• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

SKC American Cocker Spaniel

Puppy D (1) 1ST NASAILLEEN ROOSEVELT AT MICKCALS (MR M & MRS C GLOVER) V well conditioned d, who is accurate out and back with a decent stride. Well proportioned head. Dark eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with a lengthy, sloping upper arm. Well sprung ribs. He is a fraction long in back and carries his tail slightly high. Well angulated rear with low hocks. Junior d (1) 1ST COLOURFULLS LIVING THE DREAM (IMP NLD) (MRS ANN NIESSEN) Sound d who has a well set and carried tail. Masc head. Dark eyes. Medium neck, set could bet better. Deep enough in chest for age and well ribbed. Slightly rounded in topline. Well made rear. Post grad d (1) 1ST ABSOULTE BEST IZ MAZHORNOGO ( MRS C C TAYLOR) Really well made d, who is a good mover. Masc head with v good mouth. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Super chest. Well ribbed back. Topline could slope a little more stood and on the move. Well set tail. Good rear. Could just put a bit more in to showing. Limit d (2) 1ST AFTERGLOW LONDON GRAMMAR W18 (MR W & MR J HARRIS & LYNN) Beautifully presented d. Dark eyes, would prefer a stronger muzzle and better mouth. Lengthy neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well ribbed back, short loin. Excels in short back and sloping topline. Well carried tail. Wouldn’t want any more hind angulation. 1ST AFTERGLOW LONDON GRAMMAR W18 (MR W & MR J HARRIS & LYNN) Nice type of d, carrying a bit too much weight. Prefer his head to 1. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Tail carried too high and could have a better hind action. Open d (3) 1ST AM CH/GCH PBJÆS ROCK ON (IMP USA) NAF TAF (MR S, MS F, MRS L & MR B WHINCUP, GLENDINNING, PITTS & EDGE This d has the most lovely head, which is where he scored over 2, who has a better topline. Liked his muzzle, correct width and length. Super eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, good upper arm. He has a super forechest, well sprung ribs. Perfect tail set. Well made rear. Accurate on move and goes with. Long stride. CC, made up in 3 shows I understand. Well done. 2ND AM/IR CH/SH CH SILHOUETTE TROUBLING NASAILLEEN WITH MYCALLEYS (MISS L, MRS L & MRS B BRYANT, NELSON & MORRIS) Stylish d, super topline. Dark eyed. Lengthy neck. Can fill in chest, but good depth and well sprung ribs. Well set and carried tail. Well made rear. Went v well, just needs a bit more width coming towards. RCC 3RD SH CH MYCALLEYS KENNEDY JW SHCM (MISS L, MRS A & MISS R SUNTER & PINCHEN) Veteran d ne Sp beginners d ne Good citizen d ne Puppy b (2) 1ST ARROWBIEN PANIARO (MESSRS K, K & MRS S ARROWSMITH, VORDERSTRASSE & LEACH) Really lovely pup, fem head, which is well balanced. Good mouth. Super eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Good forechest. Well ribbed. Sloping topline with a good tailset. Super rear. Moves v well. BP. RCC & puppy group 3 – well done. 2ND ARROWBIEN BELIEVE IN MAGIC AT TWIZELTREE (MRS A & MR C STOKES) Pretty b, just a bit narrow through. Well proportioned with a sloping topline. Junior b (2) 1ST ZARCREST HAVING A TANTRUM WITH NASAILLEEN (MISS L J & MRS L J BRYANT & NELSON) V pretty b who moves so well, could have clearer tan markings. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Good front. Sloping topline, tail carried slightly high. Well made rear. Good depth of chest. 2ND SUNDUST HUG ME (MISS, MR & MRS SUNTER & KNAPPER) Fem with a pleasing head. Good eye and expression, ok neck. Slightly long in back. Tail is ok. Liked her front. Not hind action on 1. Post grad b (3,2) 1ST MISCHTIKALS COOKIES AND CREAN ( MRS C C TAYLOR) V sound b who is well put together. Could maybe have a slightly larger head for her body. Medium neck. Well ribbed, ok topline. Certainly not over done in rear. Could have a better coat. Limit b. Ne Open b (1) 1ST SH CH NASAILLEEN SECRET LIAISON (MISS L, MRS L, MRS J & MR T BRYANT, NELSON, CAINE & LEE) Fem b who is accurate on the move with a lengthy stride. Fem head. Could have a slightly stronger muzzle. Good skull. Long neck. Well filled front. Good lay of shoulder. Well ribbed. Sloping topline, well set tail. Good rear. Moves and shows so v well. CC & BOB Veteran b Sp beginners b (2 abs) Good citizen b

Jeff Horswell