• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

Bournemouth King Charles Spaniel

Minor Puppy D (1) 1st: 4096 BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Soldier Boy V happy d, cobby in body. Pleasing head, well set eyes. Domed skull with low set ears. Well placed big nose. Lengthy neck. Broad chest. Well laid shoulder. Slightly wide in front at moment. Super ribs. Topline can settle. Needs more hind angulation. Puppy d (1 abs) Junior d (1 abs) Post grad d (1 ) 1st: 4089 AUSTIN Mrs K L & Mr M L Dragonheart Fall Breeze V happy d. Liked his eye and expression. Domed skull, fairly low set ears. Nice big nose. Enough neck. Good width of chest. Quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Arches his topline. Needs more hind angulation. Could be better in hind action. Rather proud of his tail. Limit d (2) 1st: 4107 KENDALL, Mrs M E & ASKINS, Mrs I M & WILEMAN Mis Chocolate Moonlight At Headra Happy and showy d. Liked his head. Well domed skull, cushioned muzzle. Dark pigment. Lengthy neck. Decent front. Well sprung ribs. Holds a level topline. Moved better at rear than he stands. 2nd: 4090 AUSTIN Mrs K L & Mr M L Dragonheart Winter Morning Masc d, looked totally bored with proceedings. Well domed skull with low set ears. Lengthy neck. His angulation is well balanced. Well ribbed. Flat feet and rather long nails. Could be tidier out and back moving. Open d (3,1) 1st: 4102 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Ch Descartes Ot Nevskogo Hobbita (Imp Rus) Really well made and sound d. Could just look like he is enjoying it more. Pleasing head, could have a slightly more domed skull. Big eyes. Well placed, large nose. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Maybe slightly heavy in bone. He has a level topline and is better ribbed than 2. V good rear. His outline, topline and movement earnt him CC. 2nd: 4110 SCHILIZZI & HEALY-GATES Mesdames D & P Chacombe Albert V happy d. Preferred his head to 1, more domed in skull. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Moderate front. Ribs go well back but could be more rounded. Topline better stood than moving. V moderate in rear. RCC Veteran d (2,1) 1st: 4092 AUSTIN Mrs K L & Mr M L Oh Dandy Boy Hero In great form for his 11 years. Masc head. Fairly well domed skull. Super eye and a lovely expression. Has a good front. Well ribbed. Could have a better rear. Went well. Sp beginners d/b (1) 1st: 4112 SKELTON Mrs D Tudorhurst Sorceress At Elfindor V happy girl, rather proud of her tail. Moved well. She looks v immature as yet and needs more body. Fem head. Could have better eyes. Lengthy neck. V moderate angulation. Ribs could be more sprung. Lovely coat. Minor puppy b (2) 1st: 4113 STANBURY Mrs S Cofton To The Moon and Back To Inixia Delightful baby, so v full of promise. She has a fem head, super eye and expression. Well padded muzzle. Well domed skull with low set ears. Lengthy neck. Can still spring in rib. Has a good front. Could have a bit more hind angulation, but moves so v well. Super temperament, really enjoys showing. BP 2nd: 4108 LEWIS, Mrs C & LEWIS Miss J Amantra Tarazed Carleeto Liked her v much. Not the eye and expression of 1. She has a domed skull with well set ears. Dark nose. Enough neck. Can tighten in front. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Just needs to enjoy herself more. Puppy b (1) 1st: 4095 BAKER Mr J D R Cofton Fly Me To The Moon Happy, fem b whose body is developing nicely. Pleasing head. Well domed skull. Liked her dark, expressive eyes. Well placed nose. Enough neck. Balanced angulation. Topline needs to settle and could carry her tail lower. V good prospect. Junior b (2,1) 1st: 4104 CHAMPION Mrs C Lankcombe Bette Davis Fem b. Nicely balanced head, enough rise in her skull. Well placed eyes and nose. Low set ears. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulders. Fairly well sprung ribs, but she is somewhat longer than ideal in loin. Moderate rear and could be better in hind action. Topline and tail ok. Post grad b (2.1) 1st: 4112 SKELTON Mrs D Tudorhurst Sorceress At Elfindor Limit b (3,1) 1st: 4103 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Baldragon Hold That Thought Lacking coat, she is better bodied than she looks. Preferred her head to 2, well domed skull, v good muzzle and cushioning. Lovely eyes and super pigment. Enough neck. Good front but could be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed. Could be slightly shorter in loin. Well bent stifle. 2nd: 4097 BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Snow White She has a v good cobby look. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Needs more hind angulation. Had a lengthy stride but could be tidier out and back. Open b (4) 1st: 4109 MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Ch Clussexx Reign It In Cavallibrook (Imp USA) Liked her outline and holds that shape in profile action. Fem head. V good skull. Well padded muzzle. Slightly darker eyes would enhance her expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly wide in front action. Well rounded ribs. Short loin. Well angulated tear. Her topline and hind quarters won her this class. CC & BOB 2nd: 4094 AUSTIN, Mr M & Mrs K & BAKER Miss E Ch Cofton Dancing Though Life JW Liked her proportions. She has a pleasing head. Would also prefer a slightly darker eye. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed and cobby. Could have more hind angulation and be firmer in topline. Went well. RCC Veteran b (2,1) 1st: 4111 SELLEN & STUBBS Miss J Mrs J Vashdown Contralto Looking good for her years. She is a really cobby sort of b. Fem head. Well domed skull. Dark eye. Nice nose. Moderate neck. Needs more angulation front and rear. Super body and topline.

Jeff Horswell