liked his well balanced masc head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Liked his length of upper arm. Well bodied. Level topline. Moderate rear. Good coat and colour is within the breed standard. Showed v well. BD 2nd: 4888 SAMPSON, Mr S & Mrs A & BROOKS Mrs M Morialta Ferreira Thought He was just a fraction long. Liked his head v much. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder but short in upper arm. Well sprung ribs. V moderate rear. Correct top coat but has an undercoat. 3rd: 4881 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Celestial Limit (4,1) 1st: 4886 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Teddy Bear Maybe a bit square and could carry a little more weight. He has a v good head. Super ears. Long neck. Best front in class with good length of upper arm. Well spring ribs. Underline could be better. Fair hind angulation. Moves well. RBD 2nd: 4882 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Gimmick Fem b in super muscle. She is a bit too broad in skull and would prefer better ears. Lengthy neck. Could be longer in upper arm. Well spring ribs. Needs more hind angulation. 3rd: 4877 HAINES Mrs L C Plushcourt Beacon Of Light Open (3) 1st: 4884 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Golly Gosh Super proportions. She has a well proportioned head, ears are lengthy but could be higher set. Lengthy neck. Balanced angulation with decent length of upper arm. Well bodied. Super muscle. Accurate on the move. Correct top coat, but has undercoat. Liked her a lot. BOB 2nd: 4887 SAMPSON Mrs A & Mr S Odisseia De Viamonte At Morialta (Imp) She is slightly too long but uses her tail better than 3 on move. Pleasing head. Enough neck. Decent angulation. Top coat good but has undercoat. Decent mover. 3rd: 4885 JUDGE Mrs B A Plushcourt Godwilling

Jeff Horswell