• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Boston  Hungarian Viszla

Puppy D (3) 1. WALLAROO HAWK EYE (MRS A R & MR G PORTER-MANNING & PORTER) Shapely pup of just 6 months, immature as to be expected. Head is well balanced, but needs to finish. Moderate neck and quite a good front. Deep chest. Well ribbed. He has a super rear which he uses so v well. Can just firm slightly in topline, but a really promising pup. RBD 2. SILVESTRE FORTUNE NGLORY (MR D W & MRS R SAVAGE) More forward. He has a v good head, just a little lippy. Strong neck. Could have a better shoulder, and lifts his front feet moving. Well bodied. Firm in topline and a correct rear. Liked his proportions. 3. KARROUKI WILDFLAME (MRS P CONNOLLY) Junior D ne Post Grad D (1 abs) Open D 3,1) 1. SH CH BITCON SIROCCO AT TOKAJI (AI) JW (MRS D & MRS P HARDY & HALLAM) He excels in profile action, where he holds a v good shape and has an easy, powerful action. Masc head if a fraction strong in cheek. Well balanced muzzle to skull, slight stop.Correct neck. Chest to his elbow. Firm topline. Well ribbed. V good rear with low hocks. Correct coat. In super hard condition.BOB 2. LUXATORI SZAMOS REUBEN PELSONIUS (MRS D MORSE) Moderate and balanced young d whose chest can still develop. Clean head. Correct neck. Well sprung ribs. Could have a slightly better topline. Sp Beginners D ne Puppy B (7,3) 1. KOKA RUDA SZATA AT FLUSHPOINT (MRS G R BELTON) V promising, fem pup. She has a v good head, good eye and expression. Enough neck. Could be slightly better in upper arm. Enough chest for her age. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Moderate rear. Holds her outline in profile with a lengthy stride. Won class on better hind action going away. RBB & BP 2. SILVESTRE'S SCARLET WITCH (MRS A R & MR G PORTER-MANNING & PORTER) Promising pup who i also liked v much. She has a fem head. Slight stop. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Well filled chest. Ribs go well back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3. VIZSLANYA SZIENA BY VISZASET (MR D J, MISS N & MS E M HARDCASTLE, GREEN & BRADLEY) Junior B (1) 1. VIZSLANYA SZIENA BY VISZASET (MR D J, MISS N & MS E M HARDCASTLE, GREEN & BRADLEY) Typy, balanced and moderate b. Fem in head, correct balance of muzzle to skull, could have a better stop. Enough neck. Deep chest, well ribbed. Good turn of stifle and low hocks, slightly steep in croup. Post Grad B (4,1) 1. PIROSKUTYA DELPHINUS (MISS A WALFORD) She has correct proportions. Typical head with good balance of muzzle to skull. Has enough neck. Would prefer a better shoulder. Super body. Holds a level topline. Moderate rear. Moves well. 2. PAAVIZ GOLDENSPRING DAWN (MR A, MRS B & MISS K GURNEY) Liked her v much, just carrying a bit too much weight. She has a lovely head with super expression. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation. Just loses topline slightly. 3. GLASLLEB PITCH PERFECT (MRS L & MR A BELL) Open B (4) 1. OAKSWARREN ECLIPSE (AI) (MR P WATSON) Lovely young b who has such a v good profile action. She has a v good head, correct stop and good expression. Enough neck. Well filled chest, can just turn a foot or slightly standing. Well ribbed back. Super topline. Well made rear, which she uses so v well. BB 2. DEBIAN DANEEKA (MISS A WALFORD) Good honest sort of b who is a good mover and well balanced. Liked her head. Good eye and expression. Moderate neck. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Feet ok. 3. PAAVIZ GOLDENSPRING DAWN (MR A, MRS B & MISS K GURNEY) Sp Beginners B (1) 1. ROUGHSHOOT JUBILATION OF HANALEI (MR D BRETT-WILLIAMS) Well balanced b of correct proportions. She has a clean, fem head. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and could have better feet. Well ribbed, strong loin, moderate rear. Quite an easy mover.

Jeff Horswell