• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Briard

Bournemouth Briard

The wind did nothing to enhance outlines on these dogs, all of which coped v well. Puppy D (3) 1st: 704 JACOBS-PEARCE Mrs N L Arundall Mithra V promising pup. Well balanced masc head with good strength to muzzle. Enough neck. Well laid shoulders. He is v well ribbed back. Enough hind angulation. Would prefer a better tail. Moved v well. BP 2nd: 695 DESANTIS, Ms T & DAVISON Mr M Jandade Starship Trooper Well proportioned d with a masc head. Correct skull. Good muzzle. Enough neck. Could be better in shoulder. Deep chest. He is slightly long in loin. Moderate rear. Could have better tail. Even stride. Junior d (2) 1st: 712 SNELLING Mrs J Beaugency Bouzy Roots Fairly mature d. Slightly longer than tall. He has a well shaped skull, but could have a longer muzzle. Correct length of neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Chest almost to elbow. Well ribbed back. Short loin. Level topline. Well bent stifle, could have higher hocks. Short tail. V accurate out and back and uses rear well. Handled to best advantage. 2nd: 704 JACOBS-PEARCE Mrs N L Arundall Mithra Post grad d (5,1) 1st: 716 WILKINSON Mrs J & Mr S Fostebrie Iconique (ai) Won class on his long and elastic gait, used rear better than 2. Masc head, well balanced muzzle to skull. Well pigmented. Enough neck. Quite a good shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle. Hocks could be higher. Would prefer better tail. 2nd: 706 KASS Miss K D Fostebrie Venchi Star At Kimarlaz JW Liked his proportions, can still develop in body. Pleasing head. Lengthy neck. Moderate angulation front and rear. He has a firm topline. Could just use his rear better. 3rd: 707 MORGAN Mrs K Debsbrie Bonnat Limit d (2,1) 1st: 698 FOSTER Mrs C Fostebrie Supremo Noir JW Sh.CM He is a v good mover, accurate out and back with a lengthy, easy stride. Masc head. Dark eye and super pigment. Would like a bit more beck. Slightly narrow in chest. Well sprung ribs. Short loin. Level topline. Well made rear. Long tail. Looks between coats. Open d (5,1) Nice class. 1st: 692 COLEMAN Miss L J Ch Hartswelin So Macho Liked his proportions. Accurate out and back and goes with a v easy stride. Well balanced head, which could perhaps be slightly longer. He has enough neck. Well laid shoulder, lengthy upper arm. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Super rear. Tail is ok.CC 2nd: 703 HILLIER Mrs S Barembak Albufera At Charson V close up. Could have a longer muzzle. Lengthy neck. Not the shoulder and upper arm of 1 but really liked his fill of chest. Well spring ribs. Level in topline. Correct rear. Accurate out and back, could have a bit more stride in front. Tail is ok. RCC 3rd: 691 CHESTER Mr & Mrs A & C Lysdenoire Le Roc JW Sh.CM Veteran d ne Special beginners d/b (3,1) 1st: 694 CRAKER Mrs M Rumba Z Kuzni Championow At Crakebrie Nice proportions. She has a fem head Moderate neck. Quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Rather too moderate in rear. Accurate mover. 2nd: 714 SPARROW Mr P & Mrs J Marguerite Bleue De La Baie D'adonis (Imp) Liked her proportions. Accurate out and back. Not head of 1. Moderate neck. Angulation moderate but balanced. Well ribbed back. Puppy b (4) V good class with some promising pups. 1st: 715 SWEET, Mrs T & SWEET Miss E Arundall Ebony She looks her age. Liked her proportions. Lovely, fem head. Super eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed to a short loin. Level topline, held on move. Super rear. Accurate out and back and a lengthy stride. 2nd: 697 FOSTER Mrs C Fostebrie Irresistible She has a super outline, well balanced. V good head. Moderate neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Well ribbed back. V good rear. Just arching her topline slightly moving, but really good out and back. 3rd: 693 COLEMAN Miss L J Jandade Shooting Star To Hartswelin Junior b (2,1) 1st: 717 WILSON Mrs J Jandade Precoius Blossom Fem pup of good proportions. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation, if rather moderate. Level topline. Could use her rear more. Shows promise. Post grad b (3) 1st: 690 BARBER , Mrs A & GASKIN Mrs N Shezmo Lady Midna Liked her proportions and she has a lengthy stride, could be tidier out and back. Fem head. Moderate neck. Well made front and rear. Level topline. Lengthy tail. 2nd: 694 CRAKER Mrs M Rumba Z Kuzni Championow At Crakebrie 3rd: 714 SPARROW Mr P & Mrs J Marguerite Bleue De La Baie D'adonis (Imp) Limit b (1) 1st: 705 JACOBS-PEARCE Mrs N L Salieri Heaven Knows At Arundall Sh.CM Liked her coat texture. She looks a little leggy at the moment. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Moderate angulation. Chest could be slightly deeper in chest. Well sprung ribs going well back. She holds a level topline. Balanced stride. Open b (3) 1st: 700 GARDNER, Mr A & HILLIER Mrs S Ch Stormfield It Is What It Is She is such a well made b. Fem head, correct stop. Enough neck. Best shoulders in class. Chest to elbow. Well sprung ribs to a short loin. Firm topline. Well made rear with high hocks. Carries tail well with a J. Accurate on move. Correct coat texture. CC & BOB 2nd: 699 FOSTER Mrs C Ch Fostebrie Precious Hope Sh.CM JW WW18 Bex (ai) Liked the shape of this b v much. She has a fem head. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder, but better here than 3. Well ribbed to firm loin. V good rear. Good out and back, long, typical stride. Good coat and tail. RCC 3rd: 713 SNELLING Mrs J Ch Beaugency Blackberry Veteran b (2,1) 1st: 702 HADDOCK Mr & Mrs P M Gilcoru D'issy D 'brie Good proportions, mature in body, could lose a little weight to advantage. She has a well balanced, fem head. Enough neck. Rather forward in shoulder. Super forechest. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Moderate rear.

Jeff Horswell