• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Papillon

Bath Papillon

I very much enjoyed judging your breed for the first time. I thought the quality was very good, and certainly a step up from the open show entries I have judged previously. A few had small ears. It was of course great to see the BOB winner go on to win BIS for the third time with his 3rd CC, some record. It was wonderful to see how his win in the breed was so well received by his rivals.

Minor Puppy D (5) Nice class headed by 3 really lovely pups. 1st: 6630 ROOSENS Miss K Rollercoaster Daydream Believers He is such a lovely mover, accurate and a light easy profile action. Super temperament and so showy. Beautiful head. Large, well fringed ears. Dark eyes. Super expression. Liked his lengthy of neck. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Correct for portions. Level topline. Hopefully his tail will come over more. V good rear. BP, &4th in puppy group. 2nd: 6629 ROBB Mrs I & Mr G Gleniren Who's Your Daddy He too has a beautiful head. Super ears. Lovely eye and expression liked his balance of muzzle and skull. Medium neck. Well bodied. Good turn of stifle. Can just firm in front. 3rd: 6578 ANDERSON Mrs C D Pappretty I Want A Hero Puppy d (1 abs) Junior d (7) 1st: 6582 BREEN Mrs G Amicae Highland Glen Liked his proportions. Well balanced head. Dark eyes. Well set ears, maybe could be slightly larger. Medium neck straight front, just tends to life his feet slightly on the move. Liked his body. Level topline. Well ribbed. Well bent stifle and low hocks, v good hind movement. 2nd: 6583 BROWN Mrs L Zoloto Lucky Winner Exhilaro Good shape. Lovely eye and expression, liked his ears, enough muzzle, quite a lot of stop. Not the neck of 1. His angulation is well balanced and he moved well, with a light stride. 3rd: 6637 THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S Melangel Highland By Design At Jhanakia Novice d (2) 1st: 6643 WALKLETT Mrs & Miss J A & L A Angullyon's Secret Chap Delightfully naughty d, did enough steps to make him sound. Well balanced head, lovely big, rounded ears. Dark eyes. He is well made, level topline. Could carry more body weight. 2nd: 6628 QUINN Mrs R Resolutebay Tyrone V well schooled d, shows steadily. Dark eyes. Prefer ears of 1. Can settle in topline and firm in hind action. V good tail. Post grad d(10) 1st: 6635 STANBURY Mrs S Inixia Ever Ready Eddie Liked this young d v much. Correct proportions. He has a masc head which is well balanced. Dark eyes. Correct skull, well set ears. Enough neck. Good front. Well bodied with a level topline. Well bent stifle. Could be slightly better going away, but he is a bit better in front than 2. 2nd: 6582 BREEN Mrs G Amicae Highland Glen 3rd: 6619 OLOF Ms D Tarnock Romeo Romeo Limit d (8,1) Thought this a v competitive class. 1st: 6581 BOUGHTON, Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S Inixia Follower Of Fashion Liked his shape, just put on a slightly better performance than 2. He has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Liked his chest, reaches elbow. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good rear. Accurate on move. Could have a better coat, but really well presented. RCC, good luck for his title. 2nd: 6585 BROWN, Mrs L & STANBURY Mrs S Inixia Fully Charged Exhilaro This d is really well made and good to go over. Masc head. Super ears. Dark eyes. Moderate neck. Level topline. Can be slightly careless standing in front. V sound. 3rd: 6597 LANGDON Miss S C Skyvana Van Helsing Open d (5,2) 1st: 6631 ROOSENS Miss K Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers Really super d. He is full of personality, shows so well, super mover, and in correct coat, perfectly presented. Masc head, correct proportions. Super ears, well fringed. Dark eyes, with a lovely expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder, long and sloping upper arm. Well bodied. Level topline. Excellent rear. Real top quality dog. CC & BOB, he is just outstanding in any company. 2nd: 6638 THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S Melangel Highland Vogue At Jhanakia Just preferred his proportions to 3 and put more effort in to showing. Well balanced head. Well set ears, which he uses v well. Underline cuts up a bit. Level topline. Accurate mover. 3rd: 6613 MORRELL Mrs S Temelora Let It Be Magic JW Veteran d(2) 2 lovely old boys. 1st: 6599 LETCH Miss C Conysluck Master Pip Just preferred his eye and expression. Well balanced head. Good ears. Moderate neck. Well balanced sound mover. 2nd: 6601 MALCOLM Mr D & Mrs H Petitchiens Moonbeam Slightly heavier in body. He is well balanced. Good head. Sound mover. Sp beginner d/b (3,1) 1st: 6603 MARSDEN, Miss H & MASON, Miss K & STANBURY Mrs S Inixia Fine Fella In Finity (Naf) (Taf) Well proportioned d who moved so much better in this class than previously. Liked his head. Well set ears. Lovely body. Accurate on the move. 2nd: 6585 BROWN, Mrs L & STANBURY Mrs S Inixia Fully Charged Exhilaro Shapely d who looks good moving around. Well presented. Not happy on table. Minor puppy b (2,1) 1st: 6606 MATTHEWS Mrs A J Berestead Haute Couture V promising baby. She is v fem. Liked her outline and proportions. Lovely head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Level topline. Rear matches front. V good mover. Puppy b (2) Not much between these 2 v promising pups. 1st: 6647 WELLS, Rev K J & BROWN Ms A J Metamorphic Vista Just used her ears a bit better when it mattered. She has a good head. Well set ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Well bodied. Could just have a little more hind angulation. 2nd: 6598 LANGDON Miss S C Skyvana Xpose Much the same remarks. Fem in head. Slightly darker eye than 1. Enough neck. Front is ok. Level topline. Needs more turn of stifle. Junior b (9,3) Thought this was a v good class. 1st: 6608 MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Feorlig Smart Cookie V showy, beautifully presented and correct coat. Lovely eyes and ears, just a fraction long in muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Can drop in chest. Enough hind angulation. V accurate out and back with a. Easy stride, looks a picture moving round the ring. CC 2nd: 6624 ORCHARD Miss S Panspayon Gold Fever Liked her v much and v close up. She has a good head, well proportioned. Super ears. Eye colour matches her coat. Lengthy neck. Good front. Just a bit longer in back than 1 and lost her topline very slightly. Moderate rear. V good coat. RCC 3rd: 6634 SELLICK Miss K A Inixia Annabelle Novice b (3) 1st: 6616 MUNN Mrs P Ringlands Timeless Wishes Fem b of v good proportions. Well balanced head, with well set ears. Enough neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Moved well. 2nd: 6592 GEARY Mrs G A Taliesyn Black Azalea She has large, well fringed ears. Could have more neck. Balanced angulation. Topline runs up slightly. Correct coat. 3rd: 6620 OLOF Ms D Tarnock Devore Post grad b (6,1) Fairly even class. 1st: 6604 MASKELL Mrs K Kazkell Milo's Dream JW Liked her proportions. Could be slightly more fem in head. Well set, large ears. Enough neck. Straight front. Nice feet. Well ribbed. Well bent stifle. Sound mover. 2nd: 6645 WALKLETT Mrs & Miss J A & L A Angullyon's Secret Delight Liked her head for balance. Ears could have more fringing. Enough neck. Well balanced in angulation. Good body. 3rd: 6640 URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C Blackpark Vogue Limit b (5,1) 1st: 6610 MORLEY, Miss E L & HITCHCOCK Mr R Jorgealin Indian Magic at Lizlanmor JW V sound, light moving b. Lovely coat and presentation. Fem head. Good eye . Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Well made front. In lovely body. Moderate rear. 2nd: 6595 GREGORY Mrs J K Stagedoor Stripper Close up. Liked her balance and proportions. Well balanced head. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Just a little wide in front. Level topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. 3rd: 6617 MUNN Mrs P Ringlands Treasure Sunshine Open b (4) 1st: 6625 ORCHARD Miss S Ringland Yoko's Solo At Panspayon Sh.CM Sound, honest sort of b, carrying just a bit much weight today. Liked her well balanced head. Very good ear set. Dark eyes. Medium length neck. Liked her angulation. Level topline. V good mover. 2nd: 6641 URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C Blackpark Patricia V good young b. Still needs to finish in coat. Fem head, preferred eye and expression of 1. Moderate neck. Level topline. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Moderate rear. Balanced and easy mover. 3rd: 6609 MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Ch Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW Sh.CM Veteran b (3) All in really lovely condition. 1st: 6580 ANDERSON Mrs C D Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty She has super ears, large, well set and nicely fringed. Has good neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly slack in pastern now. Well bodied and a level topline. Good rear. BV 2nd: 6594 GEARY Mrs G A Taliesyn Orchid Super proportions. She has a fem head. Well set ears. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Sound mover. 3rd: 6646 WALKLETT Mrs & Miss J A & L A Hillsorg Katz Trade Secret Of Farthinghall

Jeff Horswell