• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Pomeranian

BOSTON. Pomeranian

Thank you for such a wonderful entry. Not only did I have a large number to judge I also thought that the depth of quality was excellent, especially in the males. I had a most enjoyable time with your lovely dogs. Puppy D (12, 2) V good class to start. Some v raw babies that were giving a lot away. 1. LIREVAS QUADROPHONIC ( MRS A CAWTHERA-PURDY) Thought him really lovely to go over and a super mover. Liked his head, well set, dark eyes. Well placed ears. Short neck. Short back. Well ribbed. Correct rear. Good coat. Put on a great performance to take BP and later Puppy G2, well done. An exciting show prospect. 2. PETITPOM LEGEND OF LOVE (MRS C SIMMONS) A good mover. He has a lovely expression, dark eyes and neat eats, short neck. Well bodied. Liked his shortness of back. Good turn of stifle, just slightly narrow going away as yet. Correct coat. Carries his tail better moving than standing. 3. TINY JEWELS' A KIND OF MAGIC AT TRAVILLON (IMP NOR) (MR & MRS T KILLICK) Junior D (6) 1. SPECIAL EDITION OF PERSIMOONE (IMP UKR) (MRS SLOUGH) Liked his shape, short back and compact in body. Well proportioned head. Would prefer a darker eye and better shape. Well set, neat ears. Short neck. Well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs and a short loin. Moderate rear. Has a level topline. Liked his rear. Sound mover. 2. AACHARMOES DAZZLES REIGN (MRS M & MISS C DIXONHARDWICK) Liked his shape, he is compact and short. Could have a fraction longer muzzle and better eyes. Short neck. V good front. Level topline. High set tail. Liked his rear. Could maybe still firm in front. 3. AIZENS DREAM OF BEING A STAR AT TRENARWYN (IMP ESP) (MRS C SOULSBY) Post Grad D (8) 1. RAYEMIL MAN IN THE MIRROR AT STYALWAYS (MRS G A NEVE) Well made and sound d. Could have better shaped eyes. Short neck. Well laid shoulders. Level topline with a well set tail. Moderate hind angulation. Can sometimes appear long stood. Liked his coat. 2. POM DE CACHEMIR FLUORESCENT ADOLESCENT AT BREEZELYN (IMP) (MRS J & MRS A PIKE & CARTER) Short and compact d. He too could have better eyes. Neat ears. Short neck. Moderate but balanced angulation. Well bodied with a level topline. Prefer coat of 1. 3. BONNIEBEARS BUNGLE (MISS A WALKEY) Open D (8,3) Really lovely class which took a lot of sorting out. 1. BAROMAR DUBONET AT ALTINA (MRS C D HOLMAN) Thought him quite super. Short in back, compact body and really good on the move. He has a v good head, maybe not the eye shape of 2. Short neck. Well laid shoulders, super body with high set tail. Well made rear. In correct coat. BOB and pleased to see him shortlisted in the v strong group. 2. CH RETA HUGO'S THERE LIREVA (A M CAWTHERA-PURDY) This d has a super head with gorgeous eyes and a lovely expression. Short neck, short in back and a super tail. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Shows so well and a super coat.Could be just a bit more accurate out and back. RBD 3. BREEZELYN DANDY DICK TURPIN (MRS J & MRS A PIKE & CARTER) Sp Beginners D (4) 1. CHAO YANG GONG JOSHI SU-SAN (MISS J NGAI) Compact d with short back and a good mover. He has a masc head. Eyes slightly rounded. Fine muzzle. Short neck. Well bodied with a level topline. High set tail. 2. ALTINAS LEONARDO (MISS L BROWN) He is slightly longer than the winner. Dark eyes. Would prefer a better muzzle. Level topline. Well bent stifle. 3. ALTINAS KENTUCKY BOURBON (MISS R BROOKS) Puppy B (15,6) As with the males a mix of ages. There were a few mouth issues in this class. 1. LIREVA'S QUADROPHENIA (A M CAWTHERA-PURDY) Really pretty baby. She has a lovely head with correct eye and expression. Short neck and back. Quite a good front. Well ribbed back. High set tail. Correct turn of stifle with low hocks. Moved well. 2. PETITPOM STARLIGHT KISS (MRS C SIMMONS) She is much older than most in the class, and has a pleasing outline, moved well and a good mouth. Well proportioned head. Short neck. Well made and has a level topline. 3. HOBBY MARYDEN ERIN EDVINNA (MISS A LITTLE) Junior B (6,3) 1. SNOWVILLA MOONLIGHT MAGIC (MRS J KNOTT) She is short in back, with correct leg length to give a balanced outline. Best mover in class. Pretty head with nice eyes. Well set ears. Short neck. Straight front, well ribbed back with a level topline and high set tail. Moderate rear. 2. MISTERIYA DEL ESTO VALKYRIA TRISHA (IMP RUS) (MISS E A CHARALAMBOUS) She is a pleasing shape. Eyes are a bit round and ears could be smaller. Short neck. Good front. Shorted in back than 3. Level topline. Good rear. 3. LILROSA STEAMY AFFAIR (MRS SLOUGH) Post Grad B (7,3) 1. JACOBIAN HERA'S MOONLIGHT WITH PAAVALI (MISS P S & MR N D'ARCY & DUFFIELD) Shapely b. She has a pretty head, dark eyes and well set ears. Short neck. Quite good shoulders. Level topline with a well set tail. Good rear. Could be slightly tidier out and back. Best coat in class. 2. TINY JEWELS' LOVE IS ONLY LOVE FOR PETITPOM (IMP NOR) (MRS C SIMMONS) A sound and well made b who is just a fraction long. Dark eyes and good ears. Short neck. Holds a level topline. Nice feet. 3. LILROSA STEAMY AFFAIR (MRS SLOUGH) Open B (9,3) 1. LIREVA'S SWEET DREAM (A M CAWTHERA-PURDY) She is certainly vivacious, full of fun on the move. She has a super outline and moved v well. Fem head, eyes are v slightly rounded. Short neck. Well laid shoulders. Well spring ribs. Level topline. She has a good rear. High set tail. Coming into coat. BB 2. KLASSNA CALL ME A STAR OF TRAVILLON JW (MR & MRS T KILLICK) Liked her proportions and she too is a v good mover. Fem head. She too could have slightly better eyes. Well set ears. Short neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Would prefer a better tail. Moderate rear. RBB 3. ABBEYLEIGH MISSANDEI AT POMEYRE (MR R & MRS L J EYRE) Sp Beginners B (1) 1. VITORIO ROSSI ANOUSHKA NAF (MISS A LITTLE) V sweet pup of just 6 months and looks right for her age. Liked her proportions and moved out well in this class.

Jeff Horswell