• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Parson Russell Terrier

SKC Parson Russell Terrier

I thought all present were typical Parsons.

  Puppy D (2) 1ST CUDWEED'S MASTER OF THE HOUNDS (IMP DNK) (MR & MRS S NEWPORT) V good mover. Liked his head, good strength of jaw. Super eyes and ears lengthy neck. Well made front. Could be slightly longer in back and have a better tail set. Well made rear, which is where he won this class. V good coat. 2ND TOPHEAD TRUFFLE (MR J & MRS S NEWSTEAD) Similar outline. Good expression. Can be lazy with his ears. Moderate front. Super jacket. Liked his tailset. Turns his hocks in stood and on move. Junior d ne Post grad d ne Limit d (1 abs) Open d (4) Good class, 4 Champions, one of whom I have previously awarded a CC. 1ST IR CH FOXTHORN TOMAHAWK (MRS L & MRS C A ROBERTS & MURRAY) Clear winner of this class. He is a v good type, correct proportions and moves so v well. Slightly strong in head. Good neck. He is well made front and rear. Correct topline. Well set tail .In v good coat. Bit lazy with ears. CC & BOB 2ND CH CHADBROOK ROUX (MISS J YOUNG) Liked his proportions. He has a really super coat. Liked his head. Could have slightly more angulation in front. Grand body. Correct topline and lengthy back. V good rear. Would like better feet. Has a decent stride once handler lengthened his stride. 3RD CH MINDLEN MAGNUM AT RATSCALLION (MR J G & DR S H BROADBERRY) Veteran d (1 abs) Sp beginners d ne G citizen d ne Puppy b (3) Fairly even class. 1ST MUHLROSS MAGIC DIAMOND (MR J & MRS S NEWSTEAD) Liked her soundness and proportions. She has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Uses ears well. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. Well set tail. Rear matches her front. Feet ok. In v good coat. BP 2ND MUHLROSS ADD MAGIC OF CHADBROOK (MR P MCCLUSKEY) Liked her outline and proportions. She has a super front. Could have a stronger muzzle. Lengthy neck. V good oat. Well set tail. Just a bit sickle hocked and feet need to improve. Nice length of stride. 3RD MINDLEN MOCCASIN (MRS L & MRS C A ROBERTS & MURRAY) Junior b (2) 1ST LOGIERAIT LUNA (MRS J A C NEILD) Nice for type. She has a well balanced head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear. In super jacket. Moves well. 2ND RATSCALLION OKLAHOMA (MR J G & DR S H BROADBERRY) Liked her proportions. Slightly ticked in her colour. Muzzle slightly long and could be stronger. Her angulation is v well balanced, so moves with an even stride. Level topline. Well set tail. Post grad b (2,1) 1ST DRAILAM HONKY TONK WOMAN (MRS M A LAIRD) Liked her outline, correct proportions. Coat is rather soft. Fem head which has a good strength of muzzle. Long neck into a well laid shoulder and sloping upper arm. Well bodied. Colour could be clearer. Well made rear. She is a bit untidy coming towards, but v good rear and profile mover. Limit b (4,1) 1ST DIGADEN TIP TOP (MR & MRS S NEWPORT) Really cracking young b. Liked her proportions. She has a fem head, maybe slightly bold in eye. Could have slightly more neck. Well made front. Grand body. Firm topline. Excellent rear. Thick coat. Super rear and profile mover. CC 2ND CHANCE OF DISCOVERY OF CHADBROOK (MISS J YOUNG) She is also a v good type Parson. Liked her strong yet fem head. Lengthy neck. Could have a better shoulder. Firm topline. Rear matches front. Thick coat, could be a clearer colour, well set tail. 3RD LOGIERAIT LAMBIE LALLEY (MRS J A C NEILD) Open b (5,1) 1ST CH PACOLITO PHINAL EDITION (MISS K & MR S DAYMAN & COLE) Lovely proportions and in really hard condition. Liked her head. Ears ok. Lovely expression. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with a good slope to her upper arm. Well bodied. Correct topline and tailset. V good rear. Good mover, just not quite the stride of limit winner. Coat could be a bit thicker in places. RCC 2ND MINDLEN MUSKETT (MRS L & MRS C A ROBERTS & MURRAY) Liked her type, not the length stride of 1. She has a well balanced head. Lengthy neck. Her angulation is balanced. Well ribbed. Tail just a fraction high set. 3RD CHADBROOK ELKA (MISS J YOUNG) Veteran b (2,1) 1ST LOGIERAIT LITTLE LOTTE (MRS J A C NEILD) Lovely personality. She is a bit square in outline and could move with a longer stride. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Quite rounded ribs. She is in lovely condition. Sp Beginners B (1) 1ST DRAILAM HONKY TONK WOMAN (MRS M A LAIRD) G Citizen B ne

Jeff Horswell