• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

SKC Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Minor Puppy D (6,2) Class of real babies. 1ST BORJOMI BRAD PIT OF OKAJEM (MS A FATHERS) Liked his head, well set ears, dark eyes. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Topline better on the floor than table. Well made rear. Moved well. 2ND JAHNEEMAHS TIT FOR TAT NAF (MRS E HUNTLEY) Happy d who went well. Can just firm in front. Ears a bit low set but good skull and eye. Medium neck. Well bodied. 3RD DIAMONCHI STAR DUST (MRS D FOTHERGILL) Puppy d (1) 1ST SILVERCHI PREACHER TOM (MS V L SILVERSTEIN) Full of personality and went wel. He has a pleasing head, liked the size of his eyes and ears. Moderate neck. Front could be straighter. Well bodied. Well angulated rear, just needs to firm in topline. Junior d (3,1) 1ST TORRE DEL PILAR CRACKERJACK OF KIRCYAN (IMP ESP) NAF TAF (MRS K PRICE) Lovely mover when he decided to cooperate, sound up and back. Could have a slightly better expression. Moderate neck. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Can firm in topline. Carried his tail well. 2ND SILVERCHI BURNING BRIDGES (MRS D KERR) Rather large and could carry more body. Nice size eyes. Ears ok. Good neck. Topline is ok. Went well. Post grad d (4,3) 1ST JICARA HEARTBREAKER NIKITOS (MRS B SUTTON) Brisk mover, could be more positive going away. Well shaped skull. Large, expressive eyes well set ears. Could have just a bit more neck and a better shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Could be shorter in back. Really well conditioned. Limit d (1) 1ST DIAMONCHI MISTER MOON JW SHCM (MRS D FOTHERGILL) Liked his shape and proportions, and full of himself on the move. Masc head, good skull. Well placed eyes, good ears giving a lovely expression. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation. Level topline. Open d (6,2) 1ST NOW OR NEVER DE L'ISLE AU VERT COTEAU NIKITOS JW (IMP FRA) (MRS B SUTTON) Lovely outline and proportions, which he holds on the move. He has a super head. Good skull. Well placed eyes, of a good size with a lovely expression. Straight front, more neck than 2. Super body. Level topline. Could have a bit more hind angulation. Typical in profile action. CC & BOB 2ND CH LUMANATII ROLLING THUNDER (MISS L ANDERSON) Pleasing outline. Masc head. Liked his eyes. Could have a bit more neck and better shoulder, but has a really good rear. Level topline. Well bodied. RCC 3RD JAHNEEMAHS LOOK AT ME JW (MRS E HUNTLEY) Veteran d (2 abs) Sp beginners d. Ne Good citizen d. Ne Minor puppy b (6) Difficult class of babies, all at different stages of development. 1ST BRATILDA GALWAY GIRL (MR L DAY) She showed and moved so well. Really liked her head. Super expression. Ears perhaps just a bit too big as yet. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Grand body. Moderate rear and can settle in topline. BP 2ND DIAMONCHI FAIRY DUST (MRS D FOTHERGILL) A bit silly on the table and as 1 she is slightly long. She has a pleasing head. Good expression. Enough neck. Well bodied. Moved well and full of character. 3RD DENIQUE MISS SPELLED (MRS D LANE) Puppy b (5,1) 1ST LEBETHAZI JUST VOGUE (MRS E HASTINGS) Quite a nice shape. Sound mover, could be tidier in front and be a bit more animated. Pleasing head. Lovely eyes. Well set ears. Medium neck. Well bodied. Feet could be better. 2ND JAHNEEMAHS CALENDAR GIRL (MRS E HUNTLEY) Needs to be more settled on table. Good skull. Well set ears. Good body. High steps in front. 3RD CHIROUXE HEY JUDE (MISS G BRODIE) Junior b (4,1) 1ST BORJOMI BEYONCE AT YORONE (MR S J ROONEY) Liked her fem head v much. Nice width to her muzzle. Lovely eyes and she has better ears than 2. Enough neck. Liked her shape and proportions. Well bodied. Could have a slightly better front . V good rear. Sound mover with style. CC 2ND HIGHLANDCHIS STAR GAZER (MS S L BERWICK) She is a nice shape and also moves well. Fem head. Eyes could be just a bit larger. Good neck. Well made front and rear. Well sprung rib cage. 3RD DONAMI TOFFEE LUVS DORENTY (MISS D ENTWISTLE) Post grad b (5) 1ST TIDOS PEACE MISSION (MRS C FAIRBAIRN) Shows v well and has a pretty head, which is well balanced. Large and expressive eyes, well set ears. Enough neck. Well made front. She is just a bit long and can firm in topline. Enough hind angulation. 2ND BRAMERITA TALULAH TRUFFLE (MS A WILCOX) She is sound and well made, just a bit larger than ideal. Liked her head, good eyes and ears. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Good turn of stifle 3RD CAIRNPAPPLE GUCCI GUILTY (MS I J JOHNSTONE) Limit b (5) 2 really good bitches at the top of this class, with different things to weigh up. Both have v good heads. 1ST JICARA HIGH VOLTAGE AT YORONE (MR S J ROONEY) She is a little long, but has a better topline than 2. Ok out and back. Good neck. Well made. Correct body and rib. Liked her rear. 2ND TIDOS ON A MISSION WITH NIKITOS (MRS B SUTTON) Liked her proportions and a v sound mover. Maybe a little too much forechest. Liked her feel. Well ribbed. 3RD TIDOS MISSION INSANITY (MRS C FAIRBAIRN) Open b (6,1) 1ST NIKITOS NOTHINGLIKENORMAL JW (MRS B SUTTON) Liked her outline and proportions. She has a fem head. Well placed eyes. Good ears. Lively expression. Good neck. Fair front, feet could be better and flicks her pasterns slightly, level topline. Enough hind angulation with a well set tail.RCC 2ND LUMANATII'S THE WONDER OF YOU (MISS L ANDERSON) Liked her shape. She has a fem head. Good skull. Super expression. Medium neck. She is just a bit too wide in chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear. 3RD HUGHGRA ONE SHINING MOMENT (A S GRAY) Veteran b (1) 1ST CH LOZEK RHAPSODY IN BLUE NIKITOS JW (MRS B SUTTON) Really good old lady in super form. She has a good head, nice balance of muzzle to her skull. Dark, expressive eyes. Well set ears. Broad chest. Level topline. Went so well. Sp Beginners B. ne Good Citizen B. ne

Jeff Horswell