• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Finnish Spitz

Bath Finnish Spitz

Rather a small entry, which seems to be the norm today. Well done to the small band of owners who are keeping the breed going and trying to attract new exhibitors. Very sad that I felt unable to award the BCC on the day.

Minor Puppy D. (1) 1st: 5314 BRUCE, Miss H E & JAMES Mr B J Toveri Frans Super outline, well up on leg with a short back. Good head. Well placed eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Can just firm in front action. Moderate rear. Would prefer a slightly longer tail. V typical side action. In v good coat of correct colour.A baby but really lovely breed type. RCC & BP Puppy d (1) 1st: 5314 BRUCE, Miss H E & JAMES Mr B J Toveri Frans Junior d ne Post grad d (1) 1st: 5316 PIEARCE Mr S D & Mrs A M Era Jarhen Turo At Sukunimi (Fin Imp) Lightly built d. He has a v typical side gait. Slightly cheeky in head. Well shaped, dark eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. In lovely hard body condition. Just a bit long in back. Rear is ok. Could have a better tail. Limit d (1) 1st: 5315 NORTH Mrs Z T & Mr S J Toveri Tynni From Markku Rather heavy in body. Well shaped head, dark eyes, which are a bit rounded. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Rather careless with his front. Long in back. Moderate rear, which he uses well on move. Open d ne Veteran d (2) 1st: 5313 ANDERSON, Mrs L & PIEARCE Mr & Mrs S D Ch Sukunimi Haway Geordie In super hard condition and a v sound & typical mover. Liked his head, although would like better shaped eyes. Good neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper ar. Short loin. Best tail of the males. V good rear. CC & BOB 2nd: 5319 ROLFE Mr D J Ch Puulatva the Red Norseman Among Inkivaari Slightly longer and heavier d. He is balanced in his angulation. Liked his head. Good neck. Long in loin. Decent hind action, but rather wide coming towards. Sp beginners d/b ne Minor puppy b ne Puppy b ne Junior b ne Post grad b ne Limit b (2) 1st: 5317 PIEARCE Mr S D & Mrs A M Sukunimi Tiger Rosie Liked her v much for type, light enough, well up on leg and quite short in back. Balanced and very moderate in angulation. All over the place on move, not using her rear at all and often dropping her tail. 2nd: 5318 ROLFE Miss A C Enkelini Toivoa Much heavier type ant too long in back. Fem head. Rounded in skull. Decent neck. Moderate angulation. Sound enough. Open b Veteran B

Jeff Horswell