• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Southern Counties Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Puppy D (1 abs) Junior D (2) 1ST LISJOVIA AVICII WITH ANNANYA (G M & C K GOODMAN) Promising young d. Better head of these 2, well proportioned and slight stop. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder and lengthy upper arm. Good width of chest. Can firm in topline. Well angled hock. Can firm in front action. Typical stride. 2ND JUMICAR CASANOVA ( CARTER) Older than 1, he is slightly heavier in type. Masc head. V good eye and expression, could have less stop. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder, but short in upper arm. Well ribbed. Needs more turn of hock, but moves well. Post grad d (6,1) 1ST SHANLIMORE LORENZO (MRS C A EDWARDS) Typy d. Liked his head and he has a really lovely expression. He has a shortish neck. Would prefer a better shoulder and slightly better stride in front. Chest to his elbow and liked his width of chest. Firm topline. Well ribbed back. Moderate hind angulation. 2ND KRICARNO KONSTELLATION AT PYRAJAY (MR J R & MRS R S THORNE) Liked his outline and proportions. Could be just a bit more of him and more bone for a male. Well balanced head. Correct neck. Liked his angulation front and rear. Rather narrow in chest and could be better coming towards. V good profile action. 3RD KRICARNO KINETIC (MR & MRS STRATTON-BALDWIN) Limit d (4) 1ST ZAGAL DE ALBA DE LOS DANZANTES WITH SKETRICK (IMP ESP) (MRS L G WATERS) Liked him for type and v good proportions. Well balanced head. Well placed eyes, lovely expression. Slight stop. Correct shortish neck. Would prefer more angulation to his front and to be tidier coming towards. Chest to his elbow. Firm topline. Correct turn of stifle and enough angle to his hock. 2ND SHIRESOAK NANOOK AT PYREKEES (MS S & MR M DEARMAN & HENSON) Masc d. Pleasing head, better muzzle than 1. Liked his eye and stop. Short neck. Decent front, can tend to turn his feet out. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back to a firm loin. Needs more turn of hock. Typical mover. 3RD GILLANDANT SPIRIT OF XMAS AT LAKAMONI (M FLOUNDERS) Open d(4,1) V good class. 1ST LISJOVIA BORIS BEAR AT DARMAROR JW SHCM (LADY S REILLY) Really lovely d, full of quality and super presentation. Liked his head. Typical eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body with a firm topline. V good rear. Balanced stride in profile action, could be just a bit tidier in front. CC & BOB 2ND CH JACKO DU HARAS DE CHANTE NEIGE AVEC KRICARNO (IMP FRA) JW SHCM (MR & MRS R M & S A TADD) Liked him v much . Correct outline and all male. Super head. Lovely eye. Correct neck. Not quite the front of 1. Super body. Topline is level. Moderate hind angulation. Not putting all in moving, but a sound dog, RCC 3RD KALKASI EXPECT ONLY THE BEST (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK) Special beginners d ne Veteran d/b (1) 1ST CH GILLANDANT SIZZLING SPICE (MRS G P POLLARD) Fem b who is one of the best movers here, dead true in front. Fem head. Lovely expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be better in upper arm.Firm topline. Super body. V well ribbed. Liked hear rear, which is strong and so well muscled. BV Good citizen d/b ne Puppy b ne Junior b (4) Good class, some promising youngsters. 1ST GILLANDANT OPHELIA (MRS G P POLLARD) Lovely for type. Youngest in class and needs to body but just right for her age. Lovely head, so v fem with a super eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder slightly upright in pastern. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. V good rear typical mover. CC 2ND KALKASI SUPER COOL (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK) Close up, presents at good outline. Fem head, not finished and could be better in stop. Enough neck. Well made front, but also a bit upright in pastern. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Moved v well. 3RD KRICARNO KATCHMEIFYOUKAN (MR & MRS R M & S A TADD) Post grad b (6,2) 1ST KALKASI SUPER COOL (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK) 2ND SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI (AI) (M FLOUNDERS) Liked her v much and was a close call. Winner is a bit narrow coming towards, she is v untidy in front action. Prefer her head, fem, correct stop, super eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly narrow in chest. Well ribbed. Wouldn’t want her any longer in back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. V good profile action. 3RD LISJOVIA ADAGIO (MR C & MRS K GOODWIN) Limit b (3) 1ST SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI (AI) (M FLOUNDERS) 2ND FEBUS FLEURAC (AI) (MR A DOWNES) She has a super head and I liked her outline and proportions. Correct neck. Fairly well laid shoulders. Good chest. Well bodied and ribbed. Ok turn of stifle but needs more bend of hock. Could have moved better. 3RD KRICARNO KRYSTAL KOPYKAT (MR R M, MRS S A & MS A TADD, TADD & HORWOOD) Open b (4,2) 1ST CH KALKASI EXPECT TO BE A STAR (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK) Liked her outline and she is a v typical b. Fem head. Well placed eyes. Correct neck. Quite a good front but could be cleaner coming towards. Super body. Could have a firmer topline. Well angulated rear, RCC 2ND CH BELSHANMISH PRETTY IN PINK AT PYRAJAY SHCM (MR J R & MRS R S THORNE) V fem b. Would like a little more strength to her head. Correct neck. Front is ok, but could be better coming towards. Well bodied. Well made rear. Preferred the overall shape and balance of 1. Special beginner b (1 ) 1ST LISJOVIA ADAGIO (MR C & MRS K GOODWIN) Liked her for type. She has a v good head. Correct neck. Slightly high at the rear at the moment. Balanced in angulation. Well done on willing the SB Group

Jeff Horswell