• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

Windsor Dogue de Bordeaux

I found this quite a challenging entry to sort out, guess I was spoilt last time. I tried not to over move the Dogues due to the heat. Veteran D/B (2) 1st: 2558 NATTRISS Mr & Mrs A & N Emberez Silhouette With Soultime She is v good for type. Correct head, good chin. Eyes could be cleaner. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Broad chest. Well ribbed. Good rear. Moved v well. BV 2nd: 2547 HIXSON Mrs M & Mr M Scaf Big Boyz He is rather thin. Not the head of 1 and eyes could be better. Broad chest, which lacks fill. Well ribbed back. Ok rear. Puppy D (4 abs) Junior D (2) 1st: 2537 BAKER Mr M Maruba Boom Shakalaka Fairly mature 17 mths d, plenty of him. Liked his head. Trapezoid, super forehead. Good chin. Well set eyes. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder, just a bit steep in upper arm and so fills his front feet higher than you would wish on move. Straight front. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Fraction long in loin. Well made rear. Accurate on the move. Interesting to see him in another 6 months. 2nd: 2579 WILLIAMS, Miss J & SUTTON Mr J Stattoo Zeus He has quite a good head, well balanced and a good chin. Strong neck. Can fill in chest. Deep body. Nice proportions. Moderate rear. High tail carriage detracts rather. Post Grad D (6,1) 1st: 2575 TONGE Mr K Benelux Junior Winner Harleydeaux Hennessy Liked his proportions, enough leg without being leggy. He has a well proportioned head, deep stop and a good forehead. Plenty of chin. Strong neck. Nice width of chest. Well ribbed. Ok rear. Moved quite well. 2nd: 2544 HANKS Mr S Casa Haff Be My Apollo (Imp) V nice type of d. Masc head, broad, good forehead. Preferred his length of muzzle to 3. Enough neck. Fairly straight front. Topline runs up a bit too much. Moved ok. 3rd: 2543 HAMBLETT Mr S Redripraw Lone Survivor Limit D (6,1) 1st: 2532 ANSELL Mrs A L & Mr S Justlazare Dark Knight (ai) Really g d of excellent type, and was v typical on the move. Well proportioned trapezoid head. Good forehead. Liked his width of skull. Good chin. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Has a little more width and fill of chest than 2. Well bodied. V good rear. CC & BOB 2nd: 2545 HARRISON Mrs T & Mr B Cerisier All My Loving Liked him a lot. Has a really good head. Lovely width to his skull, high set ears. Good stop and muzzle. Strong neck. V good front. Well ribbed. Almost level in topline. Enough hind angulation, hind action earnt him RCC 3rd: 2563 RAINGER Mr M J & Mrs D T Loggerheads Creed Open D (4,1) 3 dogs of differing virtues. 1st: 2564 RAINGER Mr M J & Mrs D T Multi Ch Loggerheads Aston Martin He has a really lovely head. Liked his muzzle to skull proportions. Well set eyes. Good chin. Correct dewlap. Strong neck. V good shoulder with broad chest. Well ribbed. Topline ok. Moderate turn of stifle, not really using his rear today. 2nd: 2548 ISETON Mr R Cerisier Hes Sebastian He moved well, tail carriage rather detracted. Liked his head, trapezoid shape. Eyes could be cleaner. Good neck. Well filled front. Well bodied. Liked his topline. Moderate rear. 3rd: 2576 TONGE Mr K Dutch Njk Harleydeaux Vantage Jun Ch Good Citizen D/B. Ne Puppy B (4,3) 1st: 2570 SHOPLAND Mrs T A & Mr M R Piechottka Dutch Courage V fem b who moved v well. She has a well proportioned head. I would prefer a darker eye. Good chin. Lengthy neck. Nice front with a deep chest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. V promising. BP Junior B (4,1) 1st: 2542 GRICE, Mr T & Mrs A D & CLARKSON Mrs E Fairhero Go West Ir J Ch V good young b, nicely put together. Trapezoid head, v good chin, enough forehead. Muzzle slightly out of proportion to skull. Liked her fill of chest. Well made front. Grand body. Topline rises slightly. Good rear. Went v well. 2nd: 2538 BRIGHTON, Mr & Mrs O & A & BAKER Mr M Maruba Eurythmics Liked her v much. Good balance of muzzle to skull, maybe a bit much chin. V good neck. Just slightly forward in front assembly and can fill in chest. Well sprung ribs. Typical topline. Liked her rear. 3rd: 2573 SPENCER Miss D Kenaiteen Tunnel Of Love Post Grad B (8,4) 1st: 2577 TONGE Mr K Harleydeaux Carven V well balanced b, well made. Liked her head. Fem. Good balance of muzzle to skull. Enough chin. Well set eyes. Good neck and front. Well developed chest. Moderate rear. Moved v well. CC 2nd: 2568 RAWLINGS Mr S Maruba Uptown Girl V good type of b. Slightly better head than 1, except tended to show her teeth. Liked her width of chest. Decent front. Well bodied. Topline ok. Didn’t use her rear as well as 1 today. 3rd: 2539 CANHAM Mrs N J Loggerheads Honey Dew Limit B (3,2) Only entrant was a v typy, v sound b who didn’t want to let me touch her and therefore I could not place her. Open B (5,1) Sadly a b who was lovely stood wasn’t quite sound. 1st: 2578 WILLIAMS, Mrs Y A & MCGURK, Miss S & WILLIAMS Mr Xardox She's On Fire Sh.CM Liked her for type and soundness. Well proportioned head. Liked her width of chest. Well laid shoulder. Grand body. Ok rear. Well balanced. RCC 2nd: 2559 NATTRISS Mr & Mrs A & N Soultime Keep The Faith Strong but fem b. She is just a little over done in head and could have more fill of chest. Shoulders slightly forward. Well ribbed and ribbed back. Low hocks. Topline ok. 3rd: 2546 HARRISON Mrs T & Mr B Cerisier Breaking Dawn

Jeff Horswell