• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Southern Counties Basset Griffon Vendeen - Grand

Puppy D (1) 1ST JAYANEL AMBIORIX (MISS C L & MRS A COOPER & SMITH) Good moving pup in v good coat. Liked his eye and expression. Could have longer ears. Enough neck. Nice straight front. Topline ok. Lengthy tail. Rather moderate in rear. BP Junior d (1) 1ST MACARONI V TUM-TUMS VRIENDJES OF TARMACHAN (IMP NLD) (MRS F & MR M BUCHANAN & MACLAREN) Liked his proportions. He has a super head, v noble looking with a lengthy muzzle and long ears. Correct neck. Shoulders are ok. Could have just a bit more forechest. Well ribbed. Super coat. V good rear, although he is slightly close going away. Super character. CC & BOB, making him up I understand. Post grad d (1) 1ST ARAPELO DARUDE (MRS K BAYLISS) Happy fellow. Lovely eye and expression. Well balanced head with long ears. Moderate neck. Nice straight front. Enough forechest. Shoulders set rather far apart. Well ribbed. Moperate rear. Goes v well. Limit d ne Open d (3,1) 1ST DEBUCHER BIZET (MRS E J & MISS A HARRIS & THEODOROU) Liked his proportions. Well balanced head. Would like better ears and head hair to look less tidied. Moderate neck. Slightly heavy over his shoulders. Straight front. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moderate rear. Nice profile action. Super coat texture. RCC 2ND CH/BEL CH GAIRSIDE GOOD LORD JW SHCM CW'19 (MR C & MRS A MAKEY) Looks heavier than he is, maybe needs just a fraction more leg. Liked his head. Enough neck. Just a bit lacking in angulation front and rear, but he is balanced and therefore an even stride. Well ribbed. Harsh jacket. Special beginner d (1) 1ST SOUFRIERE NOW IÆM HERE AT WOOLYBASSETS (MRS A WEYMOUTH) Lovely character who moves well. Could have just a bit more length of leg. Liked his head for balance with long ears. Enough neck. Level topline. Could have a harsher coat. BSB Veteran d/b (3,1) 1ST CH/IR CH TARMACHAN FLORENTINE (MRS F & MR M BUCHANAN & MACLAREN) Fem b of v good proportions. She is slightly sort of coat at the moment. Fem head. Liked her eye and expression. Good lengthy of ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder, slightly short in upper arm. Level topline. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. Accurate mover. CC 2ND IR CH GAIRSIDE FERDINAND JW SHCM ANCH'15 (MR C & MRS A MAKEY) Masc d, slightly heavy in body at the moment, but in v good coat. Liked his head, good proportions. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Moderate rear, could use his rear slightly more. Good citizen d/b. Ne Puppy b (1) 1ST TIOGA OPIHR (MRS A ROBERTS) Fem b with a lovely head. Super eye with typical expression. Enough neck. Slightly forward in front construction. Enough body. Moderate rear. Long tail. Can firm on other move. Junior b (1) 1ST SOUFRIERE ONE VISION (MRS S MARSHALL) Would like a fraction more leg for her length. She has a fem head of v good balance. Moderate neck. Carrying too much weight at the moment, but well muscled. Well ribbed. Enough hind angulation. Could be tidier in front. Super coat. Post grad b (3) 1ST DEBUCHER LETITIA (MRS V E PHILLIPS) Fem b with a v lovely head. Long ears. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. She has a well laid shoulder and sloping upper arm. Well ribbed. Enough forechest. Slightly long in back and can still firm up. Well made rear. Moves v well. Harsh jacket. 2ND SOUFRIERE ONE VISION (MRS S MARSHALL) 3RD SILVAMOON SAFFRON AT SOUFRIERE (MRS S MARSHALL) Limit b (3) 1ST WILMIT INDEPENDENCE DAY JW (MRS B MILTON) Liked her proportions. V fem head, could have slightly more strength of muzzle. Ears ok. Correct neck. Well ribbed back. Enough forechest. Moderate rear. V good coat. 2ND HOLMCHAPPELL MERCEDES (MS F SUTTON) Has a better coat than 3. Liked her head. Lovely eyes. Lengthy neck. Needs more forechest. Level topline. Could have more positive hind action. 3RD TIOGA DOT TO DOT (MRS A ROBERTS) Open b (3,1) 1ST CH/BEL CH GAIRSIDE GOOD GRACIOUS CW'19 (MR C & MRS A MAKEY) V good moving b who is well put together. Fem head. Liked her eye and expression. Long ears. Good length of neck. Well laid shoulder, with a long, sloping upper arm. Liked her forechest. Well ribbed with a level topline. Strong rear. RCC 2ND CH TARMACHAN ICE DIAMOND BWNL'18 BWBE'18 (MRS F & MR M BUCHANAN & MACLAREN) Young b. She has a well balanced head. Round, light eyes. Long neck. Shoulders are ok, short in upper arm Firm topline. Moderate rear. Liked her coat. Special beginner b (1) 1ST ANYA HINDMARCH AVEC BRAILLEMENT (MRS H KNOWLES) Fem b with a v good coat texture. Slightly short in muzzle but good length of ear. Enough neck. Slightly forward front assemble. Well ribbed. Good front action, could be firmer in rear.

Jeff Horswell