• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

SKC German Shepherd Dog

Not the easiest entry to judge, many dogs didn’t always help their handlers when asked to move up and back in a straight line. Puppy D (1 abs) Junior D (2,1) 1ST EQUISIDE NITRO (MISS R MOONEY) Very good moving young d, he is just slightly long in back. Masc head of good proportions. Long neck. Well set shoulder, blades slightly wide apart at top. Excellent upper arm. Chest to elbow, enough leg. Well ribbed back firm rear, low hocks. Slight slope to topline. Post grad d (3) All at rather a teenage stage. 1ST KASSIEGER HOOCH (MR S & MRS J BELFIELD) Won this class on his profile gait and rear action. He has a masc head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, he is a bit steep in upper arm. Better width of chest than competition in class, but throws his feet coming towards. Well ribbed. Topline slopes too much. Super rear. 2ND KESENBURG EITOS (MR T & MRS M KESSEL & BRIMACOMBE) Liked his proportions. Decent head. Good eye and expression. Long neck. Well angulated front bit needs more width between his legs. Could have a better topline. Not really using his rear as he might. 3RD JANEFIELD YOUKON (MRS N CLARK) Limit d (2) Not much between these dogs, winner was much more collected on the move. 1ST MARINITA ZAIDEN (MRS A S GUY) Masc d. Well proportioned head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be firmer in pastern and feet. Slightly long in back. Well ribbed and shorter in loin that 2. Well made rear, fairly sound going away, could be better in front. Correct topline on the move. RCC 2ND WAKEMATT NED (MR M WAKEFIELD) Liked his proportions. Masc head. Good neck. Well made front. Chest to elbow. Slack in pastern. He is a bit long in loin and back. Well made rear, but could be firmer in hind action. Open d (8,4) 1ST IR CH KNOCKWOOD YOHANN (MR A NIBLOCK) Liked his soundness and proportions, although topline slopes too much. Good head. Lengthy and strong neck. Well laid shoulders, decent upper arm. Chest to his elbow, correct leg length. Well ribbed back. V good rear with low hocks. Uses himself well on move with a long stride. CC & BOB, I understand his title, well done. 2ND LARARTH ARAMIS JW (MISS S & MR J NICHOLSON & KACZMARCYK) Liked his topline the most in this class, but he is very slightly long in back and not quite the hind action of 1. Pleasing head. Good shoulder but a bit steep in upper arm. Ok chest. Liked his rear angulation, fairly parallel going away, not the smooth stride of 1. 3RD JUMBO MATER DOMINI (MR M WAKEFIELD) Veteran d (1) 1ST DARK PRINCE OF MISCHIEF (MISS L R S SMEATON) Laid back d. Would prefer a better eye and expression, head is ok. Would like a longer neck and better shoulder. Well ribbed back. Correct depth of chest and length of leg. Correct topline. Moderate hind angulation. A bit close going away, but an even stride, Sp beginners d ne Good citizen d (1) 1ST DARK PRINCE OF MISCHIEF (MISS L R S SMEATON) Puppy b (7,3) 1ST BETHA VOM ERDINGER ( MRS S KEARNAN) V much a baby, but very promising and won this class with a bit to spare. Liked her proportions. She has a fem head. Good neck and shoulder. Decent width of chest. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Just needs to firm up. 2ND BROCKLINTON JODIE AT NETSRIK (MISS K TAYLOR Balanced, moderate and sound black b in gleaming coat and so v well muscled. V well schooled. Enough neck. Correct topline. Balanced in angulation. 3RD YLANRIS PALOMA (MISS L CALDWELL) Junior b (3) 1ST DAHLMANN HELENA (MR J & MRS H PEGG) Liked her proportions, still looks raw and lacking body, as she should at her age. Fem head of strength. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm. Chest to elbow. Spring of ribs is ok, could carry a fraction more weight. Well made rear. Accurate mover with good stride. RCC 2ND ESKGYLE VANTA (J JACK) Well proportioned, more mature b. Fem head, she is v slightly pinched under the eyes. Long neck. Well made front. Decent pasterns and feet. Well ribbed back. Well made rear, but runs on her hocks. V good type. 3RD ROSEBUD DAENERYS ( MRS S KEARNAN) BP Post grad b (4,1) 1ST KASSIEGER HARPER (MR S & MRS J BELFIELD) Really liked the proportions of this young b, she just needs to develop in body and rib. Fem head, v good pigment. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, good slope to upper arm. Pasterns a bit soft. V good rear, best hind action in class. Long and easy side gait. 2ND BEEGAR DARCI VIA ALLSALA (MR J & MRS A MATHIESON) She is in super body, slightly longer than winner. Good head. Correct neck. Well made front, but can firm in pastern. Correct topline. Well ribbed. Would like her firmer going away. 3RD ANTILLI RIKKI (MRS J & MRS A H HOLLAND & WILLIAMSON) Limit b (6:2) 1ST WAKEMATT JULIETE (MR M WAKEFIELD) Really good b, correct proportions and held a good shape on move with an easy stride. Fem head. Dark eye. Lengthy neck. Well made in front. Pasterns and feet are ok. Well bodied. Topline firm well made rear. Fairly good out and back. CC \ 2ND DAHLMANN GINGER (MR J & MRS H PEGG) Liked her proportions v much, just lifting her front feet too high on move. V good head. Strong, lengthy neck. She actually has a well made front. Good shoulder and correct upper arm. Well ribbed back. Rear is ok. 3RD FAIRYCROSS SABINE WITH NORWULF (MISS T, MISS K & MISS S WALL, JONES & NICHOLSON) Open b (3,2) 1ST IR CH KNOCKWOOD MACEY (MR A NIBLOCK) Found her slightly short in leg. She has a v good rear. Fem head. Good expression. Long neck. Could have slightly more angulation in front. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back to a short loin. V good rear with low hocks. Super profile action. Veteran b (2) 1ST GEESWOOD HEIDI AT SHARPALTA SHCM (MRS K SHARPE) Nice type of b in fine form. Liked her head. Well made front. Grand body. Moderate rear. Sound when she stopped pacing. Sp Beginners B (1) 1ST BROCKLINTON JODIE AT NETSRIK (MISS K TAYLOR) Good Citizen B (1) 1ST GEESWOOD HEIDI AT SHARPALTA SHCM (MRS K SHARPE)

Jeff Horswell