• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Otterhound

Windsor Otterhounds

  Good to see so many different exhibitors showing this breed here. Since the last time I judged proportions seem better, less short legs, and fronts seem to have improved, or maybe those entered reflected what I said last time. However, heads and ears are not as good as previously and are an essential part of breed type. So now get the heads back and keep the fronts and proportions! Veteran D/B (2) 2 lovely old ladies. 1st: 7021 GANNA Mrs R Ch & Ir Ch Keepcott Florin She has a better coat than 2. Fem head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Topline is a little soft now. Moderate rear. Went v well. 2nd: 7033 SCOTT, Mr T & WHEATLEY Mrs C Teckelgarth Good mover, coat slightly soft. Liked her tear. More moderate in neck.9 Ok front. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Puppy D (1) 1st: 7032 SALT, Dr D & STRINGER, Prof M & LEREGO Miss M Teckelgarth Dreadnought Very forward for 9 mths, hope he doesn’t grow much more. Super eyes. Good head. Would like better ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Liked his length of leg. Well filled chest. Super body and rib. Well made rear. Super coat. V typical mover. CC & BP Junior D (3) 1st: 7028 LEWIS Mrs S Olphae Charman V typy young hound. I liked his head. Moderate neck. Good front. Well ribbed. A bit too moderate in rear. 2nd: 7027 LEREGO, Miss M & ROBB Mrs J Teckelgarth Crassus Playful pup of promise. Liked his head. Could have better ears. Moderate neck. Well bodied. Needs a bit more angulation front and rear, but balanced and moved well. 3rd: 7019 FINCH Mrs V C Olphae Clayton Post Grad D ne Limit D (1 abs) Open D (2) 1st: 7024 LEREGO Miss M Teckelgarth Augustus Good moving d. Liked his head, would like better ears. Moderate neck. Good front, well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear. Harsh coat, slightly open. Lots to like. RCC 2nd: 7020 FINCH Mrs V C Ottaryx Marshal Liked his outline. Pleasing head. Could have more neck and a better shoulder. Needs to fill in chest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear, used well on move. Good Citizen D/B. Ne Puppy B (2) 1st: 7036 SMITH Mr T B & Mrs L G Ottaryx Quartz at Goldmarker Thought she had a bit more substance and strength than her sister. V good head. Ears ok. Enough neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear with low hocks. Typical on move. 2nd: 7031 PORTER Mrs S L & Mr D J Ottaryx Quinevere Just a bit finer through as yet. Similar balanced outline. Fem head. Super coat. Level topline. Junior B (2) 1st: 7036 SMITH Mr T B & Mrs L G Ottaryx Quartz at Goldmarker 2nd: 7029 LEWIS Mrs S Blue Fairy's Ticket To Ride To Concara's Going through a teenage stage, looks slightly up in air at moment, just needs time to mature. She is a typical mover. Pleasing head. Could have a bit more neck. V moderate in angulation but balanced. Post Grad B ne Limit B ne Open B (4) 1st: 7018 ASHWORTH, Mrs J E & GANNA, Mrs R & STEFFEN Ms D Ch Dekenchar's Willfull Via Kingstree (Imp USA) Really typy b who is so good on move, totally typical in side gait. She has a fem head, better eyes than 2. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Would like just a bit more width in front. Super body, rib and topline. Enough hind angulation, used v well. Gave her BIS as a youngster at club show, CC & BOB here as well. 2nd: 7030 MCCONVILLE Ms S Ottaryx Mulberry Lovely type and proportions. V good head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder slightly better in chest than 1. She is well ribbed. Moderate rear, low hocks. Not quite the hind action on 1. RCC 3rd: 7022 GANNA Mrs R Ch & Ir Ch Keepcott Gossip

Jeff Horswell